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Romance With The CEO

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Velia Angelica Howell experienced a 180-degree life change in just one short night after the engagement party. A tragic accident turned laughter into tears. Losing her parents, there was no happiness left. She remained alone, struggling for the sake of her fiancé who fell into a coma. Misfortunes did not stop. Termination, eviction, and the terror of loan sharks made life even more difficult. Velia became desperate until one offer came. Not only could she return to work, but she would also gain something more. However, in exchange, she had to surrender herself into the grip of that man. Lucas Hernandez. * 1st book of seri 'The CEO'

1. An Accident 1

“Back at Nation News, I am Julie Garcia. This time I will deliver about the traffic. A streak accident involving the fiancee’s entourage took place on the Rhopeake Expressway early this morning. Five people died, one person suffered serious burns, and dozens of people were injured in this accident.”

On that Sunday, when the sky was not yet too hot, one news major accident spread all over. A bloody incident that forced the team medical, police, and firefighters to work together to rescue the fallen victims.

“This major accident involved at least eight vehicles. Including transport vehicles and vehicles private. It is suspected that a drowsy container truck driver and vehicles that did not meet roadworthy requirements were the triggers of this unfortunate incident.”

It was clearly not just a crash. Instead, it was like the end of the world for the victims who experienced it. Especially when the medical staff, the victim of the accident, found a very heartbreaking scene in the hallway of the hospital.

A woman clad in an elegant pastel yellow dress was hysterical. Her body and clothes were stained with blood. Her appearance was disheveled, and tears streamed down both her cheeks.

A nurse approached her. She embraced and invited her to sit down. Trying to calm her down. But it was useless. Because when she realized that both of her parents died while her fiancee was in a critical state, she felt her world was destroyed. There was nothing left.


“When did Harry wake up, Doc?”

It was a routine question that always dr. Stewart get when she finished explaining the progress of the patient named Harry Parker to her guardian. A beautiful young woman, the girl who has 29 years old.

Dr. Stewart did not know much about the skinned girl pure white and long-haired with that shiny black. But from the mouth to mouth, she then knew some information.

Velia Angelica Howell was her name. As beautiful as her name was, that woman was exactly like an angel. Because not only clean white skin and shiny hair that become an allure, instead of everything on her.

The girl’s body was perfect and curvy where it should be. Sharp nose, red lips and tapering eyelashes were shaded by dense eyebrows. Anyone who seeing her will agree on one word. She was beautiful.

Having a gentle disposition, Velia was supposed to be a lucky woman. Her birthday celebrations and fiancee held on the same night. It was supposed to be a perfect day. Living a new age with a new status. Surrounded by loving parents, lovers, and family.

But all was not as imagined. The fatal accident took everything away.

Not only lost both her parents, Velia also lost both of her future parent in laws. And the fiance trapped in coma. Alone, the girl had to fight for months in hopeless.

Dr. Stewart took a deep breath. Trying to put up an expression professional on her face. In mimic calm and shade.

“I can’t be sure. But, at least Harry for now circumstances back to stable.”

Velia flinched. It was almost a hundred percent certain that the words of dr. Stewart were exactly the words she said at the previous consultation. There was no difference.

Eight months. For eight months, I heard the same thing. And when will this uncertainty end?

That hope was indeed still growing in Velia’s heart. She was sure Harry would wake up soon.

But Velia did not know when it would happen. Because every time she saw the state of the fiance who lay helpless in his care bed, her hope was pressed by a terrible possibility.

What if Harry never wakes up again?

Because lately Velia has been getting a hunch. And it was not without reason. But because of Harry’s condition, which sometimes showed shock.

“Although this cannot be a guarantee. However, the patient must have surgery again soon. Comatose state for months makes the kidneys the patient is in an unfavorable situation. As soon as possible should be dealt with.”

Velia realized that. The treatment Harry got was saved his life. But not without side effects. His kidneys became vulnerable because of drugs he used.

That fear always shook the confidence in Velia’s heart. In the silence when her eyes were thrown through the mirror. Just to be aware how her life that was originally happy immediately changed just because of one brief night.

The accident not only killed parents of Velia and Harry. Instead of Harry’s current condition, her life was increasingly suffering. Whether it was psychically or economically. Single-handedly fighting to save life for the lover.

Difficult and not cheap, of course. The accident made Harry suffer burns barely reach forty percent. This situation forced him to undergo surgery repeatedly. Velia had no other choice, except to sell one by one her precious possessions.

However, for Velia, it was not important. At least the operation saved Harry from fire injuries. Although in the end, Velia had to swallow her disappointment again. It was when she thought Harry would soon sober up, but in fact he was precisely fell into a coma.

Day after day, Velia waited Harry would wake up again. But increasingly old circumstances make it increasingly lose its grip. Stuck in a mess and grief, Velia was increasingly helpless when she realized that she no longer has anything.

Without parents, family, and property. Even worse, Velia forced to owe a lot of debt. Whether it was in the office, friends, and loan shark. One thing she could not avoid when Harry's treatment cost a lot while there was no more property left.

Phatetic was no longer able to represent the state of Velia. It was not just feeling alone. She felt like she was dead in her life. Until sometimes she asked herself.

Why didn’t I die that night?I was supposed to die that night too.

Ironic, but sometimes Velia thought that dying would not make her suffer like now.


2. An Accident 2

Velia knew she could not die now. At least today. She pulled out hurriedly the identification tag that hung on her neck. Passing through automatic scanners and rushed trying to cut through the sea of people who block the journey.

With trembling hands, Velia pressed the number three on the elevator button. She waited with a pounding heart when the elevator came down and opened.

Velia immediately rushed in and closed the elevator door quickly. Along as she climbed the elevator, her heart tightened.

Shit! It’s almost two p.m.

Velia bit her lip. It was a mess that happens repeatedly. But, when the break came, Velia could not resist her desire to looking at Harry. Because of the news she got. Harry was in shock.

Indeed, it was not a worrying thing. But lately, Harry often showed that shock. Although dr. Stewart said he was doing well. Velia knew Harry had to undergo surgery. His body was getting long time increasingly vulnerable. He could not wait a


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