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The Hearts of Billionaires

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Abbie marries her savior to save him from an unwanted marriage. Life is full of dynamic wonders but the love life of Abbie and Gerald is filled with a lot of turmoil, and hate in a world different from ours. Experience the extent people can go to destroy something beautiful for their benefit; the selfishness, anger, and hatred that fills the heart of those close to them, making them obsessed and desperate to destroy them. Will they be able to stand together despite all odds or will they go their separate paths?


With the full moon gracing the night sky, surrounding the lonely road with tall pine trees and bushes, a man in a black hoodie and skinny jeans comes out of the bushes and stops at the road, like he’s waiting for something. Sometime later, a car arrives and stops in front of him. The windscreen of the vehicle comes down slowly and the driver is revealed. A caramel-colored man in his middle forties wearing nice clear glasses and a V-neck blue shirt. The man standing approaches him.

“Is she still with you?” The driver asks with a stern countenance

“Yes sir but there’s a problem.” The hoodie man replies clearing his throat.

His heart begins to race in fear and it’s evident in his voice.

“What’s the problem?” The driver asks still with a stern countenance.

He looks at him with a mean countenance which makes the hoodie guy nervous, uncomfortable, and unable to look at him in the face.

“Sir, for three days, she’s been unconscious.” The man reveals.

The driver looks at him, now frowning. He sighs lightly as he takes off his glasses.

“Unconscious! Give me the details moron!” The driver orders.

The man’s lips begin to shake. His heart is beating faster than a speeding train. With a bit of self-control, he begins to speak.

“After your visit, she tried to kill herself by cutting herself with a blade. She’s been unconscious ever since. The gang and I are perplexed. We don’t know what to do.” The man reveals sounding sad and nervous with teary eyes.

“Are you sure she isn’t dead?” The driver asks.

“Yes sir, I’m sure. She is not dead.” He replies feeling sure as his heart begins to calm down slowly.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting.” The driver requests.

“Then what?” The hoodie man asks seeming curious.

“Get the girl you fool!” The driver orders.

The man rushes back into the bushes. In the forest, a cabin is spotted, surrounded by men. One of them sees the hoodie man and approaches him. The guard is well-built, 6 feet tall, and taller than the hoodie man.

“Hey, what did he say?” The guard asks.

“He said I should bring her to him. He’s waiting.” The man replies.

He sounds calm but he is still worried.

“Fine. Let’s go get the girl.” The guard says.

“Some sleeping beauty she is.” The guard murmurs as they approach the cabin.

They both enter the cabin and they are both astonished.

“Where’s the girl?!” The hoodie man panics.

“She was right here. Unconscious. She wasn’t moving!” The guard exclaims.

He looks shocked and perplexed as the lady who was meant to be brought to the kidnapper is nowhere to be seen.

With much anxiety in the air, the guard notices that the window is cracked open.

“That girl tricked us. She has escaped!” He exclaims.

The hoodie man is still in utter disbelief as they and their final member follow the back door in search of her.

Deep in the forest, a lady by the name of Abbie is running for her life. Her eyes are filled with tears; her legs and her face are filled with bruises. Her beautiful red silk dress is torn and stained with dirt.

As she runs for her life, she notices some flashlight following her from far behind. Out of fear, she hides behind a large tree, The gang arrives in front of the same large tree but is unable to find her.

“I thought I saw someone going this way.” The second guard says.

“Hey! There’s no time to think. If this girl is not found, we’re doomed. Do you understand?!” The guard exclaims.

The rest agrees and they run to the right side of the tree.

The lady comes out from the left side of the tree and runs back ahead.

Still waiting in his car, the driver gets frustrated. He picks up his phone.

“You, moron! It’s been twenty minutes! Why aren’t you here with the girl!” he asks, sounding irritated over the phone.

“We can’t find her. She escaped.” The hoodie man replies, still on the run with the others.

“What! Is this a joke? Bring me that girl in the next twenty minutes, or else.” He says and pauses for a while with a stern. “You’ll hate me.” He threatens.

He hangs up and the hoodie man already feels doomed.

“We’re doomed!” He exclaims.

“Hey! Stop your whining. Let’s keep searching.” The guard orders.

“Abbie, I will so kill you when I find you. You are just as difficult as your mother was.” The driver soliloquizes.

Still running for her life, she finds herself on an old metal bridge, leading to an abandoned factory, it’s covered in vines, and beneath it, is a waterfall.

Abbie looks down and is astonished at the magnitude of the waterfall. Her heart begins to race; tears start to flow from her eyes. As she breathes in and out trying to gather some courage, she hears voices approaching. She panics.

“Hey stop there!” The voices shout.

The voices are approaching rapidly.

Out of fear, she jumps into the water.

The men pause as they try to catch her and to avoid jumping.

“Oh my, God! We’re doomed. We are so dead!” the hoodie man panics.

The guard looks down to find out if he will see any sign of her but it doesn’t work as there’s no glimpse of her anywhere below the bridge.

They stand on the bridge still contemplating what to do.

The driver in the car is still waiting. He gets out of the car and looks around for a while, contemplating either going into the forest or waiting for some time. He looks at the time and immediately goes into the woods.

“What do we do?” The hoodie man asks.

He is panicking way more than anyone else there. Everyone is shut off words. They’re sure their master will kill them.

Suddenly, they see their master approaching them. The hoodie man begins to beg.

“Where is she?” He asks.

He brings out a Pestle gun, pointing it at them with a stern and disappointed expression

“She jumped……. the...the…. water.” The hoodie man stammers, shivering as he is gripped by fear.

The master shoots them all in the head one by one. They all fall dead.


Three days later, Abbie finds herself lying on a large bed in an opulent room. She sits up and looks around, wondering how she ended up there.

Later, a good-looking man, well-built in a black suit enters the room.

“Finally, you’re awake.” He states.

He approaches her, sitting on a chair beside her.

“Who are you…? She paused, her voice wavering slightly, “Where am I?” Her gaze sweeps around the room, seeming perplexed. After all, in her mind, she should have been dead.

Her mind flashes back to how she fell from the bridge. In awe, she looks at the man before hoping to get answers.

“The name is Gerald. I found you on a shore, seeing you’re still alive, I had to bring you here.” He replies.

“I see. Well, I guess I owe you a “thank you”. She says making Gerald seem quite surprised.

“Guess? You can’t be serious…are you?” His brows lift in amazement as he waits for her response, intrigued by her demeanor.

“It’s a joke…” with a light sm


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