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In a world that is full of villainesses, she's a knight of his highness.


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  • Author: ceelace
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Calle Le Granda is a city of bravery. Is a place where no one else dares to step into someone's territory. Is not a city for everybody; this is not a place for the main character in some movies; this is a place where the villains are normal to see. But what if someone got captured in the city? A heiress who is part of the strongest pack of La Mafia Elitia, the Costellano Family. Her fate is to find and protect her majesty, but she got captured in the mysterious city. She then tries to strike a deal with the man who uncovers her identity, but to do that, she must first agree to become his fake wife in exchange for her safety. It was just part of the deal; she was doing this game to be able to go back home to the Calle Le Granda. But in finding her way back home and making sure of her safety, she developed a feeling she shouldn't have. Because the man warned her for the first time, they struck a deal not to fall in love with him, but she did. While keeping her feelings to herself, a sudden war breaks out in the city. She then takes the war that breaks out as a chance to escape, and she finally gets back to the city. Five years passed, and she met him again inside the university wearing those devil smirks. "Escaping to the island doesn’t mean you are now free; remember you tied the knot with me." She got surprised upon seeing the contract she had torn into pieces before she escaped, unscathed. She then realizes she has been fooled by the devil wearing a princely suit.


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