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Secret lovers

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Ryan Lee, is a hardworking, heartless and arrogant CEO. He spend his entire life in the company he is managing, but behind of being a hardworking man there is a kind, handsome, carefree and kind hearted side he has. He is doing other things in a secret way. He is also going and eating in a not famous and fancy restaurant. He is also going in an amusement park alone, having fun as as he could. Paige Will, a middle-classed beautiful waitress and a hardworking one. She was once a seductress and accidentally seduced Mr. CEO after finding out the truth of him being a CEO. Would handsome CEO fall inlove to a waitress? Will they have a happy ending?

Chapter 1 trying to get a job

“Oh no! Oh, no!!!” She screamed, more like a whisper.

“Please don't!” She held the air with force like she was holding a real human being.

“Cut!!” The judge yelled abruptly.

Paige stood still and looked at the director.

“What role are you given again, Miss Williams?”

“The female lead sir,” she answered with politeness

“Oh, the female lead, right. I thought the role you are to play was a seductress because you are acting like one,”

“I will try harder sir,”

“Yeah, try harder.” He scowled at her, giving a shiver down her spines.

“Oh no! Oh, no!!” Paige started acting. She needed to impress the director and the remaining unfamiliar judges.

But to her expectations, only the director didn't like her acting at all.

Only to the director's eyes, she acts like a fool on stage.

“Okay, okay, cut!!!” The director yelled, and the other judges looked at him confused. They all saw nothing wrong with her acting. She is good with the role.

“But we see nothing wrong with her acting, she is good,” the judge beside the director said.

“Who is the director here? Is it you or me, you are the *ss. Manager. So shut up!!” He commanded, having a face like thunder.

“You are not fitted for this play. If you want to be an actress, a seductive actress would be better,” he yelled at her.

Paige just stood there with her head bowed, like a total failure. Jeez!

“Now get the hell out of here, you are so irritating,”

Paige walked away almost instantly. She was almost in tears and also upset, not with the director, but upset with herself.

She shouldn't have participated in the role, but trying was the best.

The director only got sent her away because she declined his offer to be an actress. He asked for s×x with her, but she declined without hesitation. How could she have such a thing with that pot-bellied man? He should have looked at himself in the mirror, he looks so ugly.

Since then, the director would stop at nothing to kick her out of her acting career, and now he succeeded.

“How wonderful,” Paige muttered.

She took her phone from her back pocket and dialed Shelby's digits.


“Hey babe,” Shelby answered. She was d*mn busy with her manicure. “So…how did it go?”

“Bad,” Paige replied.

“I knew that director b@stard would do something stupid,”

“And he did. He is a b@stard.”

“So, what are you gonna do now?”

“I was thinking of trying again with the diva's restaurant,”

“Good girl!” Shelby exclaimed. “Now you have come to your right senses. You just picked the right thing.”

“Not all people can be rich. Well, mind me, we are both middle-class girls, we are not like that rich *ssh*l*, Sasha, who would give up her enlarged p*ssy for some dollars,”

“Should I come to pick you up or vice versa?” Shelby asked.

Paige looked at the deserted road and sighed softly.

“Come pick me up. No taxi over here,”

“Great! I will be there in 10 minutes, and I will be sure not to ruin my manis. They are so precious to me,” Shelby muttered, taking a look at her colored fingernails.

“Just be here,” Paige rolls her eyes


“Sir, these are the documents,” his secretary provided him the documents for the arrival of the new food industry,”

“Cancel my deal with them,”


“I don't repeat myself, Simeon.”

“Okay, sir,"

She walked out of his office.

Boss man twirled and picked up the already done document on his table.

He stood up looking going it. He skimmed and did nothing else but to walk around.

Likewise, he stopped and looked at his wristwatch.

Furthermore, he smirked at himself.

'it's time


“Woah…” Paige stared at the television in amusement.

She was admiring the man on the television who was walking around with heavily built guards around him.

“Who?” Shelby asked.

“Him,” she pointed to the handsome-looking man walking with guards around him.

“Um, that's probably Aaron. Mr. Aaron Lee, the second son of the second richest multi-billionaire in the world,”

“In the world?. Whoa, that's cool,”

“Actually, he isn't that cool. Have you ever made encountered with his brother, Ryan Lee, he is the coolest out of the coolest? He is a rich tycoon, a multi-billionaire, and the most handsome man I have ever seen,”


“But he is addicted to his work, he is dedicated to business. I don't think I like him for that,” Shelby waved her hand.

“What do you expect from a rich man? All they care about is business and nothing else,”

“But, I prefer Aaron. He is cool,”

“I wish I was a billionaire or even a millionaire,” Paige muttered.

“Oh, there he is,”


“Look at that man coming out of that side,” Shelby pointed to the man coming out of the other parked car.

“That incredibly handsome man, is that the Ryan?”

“Yeah. He is outstanding in everything. But I can never have him as a boyfriend, I will so feel bored staying with him,”

“Yeah, who doesn't know the great and mighty Shelby. When the fun isn't included in her résumé, she isn't completed,” Paige chuckled, and she pouts her lips.

“So…when do you plan to visit Madame? You know how she can be. I might not be working there, BUH I know who she is,”

Paige sighed softly and stomped her head on the cushion.

“That b@stard is the cause of all this nonsense. I will go tomorrow. If she doesn't employ me, then I am ruined. Ruined forever,”

She muttered.

“Madame may be brutal and annoying, but I am sure she has a kind heart,” Shelby said.

“Yeah, great of you to know her characteristics,” Paige teased.

Chapter 2 you broke my hundred dollars phone

"your name?" She asked.

"Paige Williams"

She looked at paige from her toes to her head, she was in formal clothes. She was only trying to impress Madame by wearing formal outfit like this.

It looked too attractive to Madame. Not impressive.

"I don't like the outfit. It's too attractive. This is a restaurant not a club. I don't want the female customers complaining of you attracting their boyfriends or husbands. So no attractive or formal clothes like this,"

"I get that ma'am,"

"And yeah, no makeup. I hate makeup. Number two thing that chases customers away. If you are in too much makeup, the customers would feel so disgusted and they wouldn't wanna pay up. So no makeup,"

"Okay ma'am,"

Paige couldn't get that rule of no- makeup right.

"How can there be no make-up. Madame must be so lame and boring," Paige muttered to he


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