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The CEO'S Little Fall

The CEO'S Little Fall

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"You are my wife, but I will not fuck or touch you from today on, understand? You won't even sleep in my bed. You wanted my name, didn't you? Well, you have it now. Make good use of it." Luca Bianchi, is a famous Italian CEO, who runs his family's business. He is handsome, rich, and attractive and would be the husband material, If he wasn't a monster. He is forced to marry the stubborn and obstinate Sofia Morelli, his father's protégé. Sofia has had feelings for Luca since he first kissed her years ago. Sofia Morelli is the perfect wife living in a nightmare.

Prologe - The First Kiss

Sofia Morelli

Do you know what it is like when you are about four meters away from your freedom? That's right. I was exactly in this situation at now.

I looked out the huge window of my room and wondered if an instant of freedom was worth the risk. Maybe it wasn't, but I was still going to run.

Going out the window in the dead of night was not my cup of tea, but what's a broken leg in front of a possibility of a night of fun?

I put one foot out, then the other, propped myself up on the ledge, and then climbed down the side stair. I took a small leap to the floor, which came out noisier than I expected. I tripped over some vases in the garden, drawing more attention than I had planned in my criminal mind, then ran to the back garden.

All I had to do was jump over another 10 foot high wall and I would be free.

I ran on tiptoe to keep it quiet, but the sound of my breathing and my heart beating uncontrollably was deafening.

I was a terrible fugitive!

I stopped in front of the wall, which was much higher than I imagined. It wasn't like I was a professional wall climber, and I didn't know what I was going to do, when I got to the other side

My phone started ringing, giving me a big fright. I quickly took it out of my jacket.

“Where are you going, little princess?” The male voice startled me and I dropped my cell phone on the floor.

Damn it! The screen broken!

“YOU... YOU BROKEN MY CELL PHONE!” I scream with him, while trying to answer the call, but the touch screen is broken. “WHAT HELL!”

“Calm down, girl! I can fix it.” He took the cell phone from my hand and tried to fix it. “Yeah, it's broken!” He dropped the phone.

”ARE YOU CRAZY? IT’S MY PHONE!” I looked at the stupid monster and recognized him immediately.

It was Luca Bianchi, son of the owner of the house. I had seen him a few times in person. I even remember interacting with him when I was younger. But except for parties and special occasions, he didn't go there much.

“Are you mad?” He gave me a half smile.

“You destroyed my cell phone!” I said angrily.

“No, you destroyed you phone by dropping it.”

“And you threw it yards away.”

“What's left of it, girl. If makes you happy, I'll buy you another phone.” He puffed out his chest.

He really felt happy that he could say he could break cell phones and buy another one right away.

“Of course. You are so rich that you can destroy phones and pay for them.”

“Well, maybe. And who are you?”

“None of your business.” I walked away, but he was faster and stepped in front of me and grabbed my arm.

“Hey! It’s my business. You are in my house.” He looked into my eyes with his green eyes and i’m feel nervous.

The man was so damn perfection. With his perfect face of about twenty years old, brown hair, and tall enough to make a any woman stand on tiptoe.

The most striking feature of his face was his mouth, which looked as if it had been drawn with a pencil by a perfectionist sketch artist. His body also looked very fit, and his clothes were new and perfectly clean. He was a man to take any woman's breath away and I was not immune.

I took a deep breath and tried to disguise my confuse. He was looking at me, waiting for an answer.

“Sofia. My name is Sofia.”

“I know you from somewhere, Sofia.” Of course he wouldn't remember.

“I'm Giuseppe Morelli's daughter. Your father's most trusted man.”

“Trusted man? A nice word for an employee. And I imagine you live here...” He made circles in the air. “In this prison?”

“Yes. I live in guest house.”

“Yes, I remember you.” He let go of my arm. “And you want to explain me, why you were running away in the dead of night, jumping through windows?”

He saw.

“Well, I... I...”

“You, you?”

“I wanted to get some air.”

“And why didn't you go out the door?”

“Because I like to jump out windows. What's it matter to you?” I said irritated.

“Hm! You're wild.” He smiles. “I love it. Did you know what you make feel, Sofia?” He gave me a half-smile.

There was a sensuality in the way he spoke my name, that make me so... excited.

He looked at me, his green eyes sparkling. He gave a little smile. I could have sworn he was trying to seduce me, if he wasn't too handsome a man to be attracted to a girl like me.

“Well, I have to go now.” I turned to make my way back, since my plan had been a complete disaster.

“Wait! Why don't you join me? I'm drinking whiskey in the pool house.”

I analyzed him for a few seconds. He didn't look like the type who was going to murder me in the garden and hide my body. And jumping out the window back to my room made me tired just thinking about it, so I decided to accept the invitation.

We walked in silence to the the pool.

“Seat down.” He said.

We sat on the lounge chair and he poured us some whiskey. I took a sip of the bitter, awful-tasting drink and felt my throat burn. I had never drunk anything like it or alcoholic before, so this was a first.

I looked up at the moon, the night was beautiful. When I looked back at Luca, he was staring at me. I believe he was already a little drunk by the look in his eyes. But he was a very handsome man, drunk or not.

He got up and sat down on my lounger, forcing me to move away a little. He ran his hand down my arm and up my arm, stopping at my chin. His gaze remained steady, alternating between my eyes and my mouth.

With his fingers he pushed my lips apart, which I was unconsciously biting. He ran his tongue over my lips, making my whole body react.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I want to taste these lips that you insist on biting. Can I, Sofia?”

The sensuality with which he said my name left no room for an answer. Even though it was a question, it sounded like an affirmation. I let go of the lip caught between my teeth and just closed my eyes, waiting for him to kiss me.

Following my cue, he glued his lips to mine, filling every space in my mouth. He sucked and licked my lips in the sexiest and most delicious way, before slipping his hot tongue into my mouth. I made room for his tongue, following his agile movements.

I had never kissed before and had no parameters to compare it to, but this was certainly an incredible and unforgettable kiss.

He deepened the kiss as he leaned me over the lounger, taking off my jacket. I lay back comfortably with the weight of his body on me. His mouth went to my neck, sending shivers down my spine, while his hands fitted perfectly on my breasts under my shirt. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it, and I didn't question it.

He kissed me again, and I couldn't control the responses my body gave to each touch. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer. His hand returned to my breasts, but soon moved down the waistband of my shorts, unzipping them.

His hands reached down to the inside of my panties, coming to my wet intimacy. He ran his finger down the middle of my legs and, on impulse, I locked my legs to close them. He pulled me by the hip, opening my legs wider, but suddenly stopped and looked at me.

I opened my eyes, intoxicated by the sensations he was making me feel, and watched him hover over me.

“How old are you?” - he asked suddenly.

“What?” - I was a little confused by the question.

- How old are you, girl? - His tone was firmer.

“I'm sixteen.”

He stood up off me, quickly pulling his hand out of my panties. Which made me strangely annoyed. He grabbed my jacket and threw it over me.

“What was wrong?” I asked confused.

“Go back to your room now!” His tone was harsh and authoritarian.


“Go back to your room. I'm telling you, girl!” He looked at me and there was no longer any trace of the hot, burning man who had been on top of me minutes ago.

I didn't think twice about gathering my things and climbing back into my room.

I was so upset and how everything changed in one minute. With that arrogant and drunk man who gave me my first kiss.

Chapter 1 - The Proposal

Sofia Morelli

6 years later...

“Sofia! Turn off this stupid phone!” The teacher shouted loudly, for the third time.

I press my phone scream, but it didn”t stop ring. It was a call from my father. The fourth one I couldn”t answer.

I looked at Professor Rossi, trying to make him understand me, and went back to the screen of my rebellious phone. I finally managed to reject my father”s call. This was something I could deal with later. I just hope it”s nothing serious.

Professor Rossi walked towards me and stopped with his hand outstretched. I gave him my cell phone and crossed my arms in a frown.

“I want to talk to you after class, miss Moretti.” He said, as he walked back to the board. I”m in a trouble here!

“He wants to see you after class? Either you”re in trouble, or it”s something sexual.” My best friend Manuela murmured.

“Manu!” I scolded her.

“Manu what? He”s so delicious, Sofia. Look


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