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Two minutes CEO. You Are Just A Displeasure.

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It is common for a young man to deny a girlfriend who fell pregnant, but it is weird when a girl denies a man who got her pregnant. The trending news in the campus was about Johnny, the young CEO and the Campus Casanova. His pride was deflated by Ruby, his latest girlfriend and newest victim. To him, relationships were not meant to be steady. He was handsome in facial look, and possessed a triangle inverted shape, academic and street intelligence, famous and wealthy. After a few weeks, of affairs with Ruby, he discovered that he loved her and wished to keep her, but his flirtatious nature would not let him stick to her. Then, Ruby met him having s*x with another girl and a fight ensued. Later, the news went viral. Now, to hurt him, Ruby, who felt deceived, dared to inform the campus gossip magazine that she was disappointed in Johnny's sexual energy because he could not last for more than two minutes on bed. Her caption – TWO MINUTES CEO, is that how far you could go? You are just a displeasure, did not leave Johnny with any dignity. To make the matters worse for him, he discovered that Ruby was pregnant, which she claimed was not his. Then, the internet users would not let the Casanova be, as they published the story out of proportion. Now, the loveless Johnny threw all his weight into redeeming his image by calling for another chance to mend fences with her and also prove that he was not a two-minute man, but, she was out of his reach. Meanwhile, Sir Jason and Lady Mitchell Stewart, Johnny's parents, became interested in Ruby and the unborn baby more than him, and they adopted her along with the pregnancy. Johnny, who distanced himself from his parents because they disapproved of his nonchalant lifestyle, returned home to ask for forgiveness one day. To his surprise, he saw the lady who he had been searching for with triplets, who his parents thought were his foster siblings. Will Ruby admit that the triplets were his?

Chapter 1The Queue

Sir Jason Stewart was exhausted after several physical and virtual meetings with his clients. He had to work hard if he must be ahead of his rivals. Then, he walked to the pantry and got a cup of coffee for himself before he took his seat on the couch. Afterward, he adjusted his tie and heaved, “If I don’t do this, this company might become a history before my unpredictable Johnny realizes himself,” he said to himself. Meanwhile, whenever the thought of his son, who left home for school two months ago with his brand-new car and refused to visit or communicate with him, crossed his mind, he felt bad. Then, he sipped his coffee, and before he could drop the teacup back on the saucer, his phone, which was by the armrest of the couch, buzzed. Likewise, he cast a glance at it to ascertain the caller. Now, his face beamed with pleasure when he discovered that the caller was his wife, Lady Michele Stewart. Then, he picked with glee and taunted, “Hello, sweet pie.”

His wife laughed raucously before she taunted back, “Hello, my pineapple.” He laughed ecstatically, too, before he demanded for her reason of calling. Sir Jason Stewart and his wife were married for twenty-five years, and they cherish their relationship as though they just met the previous day. The fifty years old Group Managing Director of Stewart Group of Companies married at the age of twenty-five after running his father’s business successfully for seven years. Afterward, his father gladly retired at the age of sixty and went into humanitarian work. They had their only child, Johnny, three years after. Thereafter, Lady Michele suffered secondary infertility and all attempt to conceive again failed.

“So, what does my Angel want?” he asked, and his wife responded, “I saw a story on the internet that caught my interest. Do you mind checking it out?”

“Wow! That story must be superb to have captured your attention. What is the story about, if I may ask?”

“You are right, dear. It is the story of a young lady who fell pregnant. I wish we should check on her before she aborts the baby. What do you think?”

“That is good. But where can we find her? Do you have her address?”

“Yes. She is in the same school with Johnny.”

“It is all right. I will pick you up at once. Or what do you think?”

“That is okay by me. I am waiting.”

“All right. See you soon.”

Likewise, he emptied his cup of coffee, covered it on the saucer and knotted his tie properly before he walked out of his office.

“Joel,” he called out, to his Personal Assistant, who sat at the reception. Now, Joel jolted from his seat and answered, “Yes, boss.”

“We are going to my wife’s office. Get the driver and the security team.”

“It is all right, boss,” the Personal Assistant replied, and gave the driver a call at once. Now Sir Stewart headed to his personal elevator while the PA tagged along. Soon, they were at the first floor and the driver, alongside the security personnel, were waiting for them at the vestibule. He got into the back seat of his car while the Personal Assistant got into the passenger’s seat, and they drove off. Soon, they got to Lady Stewart’s Beauty Spa and Academy. Nevertheless, she was already off her five-story building and waited for her husband's arrival. To discuss freely with his wife over the pregnant lady, he asked his driver and his Personal Assistant to join the security van while he drove. Then, he got off the car, opened the front passenger's door for his wife and informed, “Kindly, get in. I will drive us.”

“It is all right, hubby.”

After she sat down comfortably, he shut the door, walked to the driver’s side and got in. Likewise, he fastened his seat belt after he gave her a peck and teased, “Hello, my sweet pie.”

Lady Stewart would always laugh whenever he addressed her as a 'sweet pie' because that reminded her of the time they courted. After the laughter, he demanded as he drove off, “Tell me more about the pregnant girl.”

“Okay. The story had it that the young man responsible for the pregnancy is irresponsible and had denied the ownership of the pregnancy.”

“That is more convenient for us. If only the girl would wish to release the baby after birth.”

“You are right. That is why I want us to meet her as quickly as possible.”

“You are right.”

“If we make a good offer, she may be willing to keep the pregnancy and release the baby to us after delivery.”

“I will be glad if she would be willing to. By the way, what offer do you think would propel her to do that?”

“From the story, she is an orphan.”


“If we offer her a shelter and a good pay throughout the pregnancy, we might win her over.”

“That is not a bad idea. Let’s see how it goes.”

“It is all right, dear.”

Incidentally, they were unaware that the story was twisted and that the supposed irresponsible young man was Johnny. They drove silently with many thoughts in their minds. The quest for a second child gave them so much stress, and Mitchell had gone through several surgeries which exposed her to many life-threatening pains. The last surgery almost claimed her life, and her husband had to take a firm decision and cautioned her.

“Mitchell, I love you more than any child that you would give to me. We have Johnny, and we should be grateful for that,” he pointed out.

Then, Johnny was five years, and she felt that he was lonely without a sibling, but her husband persuaded her into accepting her fate. When Johnny grew into a reckless son, the quest to have another child surged in her, and her husband suggested that they should adopt a child.

“Will adopting a child make you happy, Mitchell?” he asked.

Mitchell, who felt that she had disappointed her husband, looked at him and sobbed, “Forgive me, Jason. I have failed as a wife. I could not give you all the children you needed, neither was I able to raise our son into a responsible child.”

Chapter 2The Queue 1

While they reminisced about their pasts, they got to the gate of Mount City University. To their chagrin, they saw the fleet of luxury cars that queued up, and wished to gain access into the university.

“What is going on?” Sir Stewart asked aloud. He experienced such long queue three years ago when his son gained admission into the university. Then, the city higher ups were scrambling for the limited slots available. Although, his son was able to gain admission because he was intelligent, but that would not guarantee that another money bag would not buy his slot, so he was on his toes. Now, his Personal Assistant got off the security van and walked to the gate to make inquiries about the long queue. He walked past over one hundred and fifty cars before he got to the gate and chatted the busy security men up.

“Hello, officers. Good day” he greeted. Then, the busy Head of the Securities, Mr. Steve Tucker, who was exhausted, gave him a perfunctory response.

“Hello,” h


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