The Devil's Kryptonite

The Devil's Kryptonite

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Cutehephzy
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Fate has other plans when Isabella Anderson adopted daughter of billionaire tycoon in the real world but deadliest female assassin there is in the underworld is made to get married to Vincenzo Martinelli, Don of the Italian mafia aka The Devil. His name alone sends shivers down the spines of people, he is cold-hearted and ruthless in every sense of the word. In the world of guns, power, wealth,fame and of course enemies you can't afford to have a weakness. What happens when their worlds collide in the most unexpected way, will Bella be the fire to melt the icy heart of this ruthless Don? Or will her dark past come in the way? Who knows Bella may just be the Devil's Kryptonite.

Chapter 1


My knuckles began aching but that did not stop me - my fists kept colliding with the bag, I took out every single pain I felt, the anger and frustration. I was like a wounded lion.

" You really need to stop this Bella, it's not healthy" a voice said from behind stretching my water bottle to me.

Closing my eyes, I took a long gulp and fell on the floor enjoying the cool caress from the tiled floor before sitting upright "What are you doing here Bryan?" I replied with a bored expression.

"When had it become a crime to check on my baby sister?" he retorted smirking. " Shut up " I mumbled flipping him the finger before taking his outstretched hand and jumping on my feet. Unwrapping my hand, I began making my way out of the gym with Bryan. " How's work?" I asked plopping myself on a stool and grabbing an apple.

"Bryan fucking Anderson" I yelled flicking my fingers in his face, " Back to Earth dude, I asked how things are at the office"

" Ermm....right....the office, things are..well going just great" he stuttered making me quirk a brow, When has Bryan ever stuttered when replying me? and then he avoided my eyes - something's definitely wrong. After years of training I could read people like an open book. Jumping from my seat, I took slow steps to him watching his moves from the corner of my eyes, " Bryan you don't need to lie, why hide things from me?" I asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

" Bella, you're over thinking this, its nothing you should worry your pretty head about ok?" he said trying to convince me. " Fine, don't tell me but you know I'll eventually find out " I said walking to the door angry.

" Wait Bella" Bryan's voice stopped me, " I'm not supposed to tell you anything but things are not really going great at the company, dad collected a loan and the people are on our necks, investors are beginning to pull out, the new project can't be launched,infact everything is just a mess, it will be a miracle if we don't go bankrupt in a few months sis" he said slumping on a stool at the table. My heart clenched at the sight in front of me, how did I not notice the black patches around his eye before?

" How am I just hearing about this now? " I murmured walking back to him.

" Is dad aware?" I asked unconsciously holding my breath, " Yes, unfortunately he is"

"What do we do now" I asked pulling my hair into a bun. Shrugging he spoke again with a small smile "Nothing for now sissy, nothing".

The discussion I had with Bryan earlier today got me bad, to say I was worried would be an understatement, my thoughts were going haywire, there had to be something we can do to prevent this, anything I can do.

My phone beeped making me tear my gaze away from the ceiling which had become my favourite thing today.

Throwing my legs down I walked to my closet, roaming the tons of clothes for the perfect outfit. Finally I settled for a short black gown that was glued to my body like a second skin, accentuating my curves pairing it with black knee length boot. Picking my phone from the bed I walked out of the room, with a quick glance at the time before rushing down the stairs as fast as my legs will let me,  if I was fast enough I'll just meet dad as he finishes the monthly meeting with the staff but before that I have to complete whatever business I have with that moron.


I arranged my gown covering the holster up my thighs while surveying the environment. The old rusty building was a very wonderful camouflage to the hideous things that happened underground, only a few people knew about this place, I put on a fake smile as I exited my car and walked directly to the hidden door at the corner which was almost invisible to the natural eye. Scales was a very clever guy I'll have to give him that, too bad I'll be sending him to hell today. I've been studying their movements for quite some time now and I had the routine here on my fingertips and it never changes but that doesn't mean I'm not ready for anything cause in our world the best form of defense is preparing for the worst scenario and that's exactly what I did. Taking the liberty, I pulled out the knife that held my hair smirking as it pierced the chest of the guy and he fell back , he was the first one I saw and  I wasn't in the mood for pleasantries today, I'll be taking down any one in my way.

I walked briskly towards the room that moron will be in but stopped abruptly when I heard voices coming my way, rushing behind some old equipments I pulled out my gun and just when they came by, I pulled the first guy landing him a blow before kicking him into his friend disorganizing him and using their distraction as an advantage. They fell down while I stepped over them suddenly pumped for whatever I'd meet. I opened the door and saw the fool behind his desk, facing the window outside.

"To what do I owe this lovely surprise Anderson?" he said in a bored tone. I giggled plopping myself if the sofa by the corner, " Oh please, there's nothing wrong in visiting an old friend or should I say murderer?" I asked crossing my legs as I fiddled with my nails. He finally turned to face me and if I wasn't fast I'd have missed the fear I saw in his eyes.

"Just know if you kill me now you won't leave here alive, my men will come after you" he said holding on to what I considered the last straw of hope. Throwing my legs down, I walked towards his desk leaning down to look him directly in the eye, "Kiss the Devil hello for me, till we meet again scumbag" I said just before the bullet went through his eye . I checked his desk for the documents I wanted and made my way out, it wasn't the end of this that I was sure of but to be honest that was the least of my problems right now. I just hope this document will give me my next lead to her death.

Anderson and Co was quite a distance from Scales and I was almost thinking of turning the car around to the house but heaven knows I won't be at peace so I better trash this conversation as well. My heels clicked on the tiles as I made my way to the elevator, only a few people knew me as the boss's daughter because dad had successfully prevented me from the prying eyes of media which I would forever be grateful for.

" It was nice having this meeting with you gentlemen, I'll get back to you" dad said shaking hands with two men clad in suits. They had their back to me but you could tell they were well built, something about them screamed danger and I scrutinized them suspiciously. Once they were about turning, I pretended to be engrossed in my phone, feeling their gaze on me I kept my act on until they got in the elevators. If they saw through the act they thankfully kept shut without any comments.

" If it isn't Isabella" I heard dad say behind me making me giggle a bit as I turned to face him with my hands up in mock surrender.

" I come in peace daddy" I said smiling, " Oh please, you can't fool this old guy, what couldn't wait till I was home? " he asked pulling me to the sofa.

" Well I forced some information about the office affairs out of Bryan, it wasn't his intention I swear "

" Bella you're a strong lady but you have a lot on your plate already to pressure you with this" dad said with a sad smile.

Placing my hand on his shoulder in reassurance, " If it concerns the Andersons then its obviously my concern" I said my eye shinning with genuine concern. " I know kiddo, I know but this world is a dangerous one"

" Now I'm offended dad, look at me, I'm not scared of this so called dangerous world, whether I wanted it or not I was pulled into it at a very tender age, heck! I'm the Black Angel, a ruthless assassin, this dangerous world shaped me into who I am dad" I finished moving to stand by the glass window that overlooked the city.

" Bella whether you want to accept it or not, you're not like the others, you have a heart, you just need someone to help the love in you blossom" dad said making a lone tear drop down my eye.

" I love you dad" I said giving him a hug, " You too Bella" he said making me smile. " If you really loved me you'd tell me every single thing I need to know, who were those men ? " I finished sitting down again.

" You sneaky girl, blackmail huh? what of Mia?" he asked

" She's fine dad but that doesn't answer my  question" I said bringing back the subject at hand

" You won't drop this would you? Anyway just like Bryan said the company is going through tough times just like other companies" he said making me roll my eyes.

" There must be a way though" I said eyes hopeful.

"Mhmm......there is, that's why those men were here but its not an option I'll like to consider" he started before going silent.

" What is it dad?" I asked suddenly feeling impatient with his silence.

"A marriage contract"

" What! " I screamed and if it wasn't for the soundproof doors I'd be worried the staff heard me but seriously, what the actual fuck?

" I thought that as well, Martinelli is the only one willing to help, he is ready to fund our project and get us back on our feet but he is asking for your hand in return" dad said shaking his head.

Pulling my self from the sofa I began pacing with my head deep in thought. Martinelli? Of course it wasn't difficult to place a face, what was eating me up was what exactly the Don of the Italian mafia wanted from me.

Chapter 2


Months Earlier

Vincenzo's POV

Running a hand through my hair I pulled on my discarded clothes littered on the floor, picked my phone from the nightstand and left the room.

" Manda le rose alla signora con cui ero ieri sera e assicurati che non si avvicini di nuovo a me, capito?

( Send the lady I was with last night roses and ensure she doesn't come near me again, got it?) I said ending the call .

Walking into the house I was greeted by Maria who handed me a cup of coffee, just how I loved it - black without sugar.  "Hey man, how was your night?" Marcus asked with a small pat on my shoulder before greeting Maria and pouring a cup for himself.

" So which one did you do yesterday?" Leonardo said from behind me with a stupid smirk.

Taking a sip, I looked at him and smirked, "Kylie or is it Kayla Lockwood? "

" What the hell? I've been trying


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