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Temptation of Caspian Bianchi

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Larissa Maynard, engaged and ready to be married has her life turning upside down when her ex boyfriend suddenly shows up at her doorstep on the night of her engagement party. Caspian Bianchi let go of Larissa years ago due to his ties with the mafia, but after hearing of her forthcoming marriage, he decides to do everything in her power to win her back. Would his determination get him what he wants? Or will the secret of their lives break them for a second time? “Do you remember what I told you when we were together? I told you you were mine forever.” He reminded me. It was something he had said a lot but he was in love so it was expected. “I wasn’t kidding, Larissa. You are mine. You always have been. You always will.” His hand trailed down my body and went into my pants, finding my wet fold through my panties. “I am getting married in six months,” I said, trying not to moan as he rubbed me right where I wanted it. It was embarrassing how I gave in to this man whenever he wanted, but that didn’t mean I liked it. I hated him and I hated what he was doing to me. “I swear on my life and yours that you will not marry Alexander Theodore.”

Chapter 1 - Congratulatory gift

Caspian Bianchi


“Please, boss…” he cried. “It was a mistake on my part.”

I scoffed, looking at his form that was tied up and hanging upside down, tears and blood streaming down his head like a little b*tch. It was a miracle he could still talk at this point. “A mistake?”

He tried to nod but the position he was in made it impossible. “Yes, sir. I promise it will never happen anymore.”

Of course, it was not going to happen again. I wanted to end his life already but I wanted his death to be slow and torturous so every other man would learn from his mistake. He has to pay the price of trying to double-cross me. Did he think he could sell information about me and go Scott free? He had to be f*ck*ng delusional.

I took a drag of my cigarette, blowing the smoke right on his face. He coughed when it hit his nose and I stepped back so I wouldn’t have more of his irritating blood on me.

“When did you strike a deal with them?” Then again, before I ended his life, I needed to know.

“About two months ago.” He cried.

I hummed. “How much did they offer you?”

“Half a million, boss.”

“I’m not your f*ck*ng boss, little b*tch.” His loyalty to me ended the day he struck a deal with my rivals. Why did he think he could easily come back and work for me?

“Boss, I–“ his words were cut short when a bullet suddenly pierced the middle of his head.

I rolled my eyes as I turned around and as expected, Antonio was standing by the door with a gun in his hand. My first mistake was teaching that little brat how to use guns. I arched an eyebrow at him and he chuckled. “Come on, that b*st*rd has been in here for a few days.”

“I was going to give him a few more.”

“He’s a waste of time. You have more important things to do.”

Sticking the butt of my cigarette into the latest corpse, I walked toward Antonio. When he saw me coming, he took several steps back. “More important things like what?”

He laughed nervously. “Let’s go to your office first.” Then, he ran out of the basement, heading straight for my office.

“Feed him to the dogs.” I turned around to order my men before joining my little brother in my office.

My office was always locked, but Antonio had a key so when I entered, he was already in there waiting for me. I turned to the left to see him sitting on my chair. Opposite my table was a mirror that covered the entirety of the wall. Antonio said I had a kink for mirrors because of how much I put them all over the house but over the years, I’d learned to ignore him because all teenagers were blabbermouths.

“Have you started studying for your exams, you little sh*t?” I asked as I took a seat opposite him, not bothering to chase him away from mine. He was in his last year of high school and he wasn’t entirely interested in it. He was more interested in shooting guns and killing people.

Antonio also wasn’t looking forward to college, but I was going to force him anyway. Before he would properly be a part of the mafia, he was going to have a degree to his name.

He sighed. “F*ck that.”

“I am going to kick you out if you don’t pass.”

“I’m your only brother, you won’t do that to me.”

“You’re not my only sibling.”

“Whatever. I’ll just start my gang if you do.”

“I’ll wipe them out.”

Antonio pouted. “You’re no fun.”

Sometimes, he acted like a baby, and other times, he acted like he was the toughest man in history. I loved him regardless. He and my sister were the only family I had. Our parents were long gone and we had to look out for ourselves.

“What’s the important thing I have to take care of?”

“Oh, yes. I think the b*st*rd I just killed gave off our location. I saw a few men lingering around.”

“Did you kill them?”

“Not yet.”

“Find one of the snipers to do that.”

I had no plans of moving again. There was no way I was going to give up this house. I had spent three years decorating it to my taste and the vineyard that surrounded it was not anything I was going to give up. Aside from the usual dealings of the mafia, the vineyard was an independent business that thrived just as well. It was such a huge compound that one would have trouble walking around without getting tired.

“That was the least important matter. I have more important news for you.”

“Spit it out already, Antonio.” He liked beating around the bush as though to increase the tension and curiosity. It merely irritated me.

Antonio opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything, the door to my office was pushed open. I gritted my teeth, turned around, and glared at the person who just entered without knocking.

Pedro didn’t pay attention to the look I was giving him. “She is getting married.”

“D*mn it, Pedro,” Antonio whined. “I was going to be the one to break it to him.”

I immediately knew what they were talking about. “Getting married?”

“Well, not exactly getting married.”

“Then, what the f*ck is she doing? Stop testing my f*ck*ng patience.”

The two men shared a look as my brother answered me. “She is having an engagement party right now, so I’m guessing marriage isn’t far off.”

“Marriage?” I scoffed. “With that b*st*rd?”

“Are you going to stop it?”

I pondered on Pedro’s question. It would be better for me to let her live her life the way she wanted. She had moved on, probably forgotten about me. I didn’t want to go back into her life and ruin it again. I knew that if I saw her, I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back, but I guess I had to give her my congratulatory gift, didn’t I?

Chapter 2 - Engagement party

Larissa Maynard


I held my breath as Alesia zipped up my dress. It was way tighter than it needed to be but I had to go down in two minutes so there was no time to change it. Even if there was, my future mother-in-law wouldn’t want me to change the dress. She had picked it herself and she also paid for it, as an engagement gift.

I was certain she knew it was a size too small because she was unnecessarily obsessed with my size. As though I wasn’t thin enough, she wanted me to lose more weight. I’d be damned before putting my wedding dress in her hands.

Finally exhaling when it was all done, I turned around to smile at Alesia. “Thank you.”

Her eyes ran across my body as though looking for something out of place. I was putting on a red strapless dress with a white beaded necklace and matching earrings. My hair was in a complicated updo that had been done by the hair stylist and my makeup was done perfectly by a profess


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