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What happens when the sweet and caring Isabella comes home after 5 years of absence after graduating only to see that everything she knew has completly changed. Starting with her mom, new home and of course one hell of new family. After losing her father Isabella decided to start a new life, her relationship with her mother not being good she didn’t regret her choice of moving out and living by herself on the campus until she graduated and was called back. Now that she is back, can she handle her new family and hot stepbrother? Will she let go of her desire or fall deeper than she ever had.

Chapter 1

How could this happen? It went from one innocent look to a brief touch and finished with an ever consuming love.

If someone would have told me a few months ago that all this trouble was coming for me, i wouldn’t have come back home. Or so i used to call it.


”Haa This is messed up..” i mumble under my breath.

”Sorry Love, What was it?”, for one second the old taxi driver looked worried for me.

I just shook my head rethinking the past 5 hours in my head.

Coming out of my little apartment my phone suddenly started to ring. As i keep looking at the screen i wonder what this woman wants from me.

“Hi mom”, the annoyance coud be clearly heard in my voice.

“ Sweety, it has been so long since i last spoke to you. Congratulations on your graduation, how have you been, i have so many t..”

“Thank you“ i cut her of. ”Why did you bother to call me?”

“Isabella Moretti”, she warns but let’s out an exasperated breath. “Listen, i know you are upset that i wasn’t there for your graduation ceremony but I really couldn’t make it.“

”Care to tell me why?, you know i just keep wondering why you of all the people couldn’t be here on such an important day for me.”, this conversation was getting on my nerves.

How could she be this selfish. She knew what it meant for me. After seeing all those parents embracing their children and congratulating them, i felt left out and alone like i was the only one on earth.

”I will explain everything to you when you get here..”, she tries again.

“Mom i am not coming back“, deep breaths Isabella deep breaths, i think to myself.

”THIS IS NOT UP TO NEGOTIATIONS!”, she insists a little louder.

“2 Weeks.”, i finally let it go. ”After those 2 Weeks I will come back and start looking for a job here.”

”Yes! Thank you so much my baby girl!” , I could hear her jump up and down on the other side of line.

Oh man, what is she up to? It has been 5 years since I last went home. Why is she suddenly calling me back.

Chapter 2

My name is Isabella Moretti, I’m 21 years old and I graduated 2 weeks ago. As you may have understood, on that very special day I was alone. Sure I had my friends from college by my side but I missed that family like feeling. The one and only family that I still had left was nowhere to be seen for years. My mother.

Since my father passed away she never was the same again. We grew distant with time until I couldn’t handle it anymore and moved out to go to college. My family was already destroyed so why should I have stayed?

That‘s why i was so astonished when she called a few hours ago, pleading for me to come back. Pleading is not the right word, more like she didn’t give me a choice. I couldn’t care less, it was actually a good opportunity to get away from here even if it was only for 2 weeks.

You see, here I had my fair share of trouble. Being in a relationship with the quarterback and dumping him on the day of graduation for cheating with my “supposed“ friend


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