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The Mafia: Ride or die

The Mafia: Ride or die

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" Would you die for me? " Chad asked. " I will happily die for you Chad, " Chloe said gleefully. Chad laughed hoarsely. " Will you do anything I ask you to do? " She nodded as her charming eyes stared at him. " How high is the building? " he asked keenly. " Too high that if one attempts to commit suicide, jumping down this building is a ticket, " she said, smiling elegantly. " Then jump, beautiful. I want you to jump down this building from that window, " he said gesturing. Of course, she will do anything for him. She would give up her life over and over again, just for him. " Sweetheart, are you afraid of height? " Chad asked. " I used to, not anymore, " Chloe said. " Then jump, " Chad said commandingly. " I will, " Chloe said moving backwards. " You can prove how much you love me by doing this. " With enthusiasm setting in, Chloe rushed to the window in a blur, and before she knew what was happening, she found herself falling down to God knows where. Water splashed. She had landed into a pool of water. She could barely talk, she was battling in the water. Her transparent shirt gummed to her body, making her curves and contours visible. Chad looked down from the open window. He saw her drowning. She couldn't swim. After some minutes of watching her drown with pleasure, he turned his back to go... Suddenly a body came crashing beside her. Chad was impressed. He swam to her and grabbed her waist. " I am really impressed at what you have done, " was the only thing he could say. " But why? " " I... I love you Chad, " Chloe said softly. " You are mine, " he said huskily. He manoeuvred her to the side of the pool and began to taste the nectars of the goddess in her lips...

Chapter 1

Chad Billy Trevor was deep asleep. His phone rang dismissively from the drawer beside his huge and massive white bed. His room dazzled. White was everything. So white, that one would wonder if heaven could be whiter than his room. The pillows, the bedsheets, the curtains, the blankets, the rugs, the ornamented and polished carpets, his clothes and shoes were all white except for one thing, his soul.

Everything he did have but for his soul, even his creator could never claim such a soul. So the devil claimed it. This very Mafia Lord was not afraid of one thing everyone seemed to be afraid of, that thing was death. Because he had died a thousand times to resurrect dangerously and become more ruthless. He was feared by home and abroad. Little wonder his things were all white. Perhaps, he hid himself in the shadow of light which he didn't deserve. His room, his home, his place, his everything was somewhere beneath the earth. It was underground, deep below the ground, that if truly hell was down, he would be going in and out of hell. He had claimed to have met the Prince of the world. He had claimed, he was given the key to rule the entire universe by the devil. He claimed to be the devil in his time.

Certainly he didn't fear devil, he feared only one thing which he had never expected and that was women, no not women. Certainly not women. Probably, love. He knew his only downfall was love. And ninety nine percent of his death were caused by love. But he didn't want to learn from that. This could prove the type of man Chad Billy Trevor was. How could one take an innocent life and still have a sound and peaceful sleep? Indeed Chad was something else. But who dared to blame him? Blame the one man who picked him up from the grave. The one man who took him in, who took care of him, who saved him from the clutches of death. The one man who gave him a name and raised him up like his very own. That very man was the late Mafia Lord, Andrew Trevor.

Andrew taught Chad everything he knew. He initiated Chad into the Mafia at an early age...

Chad didn't choose the Mafia, they chose him because of who he was, who he had and where he lived.

Chad awoke cautiously. He looked at his wrist watch, 3:02 A.M. He never played with time. Time waited for no one and he waited for no time. It was late. Who would be calling him at this time of the night? He picked his phone and answered the call. He raised it to his ear. " Hello? "

The caller said nothing.

" Hello. Who's this? "

" Don is that you? "

" And who are you? " he was being cautious. " Do you know what time it is? "

" It's me Caesar___"

" Are you crazy? Why did you call my direct line? "

" Sorry Don. I really need to see you. "

" For what? "

" It's something I can't discuss over the phone. "

" Let's meet at White House tomorrow morning, " Chad said, yawning. " I hope you have got my money. " He hung up without hearing from Caesar.

Thirty two years old Chad was the youngest, the most powerful and the most ruthless in the organization. He was a killer, a ruthless one. His watchword was no pain, no mercy and no weakness. He was a handsome tall guy with the accent and decency of a Mexican. He had a carefree smile of a collegiate athlete but that was only noticed rarely. He was muscular built and fine looking but he had the attitude of an uncivilized man. He was a smart man who could discern his enemies quickly but he was an epitome of foolishness when it came to love.


Chad looked around as he parked his car. He came down from it and began to go.

He met some soldiers outside.

" Good day Don, " they retorted.

" Where's Caesar? Is he in? "

" Yes boss. "

He threw his car key to one of the soldiers and left.

He walked to the White House, after making sure no one saw him, he entered inside.

White House was the general name of the house they met in. It was white so they named it White House.

He met the underbosses gambling and playing cards. As for the capos they were smoking and drinking and gambling as well.

Caeser and the Consigliere by name Charlie Alberto walked to him. Charlie Alberto was known for settling disputes whenever it broke out between the Mafia families " Welcome Don. "

" It seems you didn't come in your car, " Charlie said askance.

" The FBI could be watching, " he said to Charlie. He turned to Caeser. " Where's my money? "

" The police have got your money. "

Chad stared at him. There was rage in his eyes. " You let them get to you, why? " He began to go.

Caesar followed from behind. Charlie walked beside Chad.

" Should I take out a bullet? " Caesar asked.

" Mine still works, " Chad returned. This was how they conversed.

Their conversation had always been the stumbling block for the FBI agents. Their conversation could be understood by only them and no one else. No matter how many times the FBI got a recording of their conversation, it took them months, sometimes years to understand what they discussed about. Sometimes the ones who started to decipher their discussion weren't the ones who ended up deciphering it.

" Don, " Caesar called from behind.

Chad didn't respond.

" Don, " the underbosses and the capos called recognizing his presence.

Chad sat down. " Let's try this. I want my money refunded but in a way that can favour both you and I. How would you like that? "

" Sir I... I'm ready to give you anything in exchange for the money. I should have protected your money. I made a mistake... "

" You do not need to go into details. It's simple, I want something in return for my gone money. That money was precious to me. "

Caeser didn't think so. Five hundred thousand dollars was nothing compared to what he had. He was in control of a hunderd billion dollars and properties worth a billion dollars. Five hundred thousand dollars was now in the hands of the FBI organization. He should let the money go. " What do you want? "

" I want something precious to you as well. "

" I have nothing precious to me, " Caesar said tensed up.

" I know, " Chad laughed. " Lemme set the record straight, I want your daughter to work for me only for the period of time you owe me. Perhaps, if I take her, you will do everything in your power to recover my money. "

" Come on boss, this's my only daughter that you are talking about. She's a child. She's only twenty and she's still going to school. I don't want her being introduced to this racket. "

" That means you have got my money. Why did you have to keep me in suspense____ "

" I swear on my life, I haven't got your money___ "

Chad frowned. " Then you leave me no other option. Wait, did you disturb my sleep yesterday night for this shit? Was it because the D-Day had reached and you didn't have my money? You of all people should know if it was someone else in your place, I would have targeted his skull. "

Caesar cleared his throat. " I can't give you my daughter, " there was an iota of pain in his voice.

" I'm sorry but your daughter is the payment. So just know it now that even if you die by my hands, I will still take your daughter. She's not precious, remember? You said you have nothing precious to you, right? If my money could get into the wrong hands, then your daughter will certainly get into the wrong hands. "

" You can't do this to me boss. Gimme some more time, I promise I will pay you back your money. "

Chad pouted. " Okay, fine, till next two weeks and if you don't have my money don't show me your face, even after I get your daughter. "

Caesar fell to Chad's feet. " Thanks boss. I won't forget this. "

" Stand, stand Caesar, you can leave. "

Caeser stood and began to go.

A gunshot exploded. It was the gun of an underboss.

Caesar fell to the ground as he hissed. Chad walked to him.

" You betrayed me Don, " Caesar stammered.

" I swear on my life, I didn't shoot you, " Chad said, looking down at him.

" Please Chad don't drag my daughter into this. "

" I promise you that I will take care of her on your behalf, " Chad said.

" No Chad please. If anything happens to my daughter because of you, I will never forgive you. And my spirit will come after you. "

" Let's see how far your spirit can go. Listen, wait for me, once I'm done I will come to you, so we can settle our scores in Hades. You don't need to come after me. Because, even in hell, I'm coming after you. " Chad brought out his gun and shot him on the forehead. " I'm sorry Caesar but you betrayed me by ever trying to work with the police. Make sure to greet the devil on my behalf. " He shot at Caesar's dead body again.

He turned to face his members. " Which of you shot him? "

" It's me boss. Am sorry. " That was Roger Scott AKA devil's bodyguard. He was aged forty and a ruthless killer as well.

" Good job Roger. Keep it up but next time be careful. That was supposed to be my shot. Take care of the body Roger. Lance, " he called.

Lance walked to him. Lance Owen was one of the Caporegime. He didn't involve in murder, he just led the drug cartels. " Sir. "

" I want his daughter here the next time I arrive. Do you get me? " Chad asked.

" Yes boss. "

Chapter 2

" Don, she's damn pretty. Her skin is so fragile and soft. " This was Robin Lester talking. He was a talented killer and a very faithful underboss to Don. He was aged forty-six but looked younger and stronger than his age.

" I want to see her, " Chad said frantically.

" Why not? Come with me, " Robin said.

They began to go. They went into the room the young lass was bound in.

" She's really pretty. The guys can't take their eyes of her____ "

" No one is permitted to touch her, " Chad said in a low voice. " I made a promise to her father. Even if that's the only thing I can do for him, I will do it. Has she eaten? "

" She refused food and fell asleep. She wants her father and she won't hear of food. "

" I hope her disappearance didn't attract the FBI? "

" No. We were very careful with her. Her and her dad are not insured. &


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