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After being a slave in the Samson’s resident for two years Rita Johnson the former number one socialist of A city finally finds her younger brother which gives her complete room to take action against her enemies who had not just enslaved her but taken away everything she ever owned. In order to carry out her revenge she needs the help and protection of the deadliest man in A city Patrick Austin. Patrick Austin has always had a crush on Rita Johnson and has no hope of a relationship because he has more enemies than friends, when he met his contracted wife dead on his bed he knew that love was not for him. Will he help Rita knowing that his enemies will kill her faster than whatever troubles she has been, will he be able to protect her now that she needs him

Chapter 1


I finished cooking the dinner for the entire Samson family, one will think that for only me to prepare the meal alone means that the Samsons was a small or poor family but the reverse is the case as the Samson are one of the wealthiest family in all of A city and have a very large household, I happen to be the wife of the first son who is a successful businessman named Fred Samson.

Although he is married to me he still holds the identity of one of the most wanted bachelors in A city, because I was sold to him in secret by my stepmother two years ago to be his wife. For two years almost all the servants of Samson’s mansion were relieved of their duties leaving just a few whose duties were to entertain guests and bully me,.

so I fell from the Number one socialite of A city to a common slave in Samson’s residence, yet I can’t leave because if I do the only surviving family member I have will be killed by my stepmother and step-sister, who has succeeded in taking everything from me.

My little brother Josh was taken away the night my Father was killed and till now it seems that he has disappeared into thin air, but I will find him and when I do I will seek my revenge on all those that had hurt me and I will take back more than they took for me.

I know they will complain about the food although I have learned to cook according to their various taste, well I have to cook their food separately if I don’t want trouble but they always find different reasons to beat me up not like they need any reason since no one is going to stand up for me, not even my devilish husband; but to tell you the truth I fear my husband more, most times he isn’t home but when he is, it’s my biggest nightmare.

They gather around the table while I stand to the side with my clothes like rags, I remember how this family once used to worship the very sand I walk on but now I am just a slave to them, a slave who can do whatever they like to, a slave they can molest at any time.

Well, they have become too used to molesting me that it has become a major part of my daily routine. I look at them daily remembering everything about them that I will use to hurt them when the time is right.

“There is too much salt in my food” cried Susan, Susan is Samson’s only daughter and a spoilt drama queen, she hates me because I am more beautiful than her even with my rags. Her brother has warned her not to disfigure me as he likes my clear skin.

now she makes an unreasonable request and finds every avenue to see me in pain, I know better than to complain, before cooking she had asked for me to add more salt to her meal and even added more salt herself while I was cooking, I was already expecting this.

“Do you want to kill my daughter, you witch! Kneel there” shouted Fred’s mother without even tasting the food. Only two years ago did I learn that she hated my mother for marrying a more successful man than her and she and her friends were the ones who tampered with my mother’s break that caused the accident that claimed her life. I knelt, there was no use fighting something that will be.

They ate their food cursing me and my entire family, no one ever told them to observe table manners.

They finish their meal except for Susan whose meal was non-edible.

Mrs. Samson brought out the big rod after relaxing for a while and asked two servants to hold my hands and legs while she flogged me mercilessly.

My scream could be heard for miles but there was no one to beg for me, after twenty-five strokes I was asked to go and remake Susan’s meal without even being allowed to clean the blood flowing down from my buttocks. I know I will not be able to sit for a while, which was not new to me either.

I return to the kitchen to make her meal exactly how she likes it and served it to her. She ate her meal before allowing me to leave and complete my other choices.

Which includes scrubbing the house, well I have to scrub the house every morning and night, wash the dishes, arrange the house, do the laundry, and generally do every errand that they could think about before I am allowed into my room to rest,

well my room is Susan’s pet house. Since she lost her pet she was generous enough to allow me to stay there.

As I was leaving the main house to my room someone called me from the shadow. I walked to see who, it was Theresa.

“Apply this on your injury it will help relieve the pains and won’t leave any marks.” She gives me another polythene bag. “I know you won’t be allowed to eat after the stunt Susan pulled, here is something to go by, it's small I could not be able to smuggle something big out of the house without getting cut”. She leaves before I could tell her thank you.

Theresa is Ken’s girlfriend although she is not from a very wealthy family like mine she is beautiful and well-read, it seems that the Samsons also have something against her as she lives her entire life for the Samsons but she is very kind to me behind their back but never get involves with anything that is not of interest to the family. I have been doing some research about her but found nothing, she must be a very complicated woman. I wonder what this family has on her to make her loyal to them.

Chapter 2

I take my goodies to my room, or should I say my kernel, today is a good day for me as Fred did not return to everyone he is a philanthropies with a very good image, he is a model alpha of A city with a prince charming character, I wish they meet him on the bed to know the different fetish he enjoys and how inflicting pains is one of his favorite things. I enter my room and shut the door.

I have recreated the kernel to suit me for the main time. At first glance, it looks like a dumping site, but these are just to hide the real goodies.

Underneath the heap of dirt, my laptop and other accessories sat comfortably, no one knows me not even the caring Theresa. No matter how good a person is we might do anything to survive when we are placed in a very difficult situation or when we want to turn the attention away from us.

I cover the door with clothes so that no one sees the light coming from my room and booth on the laptop. After my mother died five years ago I left b


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