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The Billionaire's Future Ex

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Arthur and Amelia have been in a relationship since highschool, but Arthur has lost interest in Amelia a long time ago because of her proud, egotistic and arrogant behavior. He plans to break up with her, but he can't because each time he finds the courage to do it, he gets side tracked and they end up making out or having hot erotic s*x together. Both Arthur and Amelia's parents are billionaire CEO'S, but right after Arthur breaks up with her, she finds out that her father's company lost a lot of money to a massive fraud saga which resulted in them losing a court case, and is currently going bankrupt. The fate of her father's company rests on her, because getting married to Arthur will unite the two family's companies together, and save her family from collapse. Arthur moves on and starts dating Aria. Amelia tries all she can to get back together with Arthur, but her plans fail and her family loses all their fortune leaving them impoverished. She blames Aria for their misfortune, accusing her of stealing her man. She makes devious plans and vows to get her revenge on the couple. Will she succeed in breaking them apart?

The movies

The rays of light from the giant screen rested on the faces of the people in the audience. The whole movie theater was solemn and quiet, except for the sounds of the actors voices emanating from the theater’s speakers.

Amelia Johnson wrapped her arms around Arthur’s arm, snuggling on it tightly. Her head rested perfectly on his shoulders with her eyes focused on the screen in front of them. They had perfect front row seats, courtesy of the very expensive VIP tickets they purchased for the premier of 'Love at last' a romantic movie.

A kissing scene comes up, and various hushed “aww” sounds and silent moans fill the cinema. Amelia looked up into Arthur’s eyes, prompting him to look down and stare back into her eyes for a few seconds before planting a soft kiss on her cherry lips. He cups her jaws in his palms to give support to her head.

After a long two minutes of smooching, they break the kiss. Amelia smirks, and they refocus on the movie. The movie is getting more intense as it gets to the point where the male and female protagonists both fall in love, and are displaying affections for each other. The audience can relate. 95 percent of them are couples, and the movie is generally themed ‘romantic’. So... Yeah. There’s love in the air and they all signed up for it.

A half-empty bucket of popcorn lays still on Arthur’s laps, which the couple pick from at different intervals. With gentle strokes, Arthur pets Amelia’s hair affectionately, like a newly fallen-in-love couple.

Amelia and Arthur have been dating since highschool. They have been friends since they were little, because of their family’s long-term friendship. They attended highschool together, and eventually, they went to the same University. Although the chemistry between them isn’t as strong as it was when they started dating, they still appear as ‘madly in-love’ as it could get to the public eye.

The end credits rolled in on the big screen, signaling the end of the blockbuster movie. Some people began to exit the cinema, while a few others sat back to wallow in the intense fairly-tale emotions generated by the movie.

“Shall we?” Arthur asked Amelia, tapping her gently on her head. She untangles herself from Arthur’s body and dusts the popcorn particles off her mini skirt. “Sure babe. Let's get outta here.”

They exit the cinema. With their hands clamped together, they swayed their arms as they walked to the parking lot. The darkness made it difficult to identify any vehicles out there. The rows of cars parked here extend massively. To make matters worse, most of them were black, like Arthur's car.

Arthur dips his hand into his jacket’s pocket to retrieve his car keys. He pressed a button on the key fob, and a Porsche Panamera Turbo S lights up a few meters away from them, making a ‘beep-beep’ noise as the lights flashed. Not your regular 21 years old guy's car.

Arthur Miller isn’t just any guy, he comes from an affluent family that owns one of the biggest real estate companies in the country. They're also big tycoons in the importation of high-end luxury vehicles. The Millers aren’t just rich, they’re filthy rich. Their companies are worth billions and are vastly recognized around the world, and his dad, Jacob Miller is the current CEO. That's explains why a 21 years old Arthur is driving a car worth more than an average person’s two year's income. Although he owns several other cars, he considers this one special because it was a gift from his dad on his eighteenth birthday, three years ago.

Arthur opens the passenger door and gestures for Amelia to go in. He slams the door shut as soon as she is seated, and turns around to the driver’s side. The door clicks open as he squeezes the door handle. He sits and closes his own door.

They both shared a gaze and exchanged smiles. “Did you enjoy it the movie?” Arthur rested his elbow on the steering wheel, twisting his upper body to face Amelia completely. “Yes, it was okay, I guess.” She shrugged and pursed her lips. “Very romantic.” She smiled.

Arthur stares at her for a moment with his lips slightly open. He obviously has something to say, evident by the ticks on his lips, but the words never forms. They are stuck in his throat. After a long moment of staring, his mind fills in with a cascasde of emotions traceable to the beauty in front of him. He leans in for a kiss. She reciprocates. He palms her neck with one hand, while she shoves her hand in his hair as their tongues danced inside each other’s mouth. Their rhythm becomes more intense and short soft moans escape her throat. He slips his hand under her shirt in swift motion and his hands make contact with her bare skin under her boobs, causing her to shudder.

Their lips detach simultaneously as they come up for air. They stared into each other’s soul with intense vigor, until he mutters, “It’s getting late, we should go.” As if hit by a sudden realization, she tremors and nods in agreement. She brings down her shirt that had already been raised just below her breasts and smoothens the wrinkles on it.

He inserts and twists the car key in a quick clockwise motion, and the engine hums to life. The parking lot is almost empty. He steps his foot on the gas setting the car in motion.

Arthur peeks at the car’s lush LCD screen taking note of the time, and realizes that it's almost half past 11. He promised to bring Amelia home before 11:30 pm. Amelia's dad will probably kill him if he makes his daughter stay out late.

Arthur hits his foot on the gas and sped up. He can't afford to upset Amelia's dad. He is very cautious of not being on Mr. Clark's bad blacklist. They’re very close friends with his family and her parents trust him, but one thing they’ve learned over time is, ‘Never joke with Clark Johnson’s daughter.’

Amelia is the only child of her parents, so they’re very cautious with everything that concerns her. She always gets that special attention from her parents.

After a few minutes of driving, they arrive at the driveway in front of the gigantic silver gate. They were bathed in the golden beams of the night-light as they approached the gate. The security guards recognize the vehicle and pushed a button, causing the enormous shiny gate to slide out of the way.

They drive into the incredibly spacious compound with a humongous mansion at the center. The car comes to a stop at the entrance of the mansion.

Amelia’s dad, like Arthur’s, is a also real estate tycoon and is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company too. No wonder they live in this gigantic, grand edifice, with a vast and incredibly spacious environment.

They both pause abruptly for a moment, before Arthur’s brain clicks and he realizes that she’s waiting for him to get the door. Amelia has always been a diva. Well, what do you expect from someone who has been chauffeured everywhere she went all her life?

Mr. Clark Johnson just recently dismissed her bodyguards when she was in her final year in college. Although temporarily. According to him, the Idea is still under review. He wants to see how it goes, to make sure she’ll be fine without them. He doesn’t want to take the chances of anything happening to his daughter. No wonder she's so spoiled.

Arthur gets down from the car and opened the car door for her. He escorted her to the main entrance and placed a kiss on her cheek. She blushes. So romantic. “Good night babe. Love you.” She bounces on her toes. "Love you too." He said, as he walked back to his car. He got in and slams the door. "F*ck!" He facepalmed disappointedly and cussed at himself before driving off.

Board of directors

The next morning.

Arthur's room was brightly lit by the penetrating beams of light through the curtains, from the early morning's rising sun.

Arthur woke up from sleep on his white king sized bed with the thick white duvet rumpled around over his lower body. A flash of last night's events rippled through his head, causing him to squirm and contort his face in rage. He put the pillow over his face and groaned loudly into it.

Last night was another failed attempt at breaking up with Amelia. He was supposed to do it when they got into the car, but ended up kissing her instead.

On the other hand, he just realized that it was a terrible plan from the start. He sighed. "I'm such an idiot. How could I plan to break up with someone right after seeing a romantic movie that's entirely about love?" He gritted his teeth.

The last time he tried to break up with her was right there in his room. But before he could say anything, she


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