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Isabella moona

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About me

I am Isabella. Nicknamed - MOONA. I am a romance based author. I give to you all fantasy, paranormals, billionaires...etc. well, you can follow up on Facebook - Isabella ife moona. ♥️♥️♥️


Book cover
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A woman's voice filled the ward...a woman grunting and screaming until she gives birth to a baby...a baby boy who came to life with a slow heartbeat. Not even a sound was heard from the baby when he came to life, he was assumed dead. Some minutes after, a loud and heart-filling voice was heard which got everyone relieved. Everyone? Maybe not everyone... He was assumed a monster in this beautiful world, assumed a wicked youngster until they sent him on an exile, only to come back a breathtaking god of seduction, god of love, god of demons, god of himself. **** He stared at his room with a bright glitter in his eyes. He made a loud sigh before dropping his bag on the floor roughly. "I can't believe I am coming back from Britain only to work here as my color changer," a fluent British English language was spoken by a breathtaking man. He took off his clothes, before changing them into nice relaxing wear for painting. He went back into the other room to get the roller. **** She walked into his room with a purpose. She looked around for him only to see the place so dark and huey like. "Is the rumor true? Is young master a monster?" She muttered to herself before swallowing her saliva in anxiousness. She climbed on the chair to open up the curtains. Immediately she opened it up, she heard a loud-soft sweet voice of a man. "What are you doing?" As soon as she heard that beautiful sound, she lost her balance, almost falling from the chair. He quickly took hold of her by grabbing her arm while she grabbed his shoulders. The two ended up staring at each other faces in a complicated place and situation. Then, there was a spark...


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