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She belongs to him and he would go every extra mile to make it remain so. Bella's imagination might have landed her in trouble with Jay. A man full of authority, one of the top richest men in the state. No one questioned him. A little mistake landed her as a slave to his will, and soon his possession. A journey full of all the naughtiest deeds, remodeling and reshaping her very being to fit into his world. If willing into his forever. He is the a mafia lord but would the softness of a woman like Bella melt his own rugged hardness.

Chapter 1

It was all new to Bella.... A new school, a new state and a new dad. It might have as well as been a new her but then, it has always been just her, nerdy Bella whose world was wrapped up around her imagination. It must have been creepy how vivid her imagination might have been and the things she does but then, Bella would always be Bella.

As she walked towards the gates of the school which would mean her last days in highschool, she could feel her shy gait creep in so she pushed off her mind everything and imagined herself as a queen walking proudly towards the gates of her bedroom which had within it the most beautiful man as her king, little did she know she laid in wait for her cause she had happened to bump into someone; waking from her half daydream, she was shocked as two broad cold shoulders greeted her, Bella was barely 5'2 but standing in front of her was a huge 6'2 frame and by all ramifications endowed. When he turned to face her, Bella could feel herself wet in the pants, d*mn... The man was simply beautiful and hot. She nearly slipped back to her day dreaming when his thunderous voice brought her back to normality.

He had this serious angry glint in his wicked eyes.

Eyes I hope would be filled with naughty imaginations of what to do with me, snap out of it Bella... He's obviously p*ss*d, she found herself thinking. Bella muttered a sorry excuse for her mistake but the man was definitely not buying it and then he simply took off his suit jacket which was stained with her red lipstick. Red lipstick on a white suit!!! No wonder her mind was not at peace when she chose that color but then she giggled which clearly infuriated him the more.

"Think it's funny huh, very well then…" he bent closer, pulled her name tag and said "I'll be keeping this miss, get this jacket cleaned and organized by the morning and get it for me. Here's my card."

She was getting ready to blast him but then he turned and said, " Don't even think of running away, cause I would find you, I'll be hanging on to this." he waved her tag and with a short smile turned and left.

Gosh, she would kill for that smile but then reality dawned on her, she stared at the card, it had his name and address. Including his phone number but then again, how could she get in trouble on her first day at school, worse still, this suit was not any ordinary one, this was one obviously expensive, Bella broke down crying silently but then got up, picked up the suit and card and headed home.

The name on the card read, 'JAY MARTIN ' definitely not someone she wanted to find out what he would do to her, not with all the power he yielded except something of the naughty sort.

"Oh snap out of it Bella !!!" she told herself.

Chapter 2

Jay Martins smiled as he got into his car knowing just how devilish he could be. He knew very well that the frail young woman would not be able to get that suit clean, it was one of the highest quality suits and definitely needed the services of a special laundry machine to get clean to avoid creasing or burns. But despite everything, he gave the suit to her, he had earlier found it hard to control himself in front of her, the scent of her cheap perfume kept drawing him to her, her chocolate colored skin could do well with oil and then some tonguing. So many things he wanted to do with her but he was going to make it hard on her. Getting to his office, he browsed her on facebook and was shocked at just how few friends she had, and few likes. He was angry people didn't see what he saw in that frail frame and if fate permitted, he was going to show them just how much that frail frame could radiate power.

But first, he was going to show her just how much power she held in h


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