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Pick Up A Son, Get A Free Husband

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“Arrest her!" The hard voice of the man standing in front of her thundered. His eyes bore a deep fury, glaring at her. And surrounding her were more than thirty cops. “Please allow me to explain, Mr. Sinclair." "How about you do that explanation when you rot in jail?" His glare intensified. Her body trembled, and just when the cops approached, a tiny voice broke out of the crowd. "Daddy, stop bullying Mommy!" Lips pursed and tiny fists clenched, the man's mirror image stood before everyone in the form of a boy. ~~~ Sabrina is consumed by grief after losing her newborn baby. She finds solace in the hospital nursery where she immediately forms a bond and becomes obsessed with another baby. The baby belongs to a billionaire, Herman Sinclair, who recently lost his wife, and Sabrina volunteers to be his baby’s nanny, only to run away with the baby. Three years later, she bumps into the billionaire and he offers her a deal: Be his fake wife or face jail. As their love blossoms, how will Sabrina handle the realization that the billionaire has hidden motives? What happens when their facade of love reveals deeper hidden truths?

Chapter 1

Sabrina scurried down the hallway of the hospital, her eyes darting back now and then. Her footsteps slowed down when the nursery came into sight as well as her heartbeat. She stopped by the door and placed both hands on the glass, staring through it at the cribs lined up facing each other inside the nursery. Her eyes lingered on a blue crib in a corner and she sighed. She pressed herself to the glass and craned her neck to get a proper look at the crib, but the door creaked and it pushed open. Sabrina gasped and glanced over her shoulder at the empty hallway. There was no one in sight. Taking in a deep breath, she pushed the door gently and eased into the nursery. Her legs took her straight to that crib and her heart fluttered on sighting the baby, eyes closed and sleeping peacefully. Her lips spread into a smile and she placed a palm on the crib's railing, leaning forward to touch the baby. Suddenly, the baby frowned and stretched. Sabrina straightened up, her eyes darting back again. Her attention returned to the baby who was squeezing his face. The baby's lips trembled and in the next second, he whimpered at first before his tiny cries echoed in the nursery. "Shhhh, it's okay." Sabrina reached forward and carefully scooped the baby in her arms. "Hi, Alex." her eyes fell on the name label on the crib and she whispered, "Look who's here... Now, stop crying... You can wake the other babies."The baby's cry increased as Sabrina cuddled him, caressing his cheek with her thumb. She glanced at the door before finding a stool in a corner and sitting on it. "Alex, stop crying... You don't want us to be caught, do you?" She murmured and kept cuddling the baby. But the baby's cries got louder with each second, and Sabrina sighed then lifted her blouse. "Ah! What do you think you're doing!?" A female nurse barged into the nursery and exclaimed. "You, this crazy woman! You're here again." "The baby's crying—""So what if the baby's crying?" The nurse hurried forward and snatched the baby, glowering at her. "How many times do I have to warn you not to return to this place?" Sabrina's eyes were fixed on the baby and her heart ached as he cried louder. "Please let me feed him.""No! Get out." Another female nurse came inside and the first nurse handed the baby to her. Then she grabbed Sabrina's arm and hauled her out of the nursery. "This isn't your first time attempting to do this! Just because you lost your baby doesn't give you the right to disturb other babies!"Sabrina's hand wandered to the wall and she supported herself with it then stood up from the floor. "I– I just want to look at him.""No, you don't!" The nurse's expression darkened and she grabbed Sabrina again. "In fact, you're leaving this hospital today. You have become a nuisance, Miss. You gave birth since last week but you don't want to leave this hospital. Is it our fault that your baby died!?"The ache in Sabrina's heart intensified, thinking back to last week when she came here to deliver her baby. The doctor assured her that she and her baby were healthy. He gave her a ninety-nine percent probability of a safe delivery. Sabrina delivered her baby safely, but only for the nurse to bring a dead baby to her later when she woke up. "Sabrina, right?" The nurse threw her out of the hospital and she landed on the cold floor. "I'd advise you to stay away from that baby because you wouldn't want to trifle with Mr. Sinclair who is his father. And you know why all your treatments are free? It is because Mr. Sinclair owns this hospital. He owns the whole of this Island and that's why everyone is benefitting from his generosity. Don't you dare get on his bad side.""But let me take my things." Sabrina gave her a pleading look. The nurse folded her hands, scoffed, and stared down at her. "If I can remember correctly, you only came into the hospital carrying that huge bump. Don't try to fool me, Young Lady. I know you're still going to disturb that baby if I let you into this hospital.""Please let me see him." Sabrina shuffled forward and held the nurse's leg. "I swear this is the last time.""Get out of here!" The nurse kicked her aside and yelled. "I swear I won't hesitate to get the securities after you. You should be grateful that Mr. Sinclair is currently mourning his dead wife. If not, he won't think twice before throwing you into an asylum when he sees you disturbing his baby."The nurse turned around then slammed the door close and bolted it. Sabrina sat up and shifted to the wall then leaned against it, her shoulders trembling and her arms wrapped around herself. The cold bit and scratched at her and her teeth chattered. As her eyes strayed to the moon above, her vision gradually turned blurry then her eyelids became heavier and she dozed off. "This crazy lady!" A loud voice rang in her ears before a chilled water was splashed on her.Sabrina opened her eyes to the blinding light of the morning sun. She shut them tight before opening them again. And standing in front of her was the nurse from last night. "Have I not told you to leave this hospital's premises?" The nurse dropped both hands on her waist and scowled at her. "Sabrina, I think what you need is a good beating from the local boys.""I– I swear I'll leave." Sabrina stood up with her hands tightly wrapped around herself, her body shaking from the cold. "If you could just let me see him for the last time. Please.""Not a chance." The nurse picked up the trash bag sitting beside her and dumped it inside a can not far ahead. "Sabrina." She returned to Sabrina and stood in front of her. "You are troubling us too much in this hospital. I'm afraid you'll never leave until you get a good beating. Fortunately, I have already informed the people that will deal with you."Footsteps came from her back and Sabrina turned around to see three burly men approaching. "After they beat you up and knock some sense into you, I am sure you will never think again of stepping foot into this hospital.""Please, don't." Sabrina tried to hold the nurse's hands but she pushed her away."Guys, what are you waiting for? Beat her up!" The nurse commanded. And just as one of those men grabbed her hand, a black car pulled over and two figures stepped out of it. "Ah! Go go go." The nurse's eyes widened and she whispered to the men who retreated immediately. "What is going on here?" The hard voice sent shivers down Sabrina's spine and she lifted her head. Her eyes went to the man's face and for some unknown reason, her heart pounded. Dressed in a tight-fitting black tuxedo, eyes narrowed and lips pursed, he stood tall, exuding an aura that had her cowering.

Chapter 2

"N–Nothing. It's nothing, Mr. Sinclair." The nurse put on a bright smile and answered his question. "It's this Young Lady. She has been troubling the patients around here."The man gave Sabrina's hospital dress a furtive glance, then looked at the nurse. "Is she a patient?""Y–Yes." The nurse nodded. "Erm, Mr. Sinclair, please don't mind her. She has been discharged from this hospital—"Before the nurse finished speaking, the man nodded to the other man standing beside him. As if understanding his silent command, that man went back to the car and came back with a large coat. "This is not what I pay you to do. She's a patient, how can you let her be in this state?" As he said that, the other man hung the coat over Sabrina's shoulders. "Mr. Sinclair, please don't misunderstand." The nurse struggled to keep her smile. "This lady go


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