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The Mafia Princess: The Feather

The Mafia Princess: The Feather

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I felt a heavy weight on my body,he started nibbling at my neck and kissing it. "You're pretty yuuno" He whispered in the deepest voice ever that sent shivers down my spine. And I still didn't know the identity of this man. I just wanted to get released. Soon he made his way to my shirt and removed the buttons one by one. He ripped out my bra and his lips landed on my boobs. Tears already formed in my eyes. I couldn't even scream, who would help me? He sucked on them till I was sure I was very sore. .......................... Carol Anderson has always dreamed of becoming a singer with her father as her biggest supporter. However things took a sharp turn when he suddenly passed away. He wasn't sick or anything, or was he? Life became meaningless until she met a man that actually supported all her dreams and aspirations. They later got engaged, but that was when she discovered the biggest secret ever!

Chapter 1


"And the POP woman of the year goes to Carol Anderson!!"

I was oblivious to everything because I started vaping. I was upset because it seemed as though I might not receive any award after all the work I put in to produce and release good songs last year.

I became dumbfounded when I heard my name, the crowd kept cheering; singing my praises. Apparently the announcer just called my name!

I really won the award!

All I had to do was walk up to the podium to collect my award. It was that easy but even that I failed to achieve. My legs suddenly gave way any way to the podium and l fell flat on the cold hard ground.

I couldn't even lift my head up, I was ashamed. The so-called fans I thought supported me were just laughing at me. The world turned against me.

I was in that miserable state when I heard my name, someone was calling out to me over and over.



I was still on the floor when water from nowhere came and flooded the whole event hall and everything in it, including me.


I opened my eyes again and they met with Azalea's. My foster mom.

"You're one dreamer, aren't you?"

She said.

"So it was all a dream, thank Goodness"

I smiled with relief but my smile turned into a frown when I realized that reality was no better.

I had work to go to and I was already late.

"That damn dream!"

I cursed out loud.

Azalea just stared at me for a split second then proceeded to scream, reflex.

"Get up from there and go make me money! You need to leave here soon!"

She closed the door of my room as she said that and left.

I sprang out of bed immediately, not because I wanted to please my step mother but because I couldn't afford to lose my part-time job.

I showered and dressed up in my uniform. I also put in nice clothes I could wear when I was off for the day.

I started heading off.

I didn't even stay for Azalea's so-called perfect breakfast consisting of crackers, butter and tea. Before she'll tell me to re-pay her for that too. That's how cunning she was, and I really despised her for it.

Even all my foster sisters sorted themselves out and left. It was just me.

I stepped out and flagged down a taxi. I got there just in time for work to commence.

Gigi ran up to me and gave me a hug.

"Carol! You're here! You made it! I thought you wouldn't and I was already scared you could lose your job"

She suddenly smacked me and her brows furrowed.

"You silly girl"

She proceeded to hug me again with a full smile spread across her face.

I could tell she was worried sick.

Thank Goodness I made it.

It was a brewing factory and my section was the packaging, while Gigi's was the production. So she got messier everyday. But her pay was a little higher at least. We normally got pretty exhausted and treated each other almost everyday.

But today's case was a different story. Something happened.

I discovered something in the bottle I was packaging. It was off-white in color and it didn't seem to have a smell. It was also powdered. I noticed it in a few other bottles, almost all. After trying to decipher what it was along with my fellow workers, I called the attention of the supervisor but he seemed nonchalant. Trying so hard to convince us that it's just the weather taking its toll on the bottles. I certainly wasn't convinced but I let it go. He grabbed my hands when I picked up a few to wash and told me to use them like that.

I refused and we got into a heated argument that almost cost me my job.

I was really frustrated at this point and wanted to hand in my resignation letter, but I had to pay my foster mom back. Cursing such evil behaviors a factory would put up just to sell more.

I just had to use them that way and work continued for a few more minutes.

We had our twenty minutes break right after and Gigi walked up to me, looking all messy as usual. She also got our orange juice and sandwiches.

We went outside and sat while eating in a secluded place when we began to hear strange noises coming from an abandoned kiosk-like store.

Gigi heard them first while I was engrossed in eating my sandwich. She alerted me and we got scared.

My curiosity got the best of me because I really wanted to know what has happening, so I told Gigi to sit still and keep watch while I made my way to the window of the kiosk.

I saw two men but they weren't so visible. I wondered how they could be alone and converse in such a creepy place. I turned to leave because I was getting really creeped out when someone suddenly grabbed me and took me into the kiosk while covering my mouth with his hands.

I was immediately tied up with my eyes blindfolded.

"What is she doing back here?"

The voice sounded like my supervisor's.

"We're going to have to kill her, I'm not sure about what she has heard"

Kill? Kill??

I heard that and my knees tightened in fear.

"Don't kill her, just beat her up a little and make sure she keeps her mouth shut! I don't want anymore blood in my hands"

My fears intensified. I heard footsteps fading away so u thought they had gone so I decided to make a run for it.

I tried to stand up when I received a heart stopping kick that immediately sent me to become one with the ground.

"And where do you think you're going??"

"What did you hear"

I couldn't say anything since my mouth and eyes were all covered. Plus I didn't hear anything, I honestly didn't.

He got upset, removed the napkin he tied across my mouth and asked me again, but I had nothing to say to him.

He got upset and began to curse loudly.

After a while no sound was heard,but I decided to stay put this time around.

Soon I felt hands move up my shirt.

My heart skipped a beat due to the new sensations I began to feel. But I was still really scared and anxious.

What was he trying to do to me?

I felt a heavy weight on my body,he started nibbling at my neck and kissing it.

"You're pretty yuuno"

He whispered in the deepest voice ever that sent shivers down my spine.

And I still didn't know the identity of this man.

I just wanted to get released.

Soon he made his way to my shirt and removed the buttons one by one. He ripped out my bra and his lips landed on my boobs.

Tears already formed in my eyes.

I couldn't even scream, who would help me?

He sucked on them till I was sure I was very sore.

I thought it was all over when he legit tore my uniform pants apart.

I felt a new sense of shame, I was almost naked.

I started begging him to let me go but he refused, still slapping me really hard for talking.

He was going to rape me, wasn't he?

He put his head on my feminine area and sniffed it. Damn I was ashamed and I felt really weak at that point.

My life came flashing right before my eyes.

Look what my curiosity caused me.

He finally removed my blindfolds.

I saw his face, well not entirely since he was wearing a face mask.

"I want you to stare deep inside my eyes! Do that now!"

I had no choice but to do what he asked, my eyes were all red from crying.

He removed his clothes and proceeded to put his dick inside my mouth. It tasted really salty.

He began to mouth fuck me and he gagged me really badly. We continued that way until I felt a build up in his dick on my mouth. It was expanding so much that I felt it would explode.

Turns out it did.

He cummed right inside my throat which almost choked me to death.

I tried to cough it up when he let go of me but he just slapped me again.

"Get out of here!"

He ordered.

"If you tell anyone about this, I will find you and kill you. You hear me!"

He finally untied me and I ran out as fast as my legs could carry me right after wearing back my ripped pants.

Gigi was nowhere to be found in the spot I left her but I did meet her inside the building. She didn't seem to want to talk to me. She looked scared and all defensive so I let her be.

I went straight to get mint and water. Gaggled my mouth and tried to wash everything out. I was utterly disgusted. Thank Goodness I wasn't raped. But I swallowed his motherfucking cum!

Since I couldn't do anything at this point, I just had to hand in my resignation since I couldn't bear to be a part of a factory that hurts people. To think that I even filled some of those bottles.

I wrote my resignation letter in a haze and walked in to submit it.

I gave my supervisor a deadly glare, dropped it and walked out.

He didn't even seem to care.

It all happened so quickly that I didn't take time to think about my choices. I couldn't even process anything at the moment.

They came rushing back into my mind at that moment.

How will I pay off my debts??

I didn't even realize when droplets of tears formed on my face. I was crying.

I handed in my uniform after changing into my casual clothes.

I hugged Gigi and left the company.

"F and G breweries"

I was sure I won't be forgetting it in a while.

I was clouded in my own thoughts as I left the building, walking slowly and wondering about a lot of things.

Chapter 2


"No, we can no longer work with you, I'm very sorry. I don't want to invest in something that I'm not certain of the success. My rival company came to you and you failed them. So I'm not going to try"

"But sir, just hear me out"

"Take care Curtis. I hope you'll Excel. But it's not with my help"

My last and final investor hung up on me, damn!

There's nothing I can even think of, I don't know anyone else that would help out. This is it. My company is folding up.

I heard a knock on the door, it was my secretary.

I made a motion with my hands for him to come in so I could hear what he had to say.

"We're going to have to leave sir"

"We've all handed in our resignation letters"

My secretary walked in and dropped the resignation letters of almost everyone in the company.

My employees were frustrated and they


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