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The Sexy CEO Loves Me!

The Sexy CEO Loves Me!

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You don't want to hold me anymore?" She pouted again. Her drunken voice was making Dane go crazy. He captured her lips with his and kissed her hungrily. She returned his kiss in a fiery manner and they continued till her lips were swollen and she was tired. He kissed her neck at intervals. He grabbed her and was moving his hands around her back in a sensual way. Dane is a monster in these things. .......... Julia Hayes, who is believed to be a calm, sophomoric game developer, gets entangled with a man after being saved from a course mate. Fate turns out the man is actually her future boss, who falls in love with her at first sight. Dane Alder– as they call him, is a multi-billionaire who would do anything for Julia, even if it means hurting her instigators and risking his life. Romance ensues afterward, but will the twists and turns involving their love story and lives be able to break them apart? What trials awaits them? And will they ever overcome the consequences of even meeting each other in the first place and then falling in love?? He wasn't thinking straight,he wanted to take her there and there. Hearing her moan was everything

Chapter 1: THE JOB OFFER



"Wake up!! you're going to be super late for your appointment today!"

Her roommate shouted because she was sleeping in, when she was late for her appointment. Apparently, she had overslept due to the drinks she drank last night at their sophomore party.

She couldn't believe the girl she was staring at in the mirror.That night,she stood out among her peers and was looking very alluring.

She came back drunk, really drunk and slept immediately. She crashed her bed.She had a very nice dream about a guy in a silver suit carrying her back home from the party.

They just finished their first year and they came back for the beginning of their sophomore year so they decided to celebrate with a little get together with wines and drinks at a Friends place.

She was already having a serious hangover but she managed to get up,drink the hangover juice she saw on her desk and left for the company where she had an interview for a part time job. Just across the street was her favorite coffee shop.

Hi Gary!

Hiiii Julie!

"You look pretty today. Where are you off to?"

"Gary, can I just have an espresso?"

She said thoughtlessly.

Eventually she left after she got her drink and set off to cross the road to get a cab. Suddenly a car came at full speed and almost hit her,she was even absent minded so she didn't see the incoming car until Gary came and dragged her out of the road,just before the car hit her.



Are you okay??

"Sorry I wasn't looking and I'm super stressed right now,besides that driver is crazyyyy!"

"Didn't he see me trying to Cross?

rich people are really mean"

She finally got into a cab and got on her way. On getting there she tripped while coming down from the cab and fell flat on the ground and suddenly cursed out loud.


Like a crazy impulse.

Getting into the gadget company where she applied to get a job as a game developer,she couldn't believe what she was seeing. The building was magnificent and very colorful. It was a work of art.

She already fell in love with the building and was very happy. She got in and got directed into the chief director's office for her interview. A fat short man was waiting for her already so she sat down and answered all questions intelligently,she later found out his name to be Mr Charleston. She got in and was told to resume the following week.

"Georgia!! I'm So excited! I got in,I got into Dane Digitals!"

"I'm so proud of you baby girl. That's good,now go away I'm reading please"

"Sigh,you're just mean"

Julia said.

Hannah walked in at that moment,rough and completely disoriented. She just came back from who knows where.

"Where have you been Hannah?" Georgie asked.

"Just leave her alone,it's her life"

Hannah explained that she got caught up with this last night and has to sleep over at Axel's.

"And you're coming back by night time??

Georgie asked.

"It's okay babe,all sins are forgiven"

Julia said.

After a while Julia complained of being really hungry so Georgie put some things together for dinner and they all slept peacefully.

The next morning was a Saturday so Georgie left early in the morning for her Saturday classes, Hannah slept in and Julia decided to go and visit her sister who stays streets away. She wanted her sister to follow her to the mall so they could do some shopping for her to get some new clothes because of her new job.

Molly, her sister, opened the door for her after 3 knocks. She looked really tired for some reason. Another female friend was also there so Julia came in and dragged Molly out for the shopping.

But Molly wasn't really feeling good,she had a slight fever but she still followed her sister. They got to the mall and picked some really cool outfits.

"How is this on me?"

"no I don't really like this one, let's pick another outfit for you"

After they paid for what they took and went to have a drink. After they settled they started talking about a lot of things and basically just chilled. Julia told Molly about how she got the job and how nice Mr Charleston is,also talked about how cool her office building is. Molly could really see the excitement on her face.

"Mom's been trying to reach you for some time now"

"Really? I've been so busy with my job and school that I don't have time for myself anymore. I think I'll call her later"

"Molly, you can talk to me you know"

"I know, that's why you're my cute sissy"

After a while they left the drink shop and strolled towards Molly's house so Julia could go home from there. They came in to meet Maggie, Molly's friend cooking. Julia then stayed for a while,ate and started heading back to her lodge after they said their goodbye's.

Julia got into a cab and got back home even though their lodges were streets away. She just got too tired. It was already evening and she came in to meet Hannah preparing for a night party. Apparently Georgie hasn't been back since morning because something came up so she'll have to stay at her aunt's for a while.

Julia came in completely knocked out and slept off. Hannah left after a while for the party with some of her friends.

The next day was Sunday,but Julia didn't wake up till 10am. Apparently she already missed her usual 9am mass so she decided to attend the evening one by 6pm.

She brushed her teeth and made breakfast, consisting of scrambled eggs and cheese with bread, then she settled down in front of her computer to start making game codes. She was there until around 2pm when she heard a loud cry from a room nearby. A girl was shouting and complaining bitterly of stomach pain so she called security who broke into the girls room and called an ambulance to rush her to the hospital.

It was appendicitis. She had gone to see the girl at the hospital, totally missing her evening mass.

The girl was already with her parents who were talking to her when Julia walked in. Glynn,which turned out to be the girl's name, started praising her and thanked her for saving her life. Julia also had to stay with them for a while before she left for home. Tomorrow was a big day anyway, she'll start her part-time job!

Julia got back home, put all her clothes together and was anxiously waiting through the night for morning to come so she'll dress up go to work. She was so anxious that she couldn't sleep. She later slept soundly around 4am.

Chapter 2: DANE ALDER

Dane Digitals has become the talk of the town ever since its grand opening two years ago .Its market sales have remained in the top position ever since due to their high competitiveness and their latest mobile phone release, the Alds pro 7.

They've always wanted to expand and install nice gaming packages in their phones which was why they decided on an interview to hire part-time game developers.

It was on a thursday night they had a team dinner to celebrate the success of their latest release and everyone was waiting that night for the one and only Dane Alder,the CEO of Dane Digitals to come and give his opening speech. In the midst of happy cheers,dane walked to the podium in elegant steps with a stellar smile on his face,wearing a silver suit. He was handsome from the depth of his eyes to the gentle expressions of his voice. He looked really confident,gallant and captivating.Tall with dark brown long hair,gelled to fall on one side. While he made it towards the


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