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The Billionaire Desires

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While in school, Hillary Futon was dared by her friends to kiss her childhood crush, Nathan Trent. He's the cutest boy in school and it's rumored that he is the only heir of the Trents group of companies. She kept shying away from it because everyone knows how much Nathan hates to be with a woman. But on their graduation day, she decided to just take the challenge and do it just for fun. She never knew that her life is going to change after that one kiss. She never knew that her presence would melt the ice around Nathans's heart.


I kissed Nathan Trent!

I can’t believe it, I simply can’t. I kissed Nathan. I walked up to him, putting my arms around his neck, moving so close to him that my boobs touched his chest, then I stood on the tip of my toes and I locked my lips with his, kissing him so passionately, creating a scene as every passersby stood at a spot, waiting to see him push me sway or land a slap my face.

But he didn’t react that way. Even his security guards that follow him around to make sure he is not being harassed by anyone, they didn’t do anything to stop me.

It felt like the universe was in agreement and everyone was frozen in their position as spectators to this very moment. They all stood frozen in place, watching as I kissed Nathan so passionately, pouring all my desires into that very kiss.

After some minutes, I broke the kiss and looked up at him, staring deep into his blue orbs. I saw a little warmth buried deep in his light blue eyes, but it disappeared as quickly replaced by his cold hard gaze that he is known for.

I did not wait to see his reaction because I don’t want him to ruin this moment for me. It’s been my dream for a very long time and now that I finally summoned the courage to do it, I ain’t letting him ruin it for me.

I scurried out of his presence, running as fast as I could, turning often to check if his security guards are coming after me. Luckily, no one followed me and I got away with it.

“Way to go Hill, you got the best graduation gift. Am so envious of you right now. You got to kiss Nathan, that’s huge girl!” Avril screamed in excitement when she caught up with me in my favorite hiding spot behind our schools garden.

“Yes girlfriend, I kissed Nathan. Am the only girl in this whole school that has ever gotten close enough to Nathan and am so excited about it.” I responded excitedly. I feel so proud and happy.

“Now that you’ve gotten your wish, I hope you will forget all about him so we can focus on our future. The scholarship board will no longer pay for our accommodation you know, we have to get jobs so we

can pay the bills and take care of our needs. ” She reminded me.


You’re such a kill joy!

You could have at least let me savor this moment for a while before you pull me back to reality. I know we need to get jobs soon okay. I know we have piles of bills but I won’t let that ruin this night. Tonight, am going to party and enjoy my graduation girl. I need to shake off all the school stress. I need to party girl!

Lets go have fun tonight!” I yelled excitedly, causing her to giggle excitedly.

I know I can’t have Nathan, Hell, he doesn’t even like girls but I would cherish this moment for the rest of my life. I got to kiss him before we graduate and go our separate ways in life, that is enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life.

I missed the rest of our graduation party because I was trying so hard to avoid Nathan and his security guards that seems to be everywhere. I think he called for backup because they are just too many guards around and am beginning to find it hard to avoid them all.

He must be so d*mn p*ss*d at me, that’s why he got more of his boys to come search for me. With Avrils help, I was able to sneak out of the party, this ruining the rest of the graduation party for both Avril and I.

We weren’t sad about missing the lame party because we have another private party for planned tonight to celebrate our graduation. We are heading to the club and we’re gonna party all night.

One of the rich kids in our gave out VIP passes to OXBY’s. It’s a reputable night club that is only frequented by the wealthy kids, so tonight I’m going to have so much fun because we get to meet rich guys tonight.

Who knows, I might actually meet a cute guy at the club and we might hit it off from there. Tonight is a night to just let myself loose and party like never before.

It’s already past five pm, we only have time to head home, freshen up and head out to the club. I brought out my blue strapless gown that had dug a huge hole in my purse when I purchased it two days ago.

It was so expensive and Avril kept complaining about me spending so much money on a gown but I ignored her naggings and I went ahead to pay for the gown, despite knowing that I don’t have a dime in my account and i could actually starve to death if I don’t get a job pretty soon.

Don’t blame me, I simply want to look good so I can impress our other friend that would be coming to the party tomorrow, besides I could actually meet my prince charming tonight and he will swoop me off my feet and make me forget all about Nathan .

I laid my gown on the bed, then I brought out the black s*xy hollow out zipper stiletto pumps and purse that I also bought with the dress, I laid all my accessories on the bed then I ran into my little bathroom that’s attached to my room. Judging by the way Avril is singing happily I can tell that she is in the bathroom too.

Our house is big enough to accommodate the both of us. We got a scholarship from the same organization and they put us both in this tiny apartment with two little rooms that could barely accommodate us both. As poor orphans with absolutely no backing at all, we had no right to complain about our living conditions. Our house happens to be in a very suitable environment and it serves it’s purpose quite well, so we grew to love it and we also loved ourselves like sisters .

Now that we are done with school, the scholarship board no longer have any obligation to us so we no longer have any allowance and we have to pay all our bills ourselves. It’s going to be a little difficult but I know we can both do it. We just have to get jobs and we also have to cut down on our expenses, I mean, no more buying of expensive gowns. I mean it!

I just need to have as much fun as I can have tonight, after tonight, I’ll need to focus on working so hard to give myself a better life. Don’t forget my secret plan to get a boyfriend tonight ok, it’s my only opportunity to hang out at OXBY’s, I’ll have to make it count.

I got out of the bathroom with my towel tied around me. I stripped out of my towel and wore my blue thong and my strapless, matching blue bra. Then I wore my blue dress, pulling up the zipper by the side. With my dress on, I walked forward to look at myself in the mirror.


I look so different, so beautiful and classy, just like those beautiful models in the magazine’s. “If only Nathan could see me now, he would change his mind and accept me as his girlfriend,” I thought within me.

“Snap out of it Hilly, you got a kiss from him, that should be enough. Don’t wish for what you can’t have, you’ll only get your heart broken. ” I chided myself with a little smile on my face.

I got rid of my ponytail, then I combed my long wavy, Auburn hair. I put on a black eye shadow and mascara and then I accented my cute high cheekbones with a rosy pink blush and I applied a bright red lipstick that gave me a s*xy, alluring look.

I wore my gold hoop earrings and a matching necklace, completing my dressing by putting on my shoes. Once I finished, I looked back into the mirror and smiled at myself. I look like a she-devil out on the hunt

for blood.


I can look hot and classy if I wanted to, but I just can’t. It’s just too expensive to look this cute and pretty. When I stepped out of my room, April was still struggling to get her shoes on.

“Hurry it up, it’s almost eight. We are going to miss out on all the fun.” I urge her with a huge smile, causing her to turn around to glare at me. I watched her face turn from an angry glare to an excited smile.

“Oh my God Hills, you look so amazing!” she screamed excitedly.

“You look super hot girl, am sure you would pass as a model.” I teased her softly, and we both giggled at my joke.

By the time we left our house, it was already 8:00 pm, we boarded a cab to OXBY’s, going to have the

best time of our lives,

Or so we thought.


Nathan’s POV

It’s our graduation day. I finally get to leave school and focus on the family businesses. I have so many plans to put into action.

Trent’s group of companies are the best in all fields, but there are much that needs improvement, besides, I plan to branch out and build bigger branches in six different countries.

I’ve got everything cut out for me, I’ve got it all planned out already, I just can’t wait to jump right into it, which is why am super glad that we are finally graduating.

I won’t need to split my time between school and work, I’ll focus completely on my work, and more importantly, I won’t need to share my space with these silly gold diggers that keep throwing themselves at me.

Girls are so dumb and stupid!

I simply can’t stand them. They would do anything to get to the top, I mean anything at all. I’ve seen many devious ways that they employ, just to achieve what they desire. One time, Travis had set me up with gi


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