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After ten years of weeping in tears and agony over her parents death, Ann Roberts decided to stop and rather avenge their death. She had been the only survivor of that accident 10 years ago and taking a closer look at the accident, it wasn't a natural one. She needed to find out those who had made her an orphan at a young age and to do that, she had to become fierce, powerful and ruthless. Will she succeed? Especially when the enemy is close by? On the other hand Willams Smith a billionaire, wasn't able to find his true love despite having everything that is needed in a man. He came in contact with Ann Roberts and just when he knew she was the one for him, his soulmate, Tragedy struck. He's parents were the ones who had killed her parents. The people whom she desperately want to take revenge on were the parents of the man she's in love with? What later happened? Did she still have her revenge? Join me as we take a ride in unfolding this great tale.

Chapter 1 Bracing up

" Mum!!! Dad!!! Mum!!!! Dad!!!! Where are you guys? Please wake up!!! Wake up!!!!! Please don't leave me alone, please I'm pleading" Ann cried out loud.

" Ms Ann, wake up!!!" The housekeeper Mrs Maureen, called out rushing into Ann's bedroom as she nudges her to wake up.

Feeling someone nudging her, Ann's eyes fluttered open as she started to pant.

" Good morning Ms, you must have had another nightmare?" Mrs Maureen asked.

" Yes I did, thanks for waking me up" Ann replied as she cleaned her tears.

It's been ten years now, since her parents died in a car accident which she has witnessed herself, and was the only survivor.

They were going on a family vacation that day, when the accident happened.

If only they had remained at their house, and not gone anywhere, then they could have been alive by now and not leave her all alone.

She hasn't been able to get over her parents death since then, and repeatedly have been having this same nightmare every night.

"Am fine, you can leave now" Ann told the housekeeper who bowed as she left.

Hmmmm…. She really has tried so hard to get over her parents death but hasn't been easy, especially since their death happened like a dream to her.

She hasn't gotten herself to believe it up till now which probably should have been the reason she hasn't gotten over it. She certainly wasn't expecting her parents to die that day, and just like that.

The more she thinks about it, the more she feels like there was a hand in the death of her parents.

They weren't jammed by any other car, but the car had failed the brake that day, and had trampled over and over again as they fell into the gutter.

Her mother had managed to push her out from the window as soon as the car started to Trample over. So she was standing over the other side and looking at them without being able to do anything.

That was how her parents died and she was the only survivor.

She was 10 years old then, and presently twenty.

Her father's name is martins Robert and her mum is Julian Roberts.

They were the best parents on earth as they greatly showered her with much love and care.

She was their only child. Her parents were also very wealthy and popular in the country as their company was ranked among the richest companies.

She felt that her parents death was a planned one and has decided to still investigate it and not just rely on it being just an accident just like everyone else thought.

She needed so badly to gather herself up and fight for her parents and herself and starting from today, she has decided to stop crying over their death and start looking for a way to get back at whomever that has killed them.

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be the same thing her parents will want from her? They would never be happy to see her crying over them.

After her parents death, the company has actually been handled by her uncle and aunty and she also needed to take over the company from them and for her to do that, she needs to brace up herself and stop being a cry baby because those with a soft heart are easily manipulated and cheated.

Starting from today, she is not going to remain weak again, or soft hearted, she is going to become a beast because only then, will she be able to launch an attack on her enemies.

From today, she is going to become mean to everyone one and knock her heart towards loving anybody.

After all, life is so mean to have taken her parents whom she loves so much away from her and at a very tender age.

After being determined, and bracing up herself, she quickly entered the bathroom to take her bath after which she dressed up and headed towards the sitting room.

" Why is my food not yet served?" She asked the maids shouting on top of her lungs.

" I'm sorry ma'am, I'll quickly ask the cook to dish it," one of the maids replied.

" You are going to ask her? Does she now need to be told, before she will dish my food?" Ann asked, still yelling at them.

Just then, the maids started to place the dishes on the table as they kept apologizing while bowing their heads down as they stood still after serving the food.

" Let today be the first and the last day I'll ask you guys before you will serve my food" she warned them as she waved her hands in dismissal.

The maids were shocked at Ann's outburst. They have never seen her act that way before. She has not even been eating her food all these years and has always been a cry baby so what now happened?

How did she become like this overnight? She was always quiet and has never for once shouted at them.

They pondered within themselves with a mouth agape. She finished all the food which she has not done in the past ten years. Everyone there was marveled at the drastic change.

" Where is Mrs bella?" Ann asked the maids.

" She should be in her room," the maids replied.

" Go and call her right away," Ann ordered.

" Yes ma'am" the maid replied as she took to her heels.

Mrs Bella is their assistant who has been assisting her parents run the company before they died and since she was the only one left, it means that she was now her assistant.

Shortly after, Mrs Bella arrived at the sitting room.

" Good morning Ann, you're awake already?" Mrs Bella asked with a mouth wide open.

She has never been awake this early for the past five years.

" Yes I am, and I want to know how the company has been all this while" Ann replied, facing her.

Chapter 2 visiting the company

"About the company, your uncle and his wife have been taking good care of it," Ms. Bella replied.

" Very well then, but shouldn't you be over there now, and seeing to the smooth running of the place?" Ann asked, looking steadily at her in such a way that Bella couldn't bear being scared.

" Have actually been there thrice since the death of your parents and in each of them, I have been asked to leave by your aunt" Ms. Bella replied.

" And why? Did she say why?" Ann asked.

" She said that my services weren't needed again and that I was only useful to your late parents and now that they are the ones manning the company, I should stop coming," Ms. Bella replied.

" Oh my gosh, they really said that nonsense?" Ann asked, clenching her fists.

" They did, and it was auntie Linda that said it" Ms Bella replied as Ann started to chuckle.

"This is quite impressive


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