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Unexpected Online Love With A Superstar

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Unexpected online love with a celebrity. Lindy, a simple teenage girl who lives in Canada, never wanted to stand out because she is afraid of getting noticed. Milo, a famous member of Spitfire Strip, filthy rich and a woman's magnet while adored by millions of his screaming fans. He has everything could ask for -- sold-out concerts, albums, world tour concerts year after year, money, and women. But despite everything he has, he knows there's still something missing in his life because he wants a woman that can love him instead of his fame. One wicked night in Canada, Lindy lost her phone and fortunately, she found it. It wasn't until she received an unknown phone number that she realized it wasn't hers, and found that an English cheeky boy had accidentally swapped phones with her. To change their phones, she kept communicating for a week with a man named Mill. Lindy didn't expect that she has fallen in love with a man online. What will happen if Lindy knows Mill is Milo

Chapter 1


She gives me a death stare.

I try to look away from her but she's looking at me angrily. I don’t know why she seems so p*ss*d at me whenever I’m around. It feels like she doesn’t even like the fact that I exist. I mean, I have not really done anything wrong, have I? What did I do now? I thought to myself and wondered why she is giving me the eye.

"Will you move your shoulder away from me?" She pushes me away that almost made me hit my head against the window, when mom and dad weren't looking. Sometimes she acts like a child, I swear to God.

I glanced at my sister, Avery Sophia Swanepoel, the ever beautiful Miss Popular in my high school. She rules our campus because students and teachers praises her. She’s like super perfect embodiment of student in school.

Avery rolled her eyes at me and I can intensely feel her hatred towards me. Come to think of it, she's my sister and she treats me like I'm a less fortunate. She treats me like we don’t have the same blood running in our body. She treats me way much less nicer than how she treats her friends.

How pathetic you may think, but yes she hates me to the bones.

"Sorry." I apologize even though I don’t know why I was apologizing when I didn’t even hurt her. I say sorry much to her than how she should apologize to me. I fix my eyeglass and tried to ignore her because I don’t really want her to through a tantrum.

It was always like that and I kind of gotten used to it when I was growing up. I know that even if she's at fault I'm always the one who needs to apologize to her and when she's the one at fault, she gets even angrier at me. I know it does not sound rightful but I honestly don’t know I am such a coward when it comes to her.

And here I am, letting her bully me because she can and she knows that I'm scared of her. She knows I don’t fight back and she loves having the power over me and I hate how I can’t go against her.

"Did you two enjoy dinner?" Father asked us while glancing over the rear view mirror. Dad has always been nice to us and he makes sure he treats us equally. He knows Avery sometimes says things to me which are really hurtful but he’s always the one telling me to be a better twin and to understand her more.

"Dinner was lovely dad." I answer, politely.

Mom and dad waited for Avery to speak but she just kept on chewing her gum and blowing it into a small bubble against her lips. It almost makes her look like a prostitute especially with the way she wears while she glances at mom and dad.

"Typical night at Nando's, dad." Avery answered sarcastically, rolling her eyes at no one in particular. “Although I was expecting we could eat somewhere else fancy.” She’s always loved dining in high class restaurants and brag about it in school.

Avery rolls her eyes at me very childishly.

I really don't know what's her problem. Growing up with this kind of hatred bothers me so much because we never get along with anything. She’s just filled with hate and anger, sometimes I think she’s jealous because of how she acts towards me but I don’t think it’s that. Avery can never be jealous over me. I mean, I’m just me. I think she was just born to hate me forever.

"Didn't you like it, Avery?" Mom asked, sounding concerned. “It was really a wonderful night.”

"I didn't say I didn't like it mom. I didn't say I did either. All I said that it was just another typical night." She answered.

"The foods were delicious, weren't it Av?" I ask her with a smile, trying to make a conversation.

She raised her eyebrow at me then raised me her middle finger while our parents were not looking. I seriously do not know what’s her ish. She looks out of the window looking very uninterested and I just sat here looking at my own twin who happens to be the complete opposite of me.

Avery was undeniably gorgeous from head to toe. She was perfect, at least to the people who praises her like a Queen. She is indeed beautiful and that is no lie. She looks so perfect all the freaking time like how everyone in school describes her because she tries to be perfect. She even makes sure that her brows are perfect. And when students praised her as Queen Bee, she kind of took it seriously and got her head stuck up in fly away hot air balloon. I don’t even know why she’s the Queen in our campus when she’s such a huge bully. Queens should be nice and respectful to everyone around him but Avery is not that.

Well, it is a fact that she is indeed beautiful, though she self-proclaims herself as perfect and gorgeous as hell all the time, she's vainglorious. She absolutely loves herself more that anyone else. One thing I hate about her was the fact that she does everything she can to get whatever she wants even if it means hurting other people or stepping on someone.

Unlike me who never gets anybody's attention because I never try to stand out, Avery tells me all the time that I don't even have to try because it will only shame me from doing it. She always tells me that I will never get noticed by hot guys no matter what I do because I am an ugly loser and that I'm meant to be with Carl, the campus' nerdiest nerd with huge rimmed glasses who happens to always wet his shirt with his saliva.

I mean, don't get me wrong, we are identical twins, we look the same physically but she's just much more different and prettier than me. She's on a very different level, the ones of the high class but I'm one of the common looking student. We even have different kinds of circle of friends. She has lots and lots of friends that are just like her, mean and bitchy, and she has lots of people around her that is appreciating her because she's popular.

She loves attention so much it's annoying.

And I on the other hand doesn't have so many friends in my circle and I don't have so many people appreciating my beauty. I don’t really belong to the beauty boat and I don’t have any intention to join either. I have only one friend because I'm not as popular as her and I am not as vain as she is. I also don’t really want that much of attention and the throne always had belonged to her that's why I don't think there's competition between us. Yet she just loathes me. I don't really want to stand out from everyone cos it'll be too tiring to always keep myself pretty in school just to keep my reputation.

That's lame.

That's not high school for me. High school is suppose to be enjoyed because it does not really happen in anyone’s life many times. High school should be spending time with friends and not letting social status get in the way but in my school it doesn't work out that much. I think social status is way more important when you’re in high school because it just means a lot of people gives you attention. A lot of people will praise you and love you.

Although, do they really adore you as the real you?

Chapter 2

Avery and I look absolutely NOT alike. Our looks are very different way so much because we both vary in different choices of almost on everything. We don't have the same taste on foods, clothes and my goodness on how we dress. She's provocative. She is not afraid to show off some skin although she gets scolded by dad because of it. I'm not provocative at all. She likes showing off her boobs. I don't. She likes boys to always notice her whenever she walks by. I don't rarely get noticed, sometimes I get bumped by other students in the hallways in school all the time and no one really apologizes if they make me trip.

Avery and I never get along. Like ever.

As much as they say twins are supposed to be close to each other and they're like best friends because they share things together and play together and do a lot of fun things together while growing up, that just didn’t happen in my childhood.

Me and Avery?

Total opposite.

She hates the sight of me and it


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