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Deliaha Shine

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About me

I'm a passionate werewolf romance/billionaire romance author.


Tempted by the Alpha Boss
  • 👁 10.8K
  • 7.5

Estella is set to go in for her interview, she walks into the lobby where she is going to have sex with the boss. It turns out to be Adrian, her boyfriend of three years ago who raped her and carted away with all the money in her account. He is now a charming, sexy and billionaire boss, he looks at her with great lust and is more than eager to make up to her but she is double-minded. She seeks revenge but at the same time is deeply desiring Adrian, she can't get enough of his cock after the interview. Luckily, she is appointed and she becomes his escort, fake girlfriend upon attending events. Adrian drives her into the world of lust and unquenchable passion until she has forgotten all her plans to revenge. She is now drowning deep in the river of passion, not wanting to be saved. What happens when two formidable enemies, another ex of Estella and the secret wife of Adrian resurface and are determined to make sure they don't continue their love and lust.


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