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The Mafia's princess

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Evelyn Sparks is a jewellery designer. A jeweller. She’s an ambitious woman fighting to make a name for herself in the world of jewellery designing. She's this close to getting the recognition she deserves when she finds out she's the bargaining chip in one of her father's latest deals. She goes to confront her father, Andrew Sparks, only to find out he made a deal with the devil himself. A deal that cannot be escaped or breached. The penalty for breaching is not something one can pay. In fourteen days, she will be taken by Ilya Volkov and she can't escape his clutches cause it would mean death. Not just for her, but for everyone she's ever known and loved Now she has to fight to stay alive because many lives depend on her co-operation with him. She fights a mental battle with herself everyday. To remind herself to stay strong. To hope. Maybe one day he might let her go. She discovers there is more to Ilya than what the rumours say. Every new layer of himself that he reveals to her, the more she can't help falling in love with. When he finally lets her go, she can't help but want to stay. After all, even the devil needs a queen by his side.


Evelyn is used as a bargaining chip by her father in a deal with the devil. She's heard the rumours about him. Each one is worse than the last.She thought of running, but leaving her business and her life behind was not an option she was going to take.She's afraid of what he might do to her if she tries to run, her father wasn't making it easy on her too. He threatened to disown her if she ran.Ilya Volkov is not a man who gives. He was one to take and he's coming to take her next.She knows avoiding him was a sure fire way to get on his bad side. She’s resigned to her fate as she waits for the devil to come for her. His possession.She hopes to God that she would get out of it alive as dying was not an option.***Fear. an emotion I have grown accustomed to. not on me, but on others. I like that I strike the feeling of fear in their hearts each time I walk by.Fear was the first emotion I learned to invoke in others. Gramps always said, if you can control their emotions, you can control them.That was until I met her. Evelyn Sparks. She was used as a bargaining chip to escape my wrath by her father. She's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was witty, smart and had a sense of humour about her. The deal was to keep her for six months, that was until she got under my skin.The swine of a Man doesn't deserve to live. He was willing to trade his daughter to the devil without batting an eye for his freedom.Something I couldn't understand because I was taught to always protect my family. Too bad. This is the one deal where he can't take back his signature on the dotted line. He's never taking what's mine Again, not unless he wants that day to be his last.For her, I'd burn the world if it meant she's safe beside me. I am Ilya Volkov and I always protect what's MINE.

Chapter 1


“He's here. I can't believe he would show up to one of these things. Unless he knows the host..”

“He bumped Andrew Stones down the spot on Forbes list after he established his company here. He made it look so effortless.”

The whispers fly around as we all wait for the host to show up.

This was a fundraiser for another one of their many endangered animals. This time, they were donating jewellery. I haven't had any inspiration for a new design in a while.

I managed to get an invite to be here. This isn't really my scene.

I don't turn to see who had these high members of Manhattan whispering like teenagers. I didn't really care. I was too focused on the piece on the far left of the room, it was drawing me in.

Something about it made me want to get closer. I made up my mind to find out about the Necklace later.

“You like that piece too,” someone whispered beside me. I was startled and found the host,


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