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  • Author: Philippa
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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" Would you die for me? " Chad asked. " I will happily die for you Chad, " Chloe said gleefully. Chad laughed hoarsely. " Will you do anything I ask you to do? " She nodded as her charming eyes stared at him. " How high is the building? " he asked keenly. " Too high that if one attempts to commit suicide, jumping down this building is a ticket, " she said, smiling elegantly. " Then jump, beautiful. I want you to jump down this building from that window, " he said gesturing. Of course, she will do anything for him. She would give up her life over and over again, just for him. " Sweetheart, are you afraid of height? " Chad asked. " I used to, not anymore, " Chloe said. " Then jump, " Chad said commandingly. " I will, " Chloe said moving backwards. " You can prove how much you love me by doing this. " With enthusiasm setting in, Chloe rushed to the window in a blur, and before she knew what was happening, she found herself falling down to God knows where. Water splashed. She had landed into a pool of water. She could barely talk, she was battling in the water. Her transparent shirt gummed to her body, making her curves and contours visible. Chad looked down from the open window. He saw her drowning. She couldn't swim. After some minutes of watching her drown with pleasure, he turned his back to go... Suddenly a body came crashing beside her. Chad was impressed. He swam to her and grabbed her waist. " I am really impressed at what you have done, " was the only thing he could say. " But why? " " I... I love you Chad, " Chloe said softly. " You are mine, " he said huskily. He manoeuvred her to the side of the pool and began to taste the nectars of the goddess in her lips...


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