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The Mistress Surrogate

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Priscilla Castillo took up the job as a surrogate to make ends meet, this sort of job was new territory for her. She never once thought of being the one to take care of the child after the mother died in an unknown accident leaving everybody including her husband devastated. Damon Prince is a CEO of a renowned company, his marriage to Elizabeth Prince was fruitless which hurt the couple so much Elizabeth had to find a solution that didn't seat well with her husband who disliked the idea. A week after everything had been finalized, Elizabeth is met with an accident and dies immediately. Now Damon has to live with a woman he hates for carrying his child.

Chapter 1

I said a word of prayer as I laid a white rose on the now covered grave, I was hurt but not as the people around me who has had long time bond with the deceased unlike me who had only known her for a month.

The atmosphere was emotionally draining with all the wailing and tears and amidst all this turbulence someone important in this woman's life was missing..... Her husband.

Among everybody closest to her, he was the one whom I believe didn't take the news well, the woman was young.... so young.

She had the brightest smile, a smile that could light up the darkest room, I was warmly received by her in our first meeting, we talked and discussed the idea of surrogacy which I agreed upon considering my financial status.

I wasn't rich like they were and I wasn't intrigued by the idea either at first but I needed the money to feed my ailing mother, the only family I had left.

After a while of waiting and paying respect to her, I followed the others who were quick to have recognized me as the surrogate carrying her child to the small house used welcome the guest.

I sat at a corner waiting on my turn to greet the woman in her mid-fifties who was a clear description of her daughter without the wrinkles, her eyes were filled with tears as the others came in to offer their condolences.

As I sat there waiting on my turn, I soon loose track of time and dozed off having no one to talk to and was tired of checking out the house the dedicated to Elizabeth which had all her pictures from toddler to adulthood, she was beautiful all through.

I was still in my sleep when a soft voice oozed through my ear. "Ms Priscilla...." I heard again before I opened my eyes to the woman I was waiting to meet, just like her daughter, she smiled, even though hers might not have come from within.

"My daughter said a lot about you.... Can we talk? It's about the baby you are currently carrying....." She managed to smile again.

"Of course" I stood up to face her.

She led me to a corner a little far from the scene, she tried to suppress in some kind of feeling before she spoke, her voice sounded weaker and shaky like she was about to cry. She touched my belly as if trying to connect with the fetus in me.

"How about moving in with us? I want to be able to watch over my daughter's child and see that you have a safe delivery...... I know you are just at the earliest stage but still....." She clenched her fist with her might before biting her lips, a small arch was made on her forehead. "Please..... I will pay extra than what you've being given" she begged.

Having a rich old woman beg for her late daughter's child safety was one something you don't see everyday.

I wanted to accept as she kept increasing the price she wanted to give me which was different from original amount I was to receive, I felt guilty because she was doing this to protect something her daughter wanted.

"I'll do it" I said after so much pleading from her, "....but my mother"

"I heard about her, I promise to make sure she is safe and secure and that no harm comes to her, infact I will personally employ someone to cater for her needs while you are with us"

"US" she never said it will be an us.....

Her attention was slowly deviating as a man with a loose shirt and a tie loosely wrapped around his neck, his trouser was really dirty on the knee, it was like he had being kneeling earlier, and his walking steps were haggard.

Elizabeth mother left me to meet him and I followed her at her back. His appearance had caught the attention from the visitors.

"Damon where have you been? And why are you...." She sniffed him ad covered her nose, "Damon you reek of alcohol, have you being drinking?" She asked before closing her nose again.

"What do you think?" He staggered almost loosing his balance. "You are the witch that didn't let her rest and yet you call yourself my mother" he poked his index finger on her chest. "Are you glad now?" He asked before pushing her to the side making her fall to the ground, he didn't bother to wait and pick her up.... he just left.

I ran to her side but someone got to her first, she wiped the tears from her eyes. I never knew she was his mother and so I made an assumption but it was rude of him to have treated his mother that way irrespective of what she had done.

Having no host, the house guests began to leave rapidly as they had came and just like that life continues with no stopping.

A week after my initial meeting with the child's father mother, she called me up again after I thought she had forgotten, she sent someone to pick me up and left a nanny for my mom as she had promised.

We drove to a large mansion with a very tight security, the building could be mistaken for a hotel, I watched in awe as we drove pass the garden which was the side before we stopped at the house itself, there was someone waiting to open the door for me.

I thanked the person as I got down of the car.

I was led in to see a more grand interior of the house, Damon's mother was standing at the front waiting to welcome me.

"Welcome dear" she hugged me and kissed my cheeks. She turned to a lady beside her, "Go get Damon, tell him there is someone I like for him to meet". "Miss Priscilla why don't you have a seat and feel comfortable....."

I was really touched by her kindness and was hopeful for what was to come.

"What could be so important that my work had to be disturbed" A cold figure said with a drag, my eyes fought so hard to see who it was, he slowly came down the stairs, away from the light.

"Come here son..." Damon's mother, he shoved her arm away, she smiled at me. "Damon this is Priscilla, she is carrying your child"

Chapter 2

The look on his face when he heard his mom had address me, there was disgust on his face one that would make someone cringe. "I don't remember sleeping with any other woman except from my wife, so it's either you pay her off like she wants....." He sized me from my feet up until my head and mumbled much to my hearing, "People like her will do anything for money" he closed his eyes and groaned like he couldn't wait to leave my presence.

I was ready to defend myself because of how offended I was with his statement. Normally I won't do a thing like this or think of doing it but I was begged by a woman who was desperate for a child as I was for money, she had tears, one that couldn't be controlled which moved me to a point I felt Good had been cruel not to give a kind-hearted woman a chance to hold a child in her arm.

I moved to give him a piece of my mind, one that would slap so hard it's stings on his face..... his handsome

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