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Perfect Chemistry

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She is perfect in her own world. Bossy in her own way. Lonely in her comfort zone. That is her, Ashley Richard. A daughter to a multi millionaire business tycoon, with a spirit of class and elegance. She believes her life belongs to no one and no one has to know anything about her. Being bold and bossy, are the two things she chose for her life. But when a sub worker was assigned to be her bodyguard and has to be with her all the time. Will Ashley be able to keep up with him, while he's hell bent on breaking those walls of hers. Neil Roberts. A defiant and humorous guy. Has the aura of getting people attached to him with his ambiance and carefree personality. He is a simple guy who isn't bothered by lavishing things. What if the daughter he was entrusted to keep an eye on, was keen on rendering his simple life tough with her solipsistic personality. Will he be able to break her out of the lonesome shell. Both have a different meaning of life but there's something beneath them that both didn't know, will change their lives in a good positive way. A one kind of love story with a mixture of resentment, longing and a touch of shielding.

Chapter 1

The sun has risen from its peak. Chirping of birds could be heard through the eerily quiet surrounding. The room was not dark rather a little bit bright and it was due to the small bedside lamp illuminating the room. A yawn escapes my mouth as I trekked absentminded towards the window, my silky peach nightgown flowing down the floor. In a swift of finger, I draw out the curtain blinder, letting the chilly morning breeze to cascade through the room. Pulling my head out of the window, I let out a meek breath staring at the not so busy neighborhood of mine. Even with the breeze billowing my hair, it doesn't stop me from receiving the chillness. That is like my every morning routine. I tend to enjoy watching the surrounding from up my room. I used to stay in the same position for almost fifteen minutes before doing any other work of mine but I know today will be different as far as my mother is awake, she won't let me enjoy in peace. Just as the thought graced through my head, a knock sounded from the door followed by Daisy's voice. Our personal maid.

"Good morning Miss Richard. Breakfast is ready. Your parents are waiting for you downstairs" came her voice and after that, nothing could be heard again. She knew not to go above what she'd be sent for.

I managed to shut the window and the curtain blinders after staying for five minutes more. Skimming through the closet, I took out a mid-length gown topped with a scarf. Due to my love of scarfs, I have almost two dozens of them. Just as I set my foot ready to took off to the bathroom, another knock came from the door and the person got in without waiting for me to usher him/her in. There stood my mother with a faint grimace on her face.

"I sent Daisy to call you but knowing who and how my daughter is, I decided to come myself. I and your father are tired of waiting for you already. So freshen up fast. I have something to discuss with you"

"I hope it's not another match make of yours because I've already said it and I will still repeat. I'm not interested." My mother's eyes squinted for a bit as the corner of her lips twitch up. Something she always does whenever her actions are about to take place. I raised my hands in surrender.

"Right away," I said running to the bathroom. I let out a sigh of relief placing my palms on my beating heart. If looks could kill, then I would've been dead with the kind of murderous look she gave me. My mother is someone who doesn't like any form of disrespect especially if it has something to do with a plan she's formulating even Dad knew not to mess with her when she's in her serious self. She can be sweet and also tough. A lot of people used to say my personality is the exact of hers, feisty and arduous but I don't see that as the truth. It's just how I am and my mom is far arrogant than what they imagined. While Nikky is the sweetest person I have ever seen. She always puts people before herself. Put on a smile every time little did we know that there's something behind her smile. We didn't realize it until it's too late. Father blames himself for his first daughter's death. He blames himself for not paying attention to her or what she's experiencing. I miss my sister. I missed the days we kept up all night watching a horror movie. Me being the little sister curled up behind her and she would tease me the next morning. Why must life be so cruel? Why didn't I notice the pain she has to undergo? I was so busy with my little things that I didn't pay much attention to my sister. How I wish I could reverse the time back and set things right. But I know that would not be possible and will never happen.

My legs felt heavy and I find myself crouching down on the floor letting the tears escape me. At first, It was so hard for us to accept the truth most especially Dad, she's his daddy's girl. But we knew eventually we have to accept it. I remembered her love for photography. She loves capturing things but she didn't leave up to her ambitions and that is why I made it upon myself to fulfill my sister's dream. Even though it would be of no use but at least it will put father and me at ease. I tried not to dwell much on the thinking feeling a pain that is about to shut through my head. Headache.

Another knock on my door snapped me out of the trance. I have completely forgotten about my parents waiting for me. Getting off the floor, I switched on the shower after discarding the silky nighties. I didn't spend much time in the showering besides, If I do, then I will have to face the wrath of my mother. I rummage through the vanity mirror with creams and deodorants of any kind. Old and new. There are some that I haven't touched yet. When I have a favorite body lotion, I forget about the rest. I didn't waste time in dressing up. Tying my hair in a bun, I grabbed my duffle bag which consists of my working materials.

The moment I stepped in the living room, I was met with my not so happy mother throwing daggers in my direction. "Good morning Father" I kissed my dad on the cheeks and the old man offered me a smile. Mom's eyes didn't leave me as I sat on the empty seat, in between them. Daisy placed the plate of hot pasta in front of me. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

"Mom, don't we have any other foods to eat for breakfast apart from Pasta" I asserted boring my eyes onto hers. Mom wiped off her lips with a napkin resting her back on the chair.

"Well, it is my favorite and also your father's. Do you have any problems with it? If you do, then why not go to the kitchen and prepare whatever you like. And mind you don't touch any of my things or foodstuffs." My mouth hung open at my mother's statement. To be honest, I don't understand the woman. That is practically telling me not to enter the kitchen.


"Finish up let's talk". She answered instead. Dad rose up from his seating position, with the walking stick being the one supporting him as he's all weak.

"I will now take my leave". He announced. Before I could answer back my mom beat me to it.

"Come back soon sweetheart. I will make another delicious pasta for you at dinner." Dad stopped on his tracks and turned over.

"Don't bother. I'm having a dinner meeting with my client". I didn't know why but I find myself bursting out with laughter. I have a feeling Dad also dislikes pasta. I mean, how can someone be eating the same food every day.

"What's funny." Mom throw and my laughter immediately died down. Composing myself, I reached for the fork and starting digging in. I'm only eating the pasta to avoid any noise from her.

"Okay, about our talk. I found the perfect guy and this time around I want everything to go well. He's a lawyer and works at the best law firm in NY. And guess what?" She waited for me to answer. I knew it has to be a match make again.

"What?" I uttered. She clapped her hand together leaning towards me.

"His mother happens to be one of my classmates back in university. Splendid right?" Pushing the plate to the side, I lean over too as I took in a sharp breath.

"Mom. I understand what you're trying to do but I'm not interested. I don't want any problems in my life"

"Your life is already a problem for you. When will you get out of that lonesome shell? Do you think you're doing the right thing by shutting yourself out? You need to mingle with people that way you'll know the true meaning of life. Because I can see, you don't know what you're doing to your life." That's it. Whenever I rejected her match make proposal, she'll then start talking about my life and my loneliness. But she won't understand. I have disposed my life in the past. I'm building up a new me. And I don't think I will be able to back out anytime soon.

"Mom, I know you're doing this for me but this is my life. I prefer it simple without needing anyone's troubles in it. You and dad are enough for me". Taking my bag from the empty seat, I peck her lips.

"See you later." I was hoping to hear another bickering of hers, instead, she kept quiet. I wish they could understand my reason for the sudden change. Maybe one day, I will gather enough courage to tell them. Everything.

It didn't take me two minutes to be out of the house towards the parking lot where my brand new car was parked. It was gifted to me by Dad last week. It was as if he knows that I was dreaming of the car. The drive to my destination was in total silence. No music or radio. I prefer it quite. But what I want doesn't always go according to me. Reaching my medium corporation, yes. It is was up to my Dad, it would be a big company but I choose to soar it higher myself without needing his help. I will bring the small photography firm to be the best. I let out a small hiss as I made my way towards him. It seems today I have to show him who I am and what I'm capable of.

"Ashley I-"

"Shut it there Alex. What are you doing here, in my office?". I questioned leaping to stand in front of him. He even has the guts to come to my office after all this while.

"Listen to me Ashley, I'm sorry. I have no idea what happened, I was busy with-"

"Exactly you were busy" I cut him off again folding my arms across the chest. "That is the main excuse, you were busy with your selfish acts." His eyes widened hearing me utter the word out. I knew he would be.

"Did I just hear you... say... selfish act. Is this the Ashley I know?. My Ashley?" he stuttered out disbelievingly.

"Yes, you heard me. This is not the same Ashley you know before. This is a different Ashley" I turned to walk away not wanting to waste my time talking to him because he's not worth every bit of my time. He missed his chance long ago. His next word stopped me in my tracks.

"I love you, Ashley. Please give me a chance" Maybe I am supposed to feel jiggle in my heart instead I felt anger rises inside me. I turned back around in rage, in a minute I'm standing in front of him, a little bit taller than him since I'm wearing heels.

"Don't you dare utter that word love to me. You don't have to right to. Keep your love to yourself because I will not be moved by it. It was the exact thing you said back then, I was so stupid and naive to believe you when all you ever did was bring problems to me. You left." I seethe my eyes already a different shade than my normal ones.

"I didn't leave willingly. You won't understand even if I tell you".

"That is because you are a coward, stupid, and selfish person. You know what? Talking to you will only ruin my mood early this morning. So I would like to make myself clear to you Mr. Alex Robinson, I don't want to ever see your filthy face near me ever again if not you will have to see another side of me which you. should hope to never see" Positioning my palms on his shoulder, I smoothed out his tie.

"Make sure you remind your dry cleaner to wash the collar area well next time". With that being said, I sprinted away with a victory smile on my face. It doesn't matter how people portray me as I am my own boss.

Chapter 2

Scribbling my keys through the lock pad, I unlocked it and got in. I could feel his presence. Which means, he's still taking in the fact that I said those things to him. But I don't care. He's married now, so he should stay away from me. Laying my bag gently on my desk which a glass banner was positioned on it with Ashley Richard written in bold on it. A smile made its way to my lips. I remembered the first time I establish the place. It was six months ago. A lot has happened in the span of those months but I must say they are all worth it.

"Good Morning Miss Richard". A cheerful voice said. I don't have to be told who that person is. I know her so well. Kristine my assistant and only friend since day one.

"Morning Miss Kristine, the London girl" I empathize the 'London girl' in such a way that she would react and she did. The once smiling face of hers turns to frown. I like to mess up with her by calling her London girl.


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