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Vincenzo's Heir

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Lillian Stewart is a twenty-four years old who has always wanted a simple life. After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years and a baby on the way, her life makes a drastic turn. Vincenzo Romano was her boyfriend who never showed her his dark side, but what she didn't know was their relationship was based on lies and secrets. Was the love he had for her a lie too? What happens when he makes an appearance in her life again and she finds out a life changing secret, will she be able to raise her child in a life of chaos? A life she had never wanted. Will vincenzo give her a choice? A mysterious man pledged to make her his at all costs, promising to eliminate anyone that stands in his way. In the midst of war and chaos, will they ignore the sparks and attraction they feel towards each other?

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Lily's POV.

"Lilly! Get your *ss out of that bed, we are going to be so late!" My best friend from hell yelled at the top of her lungs.

I groaned into the pillow in frustration and glanced at the clock.


I glared heatedly at my so called best friend, if looks could kill she would be dead right now. "Why on earth did you wake me up now when my appointment is at 10?" I gritted my teeth. She looked around sheepishly knowing I was right.

"I know, I'm sorry! I'm just so excited to know the gender and there could be traffic and-"

"Penny, the hospital is just a forty minutes drive from here, stop rambling and calm the f*ck down." With the way she was rambling you'd think she was the pregnant one and not the other way round. I got up reluctantly and walked to the toilet to pee since this baby has decided to sit on my bladder.

I sighed in relief and cleaned up, I glanced at my best friend who thought it was a good idea to follow me into the bathroom.

"Okay, you are awake already why don't you just take a shower and dress up, while I make breakfast, sounds good?" I sighed and nodded my head. She walked out of the bathroom leaving me alone with my thoughts.

It's been five months since I've last seen him, the father of my child and my ex boyfriend. I found out I was two months pregnant, a month after he dumbed me without any explanation. We were together for two years, I moved in with him after our one year anniversary.

I should have seen it coming though after he started keeping late nights, drowning himself with work, making secret calls, he barely had time for me, barely spoke to me we were like strangers in our home.

He never talked about his family and when I asked he always brushed off the topic saying he never wanted anything to do with them, I thought it was a touchy subject so I stopped asking.

He worked as a manager in a construction company but he never allowed me to visit him at work, he said something about not wanting me to distract him at work. I also worked as a secretary in a company, I came back after a hectic day at work to find all his belongings gone, not a single sign of him in the house. Only a heartbreaking letter that said;


I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore. I realized that I don't deserve you, you deserve someone better, someone who will love and care for you more than I did. I never stopped loving you even if it wasn't enough.

Vincenzo Romano.

I cried that night till I didn't have anymore tears left to cry, I felt my heart shatter into millions of pieces. I called his number over and over again for a whole month but he never picked. I packed my belongings the next day and moved out of the house, it was too painful to live in a house full of so many memories. I sent the house document and keys to his office, I later heard that he moved out of the city to God knows where. I had no choice but to move in with penny and we share the rent and bills.

Penny had been so understanding she didn't ask me what happened till I was ready to talk. She could be annoying at times but she was still my best friend and I love her so much.

I snapped out of my depressing thoughts, I tried to stop thinking about him but how is that possible when I am carrying the evidence of our love. He always wanted a child but I wasn't ready for one at the time. Now look where I am pregnant and alone, but that didn't stop me from loving my baby any less. He or she was my world and I couldn't have it any other way.

As if listening to my thoughts, I felt the baby kick up a storm in my swollen belly. I'm six months pregnant and the doctor said we could find out the gender today. I'm so excited! Penny wants it be a girl so she can buy her girl stuffs but whether its a girl or boy I wouldn't love he or she any less.

I quickly brushed my teeth and took a shower. I walked into the closet and put on one of my jean that still fit, because I've grown bigger and my hips wider. I put on a white tank top and a button up cardigan, winter is approaching and I had to be prepared for the unforgiving cold.

I walked to the kitchen to find penny already eating breakfast, I sat down on the stool and started eating the pancakes she made.

"Took you long enough." She muttered sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her antics.

"Whatever, we still have an hour before we leave so shut up and let me eat in peace." I muttered smirking at her, she grumbled something about picking her purse and phone from her room before dashing out.

An hour later we were summoned in the doctor's office. I lay down on the bed and lift up my top.

"Good to see you again, Miss Stewart." I smiled in return to the middle aged man. I was too nervous to talk, I felt penny squeeze my hand affectionately and I smiled at her appreciating her support. "Are you ready to know the gender of your baby?" We nodded our head vigorously in reply.

Doctor Reid applied the familiar cold gel on my belly and started rubbing the wand on it. My eyed stayed glued to the monitor excited to see my baby again.

After a few seconds I heard the heartbeat of my baby, tears welled up in my eyes at the sight of my baby. D*mn hormones. I wish he was here to see our baby, Vincenzo should have been here to hold my hands and speak soothing words to me, but I'd keep wishing because he's never coming back to me. To us.

"Congratulations, Miss Stewart you are having a baby boy." I smiled so wide, unable to control my emotions, I heard an excited squeal behind me and turned to penny who hugged me like her life depended on it, I hugged her back, my pregnant belly making it a little hard.

I cleaned the gel and thanked the doctor, he printed out a sonogram of my son and handed it to me. I kept it in my bag and we left the hospital walking towards my car, an old model Toyota Camry.

"Lilly, I need to leave for work, will you be fine on your own?" Penny works as a receptionist in the same company I worked but I had to quit for obvious reason.

"Of course, hurry before your grumpy boss arrives." She hugged me goodbye and left for work. I opened the door of my car and drove off to our two bedroom apartment.

Forty minutes later I walked into the living room and what I saw scared the living daylights out of me, the couch has been turned upside down and there were two bulky men in the living slowly stalking towards me. Instincts kicked in and I tried to run but they were faster and grabbed my arm, the other one covered my mouth, silencing my scream for help.

I tried to wriggle out of their hold but one of then held me tighter digging his nails into my arm. I cried out in pain at the burning sensation.

"Antonio, Don ordered to bring her unharmed, he would kill you if your hurt her." The shorter man told the taller one named Antonio. Antonio reluctantly loosened his grip but still had a firm hold.

"P-please let me go! W-what do y-you want from me? I'll give y-you money, p-please don't hurt my child." My voice was muffled by the shorter man's hand.

"Sorry sweetheart we were ordered to bring you by our boss. Now if you cooperate with us we will not harm you or your baby, do you understand?" I nodded my head frantically, scared for the safety of my child.

"Good, now I need you to follow us out the door quietly, failure to do so I'll kill you." He brought out a gun and pressed it on my back, I shuddered and reluctantly followed them out of the living room into a black tinted suv, I stepped into the car with the two men and the driver drove off with speed.

I felt a pinch on my arm and looked down to see the taller man Antonio with an injection smirking at me before I could do anything I started feeling dizzy and darkness consumed me.

Chapter 2: Unveiling The Real Him

Lily's POV.

"Should we wake her up?"

"Boss said we should let her rest."

"But it's been twenty two hours! The drugs should have worn off five hours ago, you clearly overdosed her!"

"Shut the fuc-"

I blinked my eyes open and scanned my surrounding, I was in an unfamiliar room.

Then all the memories came rushing down all at one. I panicked and tried to scramble out of the bed, keyword; tried.

"Where am I?! What did you do to me?! Untie my hands right now you fucking bastards or I-"

"You'll what? Beat us? Punch us? With whose hands?" My kidnapper, Antonio taunted, while the shorter kidnapper laughed at my expense. I glared murderously in their direction.

The shorter kidnapper stopped laughing and kept a serious expression.

"Look, we aren't here to hurt you, as I said yesterday we were sent by our boss to get


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