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Tempted by the Alpha Boss

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Estella is set to go in for her interview, she walks into the lobby where she is going to have s*x with the boss. It turns out to be Adrian, her boyfriend of three years ago who r*p*d her and carted away with all the money in her account. He is now a charming, s*xy and billionaire boss, he looks at her with great lust and is more than eager to make up to her but she is double-minded. She seeks revenge but at the same time is deeply desiring Adrian, she can't get enough of his c*ck after the interview. Luckily, she is appointed and she becomes his escort, fake girlfriend upon attending events. Adrian drives her into the world of lust and unquenchable passion until she has forgotten all her plans to revenge. She is now drowning deep in the river of passion, not wanting to be saved. What happens when two formidable enemies, another ex of Estella and the secret wife of Adrian resurface and are determined to make sure they don't continue their love and lust.

Chapter 1

Estella Mateo.

The young man in charge of announcing the names of the next lady to go in calls. I rise up from the row of seats where other ladies are waiting for their names to be called. The door of the lobby to which the experiment is going on opens and the lady before me walks out with a smile on her face. I wonder how good the boss was, sure it will be a great experience even though I don't get this job at the end of the day.

A week ago, I was scrolling through the online magazine, Daily Media when I came upon an advert that the CEO of Erionz Editorials, name and identity withheld was in need of a s*xy female escort whose two major duties would be to act as a girlfriend upon his attendance of events and also good s*x whenever he needed it. The pay got my eyes d*mn well. A whopping three hundred thousand dollars monthly. Who would decline such an offer? Only if I get to be chosen because there would surely be lots of applications for this. I opted in for it and was quite lucky to be among the fifty shortlisted candidates to be experimented with.

The experiment is quite different from every other job interview which takes place in an office. This takes place in a hotel lobby, supposed to be owned by the CEO in search of an escort. The waiting room is directly adjoined to where the s*x is gonna occur. You have s*x with the boss, at the end he gets to choose the girl that performed well.

For years, three to be precised, I haven't had any s*x because I'm burning with the pains of the past. I had a guy I loved so much and gave my all to, he knew all my secrets and I believed we would get married and settle down one day to raise a family but I was illusioned. After years of dating and playing the most committed boyfriend, he tricked me into going to bed at night with him, something we did often so I didn't suspect anything to go wrong this time around. At around 8 PM, he stood up and demanded we had s*x, I was too tired and exhausted after working throughout the whole day, aside this I was on the first day of my period, though the flow wasn't thick yet, I had the greatest pains as it has always been in previous months. I gave him these as excuses thinking he would understand but he didn't, he got angry, it got worse and before I knew it, he stripped me naked, threw me to the bed violently and penetrated me, forcing his way through me for many hours till I almost passed out. He threw me to the floor, I never knew what happened again till the next morning I got some energy back. He was no longer there, I scanned around the room, my phone was smashed on the floor but the screen was still seen through.

I gasped, picking the phone up only to be shattered with an alert of two hours ago signalling the withdrawal of all my money. It was a sum of eighty thousand dollars, my many years savings. I felt like dying at once, he was able to do this because he had my password and pin. It seemed like the end of the world to me, sure it would have been if not for my sisters who stood up and did all their best to make sure I got my emotional stability back. Though I eventually got it, I couldn't get back my financial stability.

This is one of the major reasons I'm opting in for this job even when I would naturally not dream to be a constant s*x object to some anonymous wealthy man who would make me remember what happened to me three years ago. My family is bankrupt, and I need money badly. I got to help my sisters who were my constant pillars during the trying times.

"I think you're anxious, please brighten up and put up your sexiest expression because it's one of the criteria to be chosen." The young man announcing names whispers into my ear. I smile, open the door, and walk in.

It's almost like a paradise here. Luxury and splendour is all I would describe this place because gold, white and steel is all this place is made of, an exquisite hotel lobby with a velvet red cover king-sized bed. I breathe in heavily and out, walk forward to the man who would f*ck me for the first time in three years.

I expected to see a tanned man in black suit, donned like a CEO as he is but instead a tall and muscular man with short black wavy hair, and the tightest of pants standing over at the huge window facing me. My hormones bubble up inside me, rising to the peak of desire. The burning passion which has evolved inside me moves me out of my bundled up self to the sexiest girl I've ever been. I walk sexily forward in my yellow gown which barely covers my *ss and hugs me tight, my blonde hair straightened to perfection and falling over my body, my legs producing s*xy steps with my black heel sandals.

I tap him gently from behind, he turns, I nearly collapse to the floor.


I mutter, my breath seeming to cease the next second. "Are you the one….." My voice trails off and I can't regain it so suddenly back. His jaw drops in utmost shock, I sense his broad chest with scattering of hairs beating heavily. More than I, he is shocked to see me again after the horrible incident of three years ago. I was afraid that this said boss would make me remember what a boyfriend did to me years ago, not knowing I would meet the same human being who caused me so much pain and frustration, even till now.

The silence continued for about ten minutes before he finally spoke up.

"Get into bed, only thirty minutes for you." His voice is calm and deep, I feel it's deeper than that but his own guilt has reduced it to that pitch. At this point, I don't know whether to heed to his instruction or turn and walk away.

"Good luck! Hope you will get lucky and be chosen."

"We will be out of bankruptcy."

The voices of my sisters, back before I left the house re-echoes in my head, haunting me. If I leave now, wouldn't I forfeit the chance of being financially freed? I flinch my face, then return my gaze to the guy I've come to regard as my worst enemy over the years. It would be however the hardest thing to accept a job featuring constant s*x and being an escort to the person you hate most and don't ever want to set eyes on forever in your life.

What of your family, what of your sisters? Remember they sacrificed a lot for you during that time just to make sure you continue to live, why not make this sacrifice for them in gratitude.

It's the only thing you can do for them!

I decide to swallow my hate and pride at least for the minutes I'm gonna be in bed with him. That's the rule. He's the one who taught me how to have good s*x and I'm gonna use the skills he imparted into me to seduce him, only to get the money though and not him.

He throws me into the bed, till I raise my hands for him to pull my gown up, I don't realize. The passion is too hot for me to even realize the actions I'm taking on him, same when my hands rub in gentle caress of his hard and throbbing member which is straining hard against his tight pants. He smiles to himself. At this point, hate doesn't matter, I'll revisit it afterwards.

In a flip, my gown is off my body and he throws it on the floor. He groans in pleasure as his eyes scans my body, I observe his lips part into a s*xy grin, his eyes dreamy with lust.

"You've grown into the most s*xy girl I've ever seen, I'm stunned with your flawless skin." He brushes his hands over my sides to my feet, then he takes his hand up. "No time for foreplay but you're gonna give me a blowjob."

"Huh?" I gasp. It's not included for others, why am I to do this? Is it a way of pulling me into much work, then at the end he dumps me just like he did three years ago.

"No time to waste!" He declares, signaling my consciousness to the reality that I was in a contest and my time begins now. He unhooks my bra, pulls off the ropes of my string pants, leaving me completely bare. My cleanly shaven groin being his first point of notice, then my breasts which accompanies his lips sinking to my right nipple. He grabs the left with his hand and fondles it, a groan escapes my mouth when a pinch with his teeth coincides with that of his finger.

I close my eyes, facing the ceiling when the s*ck gets more passionate, then he takes his turn with my left n*ppl*s. While on this, his hand trails to my tummy, lingers for a while where it descends to my groin, hormones begin their party, it reaches its dream destination as a finger slides inside my p*ssy causing a great moan.

"Come on baby, you're already wet for me." He says in between gnash of teeth and indescribable passion. I don't know if I'm ashamed now or having another feeling I can't describe in words but all I can say to satisfy the description of my feeling now is that my cheeks are red and I'm blushing shyly.

He pulls me off from the bed where he makes me descend to my knees, his huge c*ck brushing my face. Butterflies in my stomach as he takes hold of it and brushes it over my lips. I part and it slides it.

"F*ck it!" He growls. I nod submissively. Why wouldn't I f*ck you with my mouth when I was endlessly desiring for this moment, next when it will occupy my hole. Let's do this first. I begin by licking off his balls, the sides, crowning it with my saliva, then he thrusts into my mouth, his groans driving me crazy and causing me to s*ck it like it's the food I've been waiting for years to eat, of course it is.

Adrian after taking enough of this pushes me back to the bed, I don't think enough because of the time limit. Please f*ck me hard! He bends me over, my breasts giggling below me as his stand-straight c*ck brushes over my *ss, I moan in pleasure, the whole world vanishes off me when it slides in. I never knew s*x could be so sweet, never in three years. His first thrust is slow and steady, it quickens with each thrust until he's riding at an unbelievable speed. Just at the point where I'm about to reach orgasm, he pulls out and steps out of the bed.

"Put on your clothes!" He instructs me. I raise my eyes with the deadliest of glares, the hate I have for him comes back but it's of no good. He has already given his dictate, I remember there are other ladies outside. Did he choose to punish me this way, I'm seconds to orgasm and he pulled out? If I say I'm not wanting him badly, then I'm lying. Why can't you complete what you started? I offer pleading eyes, if the deadly wouldn't help. It does no good either, he has already made up his mind.

I have no other choice but to put on my clothes. After putting everything on, I take a final cool but meaning-a-lot gaze at him. My right hand holding the door.

"See you again in three days if you can make it!" A voice calm and steady, augmented with the desire to add up to the ordeal of three years ago, however different because this is a beautiful temptation.

Anyway, three days is not a long time.

Chapter 2

I travel back to my residence on Madison Avenue, it's a forty minutes drive. This reminds me of the fact that my time with Adrian wasn't actually thirty minutes as stipulated but an hour. I could track the time from what's hit on my watch now I've arrived home and getting off the time left which is taken for the time I spent with him.

The taxi drops me by the side of the road, from here I walk through the pavement to my family's three-room apartment which I share with my sisters, Brenda, twenty-eight and Alexandria, twenty. They are the only family I've got since our parents left us when we were pretty much younger. I don't hold them up in my mind with hate as I did Adrian, but I'm most disgusted with their attitude towards their birth children. After they got divorced, they remarried one month after each to the love of their life they had been secretly dating while still with each other. What a shameful act! This is one major r


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