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The Addiction Of The CEO

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Macy Jabar had been living in the shadow of her sister Elaine Jabar. Even if Elaine had died, Greg Chase, the man Macy loved, still loved Elaine. Even if Greg married Macy, it was just punishment for her. ''Don't forget how Elaine died, I'll never forgive you,'' Greg said to Macy on countless occasions. Macy married Greg eventually, and for three years, he just tortured her. Eventually, he blatantly moved his mistress, Cassie into the bedroom that he was sharing with his wife Macy, and kicked her out in the middle of the night. Frustrated and drunk, the cold wind hit her face. No one cared to help her as she roamed the street at night, and at the most desperate hour Macy met Quincy Armstrong, the man whose identity was a mystery, but was this man a blessing from God, or punishment from the devil? He taught her how to fight against the cruel world with a smile, but he doubled as the most cruel person to her as well, and everyone knew that fact. She had a miscarriage for him, went crazy, and carried a doll everywhere she went. However, Macy\'s flowers bloomed, suddenly looking back, she had made an appointment with the person who will be with her for the rest of her life. Where have you been?

Chapter 1 How Cruel He Is

Today the company worked overtime, and Macy Jamar got off work a little later than usual.

She anxiously drove to the grocery store to buy food items, thinking that Greg Chase would come home for dinner, which made her somewhat happy.

The past few months had been very peaceful between both of them.

Maybe he will stay for the night after dinner... Macy thought about it, and couldn't help but buy more bell pepper that Greg liked to taste in his food.

She was thinking of going back home to make his favorite sweet and sour protein soup.

But something she didn't expect happened as soon as she opened the door of the house after she got back home.

She heard the seductive cry of a woman coming from the room.

The soft groan indicated how intense the love-making between the man and woman in the bedroom was.

The two big grocery bags that Macy had with her fell to the ground at once.

The strong impact of the thud the grocery bag made against the floor, caused everything that was inside the bag to spiral all over the place.

However, what was even more chilling about this devastating scenario were the clothes scattered all over the living room and corridor.

A pair of trousers and a skirt.

It seemed that they went directly from the living room to the bedroom, and the man took off the woman's bra on their way to the bedroom.

Macy's face turned pale, she seemed a little unstable, and she took a step back.

Her hands trembled, and she supported herself with the shoe cabinet at the door, which prevented her from falling.

This was not the first time Greg had been cheating on her.

For three whole years since they got married, Greg had never touched even her finger, and only showed up home once a week.

Each time he returned home, he either publicly humiliated her with his mistress, or tortured her with cold words about what happened in the past.

He couldn't see her any better.

But in the past two weeks, his attitude towards her had slightly changed.

Although he still never gave her a pleasant aura, he no longer spoke ill of her.

She thought that after all these years, her troubles had finally come to an end, and Greg was finally willing to put those past events behind him and live a good life with her.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that he had been brewing for a long time for today's fatal blow!

The people in the house seemed to hear the movement outside. After a while, her husband, Greg, came out of the house with the popular gossip heroine.

They obviously had just finished their business, and they hadn't put on their clothes yet.

Greg walked out, wearing only his underwear, showing his perfect figure, but Macy could not appreciate it at such a time.

The third party wore a baggy shirt that belonged to Greg.

On her petite body, the ''boyfriend shirt'' looked exceptional on her.

Macy knew this lady very well, her name was Cassie, and Greg had introduced Cassie to Macy about a month ago, on a professional basis.

Yelling at the top of her voice, Macy ran to her husband's bed.

He definitely did it on purpose.

"Greg, I don't care how you mess with all the women in the world outside, but I know that I have said that you can't bring them home," Macy said, trembling with gritted teeth.

Her chest seemed to have been suddenly blocked by a boulder, and her eyes dilated and turned red, though she fought to hold back her tears.

Facing her gnashing teeth, Greg only gave her a cold glance, then ignored her. He lowered his head, and smiled at Cassie, who was holding his arm.

"You can move in tomorrow, move in to the master bedroom," he said to Cassie.

Macy froze.

Move in? What does he mean? While she was still there, was he going to let Cassie enter the house? And even let her move into the master bedroom?

"Greg, you are such a deceiver, you have to stop this," Macy said with frustration.

She couldn't bear it any longer.

Since they got married, he had never stopped having affairs outside.

As soon as Macy caught him with any of his girlfriends, he would grab her and r*p* her in bed countless times, for the past three years.

But she endured all these things.

He hated her.

She decided that if this kind of revenge would make him feel less hatred for her, then she would take it. She would grit her teeth as if she didn't see it, and bear the harm he intended for her, in silence.

But everything had a bottom line, and her bottom line was that he couldn't bring his mistresses home.

That was her only request.

This was their home! And although Greg refused to acknowledge it, she was also his legal wife.

If their home was ruined by Greg, she had no idea how to live in the future.

But now, he pranced about in their house with a mistress in the living room, the dining table, the corridor... in fact, they were all over the place, and then in front of her, they appeared disheveled, and they announced to her aloofly, starting today, that the master bedroom no longer belonged to her, and that it was time for a third party to take over her position.

How could she bear it?

"I'm such a deceiver?" Greg asked, he was finally willing to give her a look, but his eyes were full of viciousness.

He stepped forward and grabbed Macy's chin.

He pinched blood-red marks on her pale face.

"Macy, do you have the guts to say that I am such a deceiver?" He asked her.

Greg pressed her chin firmly. Macy wanted to lower her head, but she couldn't. He forced her to look directly into his eyes.

"When you planned to kill Elaine, why didn't you think about whether you were being such a deceiver or not?"

Chapter 2 Drunk

When she heard the word "Elaine", Macy couldn't hold on any longer, and tears rolled down her eyes.

"Elaine?...Oh, isn't that your sister, Macy?" Cassie asked.

She pretended to be frightened and covered her mouth, yet she was fanning the flames.

"Oh my God, how could you do such a thing? Macy'' she added.

Macy was drained of all her strength in an instant.

She opened her pale lips and trembled as she tried to explain herself.

"No... No... It was an accident," she muttered.


Greg was in no place to listen to her explanation, so he sent her spiraling with a resounding slap.

The slap was pretty tedious, to the extent that Macy slammed her back against the wall as a result of the shock and force that accompanied the slap.

Macy felt a piercing pain in her back.

She gnashed her teeth and shut her eyes tight in horror, trying to subdue the pain until she co


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