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Revenge With Super-Rich System

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Eric Smith is a food delivery boy. He is the son of a billionaire but his father threw him away because he was an illegitimate child. Eric's wife cheated on him while he was delivering food at a luxurious hotel. One day, his life changed drastically. [Ding!] [System advantage] [You are on a mission to become a super-rich man to rule the world and get any woman you want.] [Your bank account is now worth 1000,000 usd] This is Eric Smith's chance to avenge his heartache to his wife and his father's family who abandoned him.

Chapter 1

Mounted on his bicycle with glee, Eric Smith made his way to the Dalton Hotel with a parcel.

As a food delivery boy, Eric's routine consisted of delivering meals from the nearby restaurants to the Dalton Hotel almost daily.

It will be his last delivery for tonight.

Following this delivery, he planned to share dinner with his wife, Arabella, an accomplished real estate agent in the industry known for her beauty.

Eric and his wife had been childhood sweethearts. When his parents were prosperous in their business, his family frequently offered financial assistance to Arabella's parents.

Arabella had held the sincere desire to marry him from a young age.

Despite the changes that occurred when Eric's parents faced business failure, Arabella remained unfazed by it. She chose to marry him despite any external opinions or influences.

Eric had always worked extra hard as a delivery boy to repay Arabella's love for him, using his income to buy expensive gifts for her.

After explaining to the hotel receptionist about the delivery order, he was allowed entry to their hotel room.

When he finally reached the doorstep, he heard loud moaning from inside the hotel.

After the moaning sound was over, the door of the hotel opened. Eric stepped inside the hotel.

"Arabella?" said Eric. He did not expect what his eyes saw.

Arabella was shocked; her expression changed. When she heard Eric's voice, she subconsciously wanted to break away from Dominic. But the man at her side held her tightly.

"Is this food delivery man your husband? The husband you always say he is, Arabella?" the man asked.

Arabella looked at Eric. Earlier, she was shocked and terrified, but after a while, she became indifferent.

Eric stood at the door with anger mounting in his body.

"A poor man like this won't make you happy, Arabella," repeated the man. He then got off the bed and walked towards Eric. He looked at her from head to toe.

"Eric, you shouldn't be here. You're just embarrassing me," Arabella said.

"Well, I guess you already know, and it's time to tell you, Eric," said the rich man. "Your wife is now having an affair with me!"

Eric tried to grab Arabella's hand.

"Don't touch me, useless husband!" shouted Arabella as Eric tried to touch her hand.

"Arabella?" said Eric.

"You can't make me happy. How do you think you can make me happy, Eric? You can't even buy me nice clothes. You can only buy me good food on my birthday. Other than that, you can't afford anything," Arabella said.

"What makes you think you can make me happy?" asked Arabella.

"Arabella, I'm poor now and can't afford to buy you nice clothes. But I'm working hard," said Eric.

"Working hard? You keep saying that, Eric. I'm almost bored. You can't achieve the wealth you say; you're an orphan and poor! You're a food delivery boy!” said Arabella. Those words made Eric hurt.

"You chose this man because he's rich?" asked Eric, not believing. He looked at Arabella.

"Arabella, I'm willing to be a maid in your extended family's house. You are cleaning your family's sheep pen, Cleaning the dirt from your family. Why do you treat me like this?" said Eric softly.

"Come on, Dominic, close the door and kick that man out!" said Arabella angrily. Dominic immediately pushed Eric's body until the food in Eric's hand fell.

"Go away, or I'll call the security guard to kick you out!" said Dominic with a mocking smile.

Moments later, a bodyguard came over to Eric and chased him away from the hotel room.

"You have embarrassed me today. One day, I will make you realize that it is you who does not deserve me!" Eric hissed in annoyance, promising to eradicate Arabella in the future.

Eric looked at the order on his cell phone. Just then, the phone beeped with an incoming message.


[Your account with the last number 8866 is credited with $1,000,000. Your account balance is now $1,000,000.]

Eric looked at the message, and his eyes widened. "Who deposited a million dollars into my account?"


A transparent screen appeared in front of Eric. Only he could see it.

"What is this?" asked Eric, not understanding. He couldn't believe what was in front of him. It was like being in a science-fiction world. The transparent screen kept rotating and showing his face. Eric needed help understanding.

"What is this?" he said.

[Welcome, Eric Smith, to the System of Increasing Fortune!]

This system will provide you with the necessary resources to start your journey to becoming the most wealthy person in the world. The system will reward you handsomely for the work you do.]

Eric felt himself going completely crazy now. The transparent screen could speak like a robot to him.

"Can you help me get revenge? If so, I will follow all your orders! Eric said. His heart was filled with wanting to take revenge on Arabella and the entire family who threw him away.

The transparent screen rotated.

[Eric Smith, your current job has a reward of $1,000,000. You will be paid 50 times the amount of the work you did. It will all be transferred to your bank account.]

Eric thought this was crazy. "Is this happening?"

[This is my bonus to you as a way to introduce myself. I like your personality, and I'm sure you'll be great at using the money how you want.]

[I will help you improve your skills to do additional work and increase your income. All earnings will be transferred to your bank account immediately. Currently, you are entitled to $1,000,000.]

[This is my last message today; I will show up when you need me. Congratulations once again. Eric Smith!]

Eric felt like it was a dream, he earned tens of millions of dollars. Who sent it?

"Is this true? Is this a reality in my life?" said Eric. He feels like his life is a dream right now.


Chapter 2

Eric felt like he was going through something crazy. Just now, he saw a transparent screen moving before him and saying his name. Now, there was $1,000,000 in his bank account. Was this a dream? Was he going crazy because of the bad luck in his life?

Eric rode his motorcycle while playing Rihana songs during the ride. His heart ached at the thought of Arabella with a strange man. Unfortunately, he was more prosperous than her. In the past, Eric thought that Arabella loved him, and he waited until Arabella wanted to be touched by him.

Eric returned to the grilled chicken restaurant where he worked. He put down his bag and left immediately. Today, he worked until 3 p.m.

"Eric, why does your face look gloomy? What happened?" Peter asked. He was the boss who gave Eric the job.

"I'm tired; I'll come back tomorrow," Eric said. He waved his hand at Peter. The man frowned. Eric wasn't usually like this.

Eric returned to Arabel


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