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One night time

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it's the story of a young girl who has just lost her mother to an illness, her best friend offers her a trip that will allow her to change her mind a bit during the trip they will go to a party during which she will meet a man with whom she spends a night of love, the next day the man disappeared and they will not see each other again until she does not returns to his country with the grief caused by this meeting with this beautiful stranger she returns to her country more depressed than she left but the craziest thing is that she realizes some time later that she is pregnant by this man whose address or name she does not know, she realizes that she will have to raise a child on her own with no work or money she sinks into depression until she decides to find a job and take charge of her future child who is about to be born because she is aware that a child costs her Dear in her search for jobs she ends up falling on the most amazing boss there is a person she never thought she would see again in her life

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I wake up again this morning with the sadness of having lost my mother, now I find myself alone in the world without anyone to turn to, I have this pain in my chest that I cannot eliminate, I have I feel like my heart is going to explode. My life no longer resembles anything.

I am Faith Dassivera, I am Togolese living in Togo, I just turned 23, I had to stop school in the second year and find myself a job as a secretary in a local club to help my mother who was sick. , but despite all efforts the disease did not spare him.

I'm still in bed this morning thinking about my life, I'm going to have to find myself a new job, my former employer fired me and he's not wrong, if I don't find a job quickly I will soon run out of money, it's lost in my thoughts that I hear my best open the door

Leïla: are you still in bed?

Me: yes my darling I just woke up, I didn't hear you come home last night

Leila: yes, I came home very late at night, you yourself know with the guy…he didn't want to let me go (laughs)

Me: I see...

Leïla: you really look like a living dead, your mother has been gone for 4 months, and you stopped living, you don't go to work anymore, you don't go out anymore, you don't do anything anymore, your mother wouldn't have wanted to see you like this

Me: I know but I can't do it without her, she was all I had

Leïla: yes I know my darling but you will have to find a way to get past your sadness, I'm not asking you to forget it but life goes on, you can't stay stuck in the past

To help you I have good news for you, my boss got a contract in paris, she has to bring outfits to a top model and make the adjustments but she won't be able to go, guess who is going to paris ???

Me you ?

Leila: yes but you are coming with me.....

Me: in Paris?? I do not follow you

Leila: yes, by the way, I can bring a person of my choice to help me, so I decided to go there with my bestie, we're going to have a lot of fun there, we're going to discover a lot of things and meet people lots of hot guys (laughs)

Me: well you are the boys who are going to kill you, have you forgotten your darling?

Leila: ah my darling, you too forget that you're up for it?

Me: Of course I'm in, when are we leaving?

Leila: in 2 days

What me ????

Leila: well you should start by packing your bags at the same time, I hope your passport is up to date

Me: yes honey, I'm all excited (laughs)


I'm Leila Okafor, I'm Nigerian, and I've always lived in Togo, I'm 25 and I like to live at 100 an hour, I went to a fashion school and now I work with a lady who works with people all over the world, everything is going pretty well for me, faith and I have been friends for a very long time and she has always supported me, since the death of her mother I try to help her to be less sad but so far my attempts have been unsuccessful, I hope this trip to Paris will help him a little

Two days later...


We are preparing to leave at the airport because our flight takes off in an hour and a half.

Leila: I'm ready, what are you doing, we're going to be late?

Me: am here we can leave

After some time.

Here we are sitting on the edge of the planes

Leila: I really existed to be there

Me: krkrkr me too (laughs)

Leila: I heard you talking on the phone this morning it was Chris??

Me: yes it was him Boff, it's not going too well between us I think to end this relationship which is suffocating me

Leila: you should leave this sloth to find yourself a real man

Me: you're the one saying that (laughs)

Leila: hahahaaa as they say do as I say but don't do as I do

The rest of the flight goes well and we land at Charles de Gaulle airport a few hours later....


When we land at the airport the supermodel sends someone to pick us up, and drops us off at the apartment that we will occupy during our stay.

Him: here we are, we've done some shopping for you, they're in the closet and the fridge, your two rooms are ready

Me: okay thank you very much and when are we going to tell your boss?

Him: I'll pick you up tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Me: thank you see you tomorrow then, have a good night

Him: thank you same to you.

I wait for him to leave and I close the door, we each go back to our room and sleep because of fatigue.

The next morning...


I wake up this morning with lots of messages from Hugo my future ex-boyfriend, I call him

Hugo: where have you been all this time?

Me: hello, yes I'm fine and you?

Hugo: you will stop playing crazy and answer my question

Me: Leila and I are on a trip

Hugo: that's why this trip and why you didn't warn me? (In an authoritative tone)

Me: it's because everything happened in a hurry so I didn't have time, it's a business trip for Leila

Hugo: you are unable to go to your job, you get fired but you accompany someone to theirs you see how stupid you are, right?

Me: first of all Leila, she's not just anyone, she's like a sister to me, and she brought me along so that I wouldn't be alone so you're going to stop talking to me like her.

Hugo: so that you are not alone, I am not here?

Me: forget it, I have to talk to you about a truck

Hugo: ... Go ahead, I'm listening

Me: I would like us to end our relationship, I am happier and I would like to take time for myself

Hugo: (threatening) but it's not going in your head? Do you think you can leave me? It's me who will decide when this relationship will end and when I have not decided you stay with me, it's this little b*tch there who puts these ideas in your head isn't it? Wait till I catch you

Me: do what you want


I hang up on him, I put my cell phone on silent, I go take a hot bath to relax and I join Leila for lunch.

Chapter 2


Leïla: hello little groundhog, you sleep all morning

Me: I was a little tired, if it hadn't been because of Hugo's calls I would still be sleeping

Leïla: tell me that you broke up with that idiot

Me: yes I did but he was not at all happy

Leila: we don't care about him, now we're going to find you a good little guy

Me: lol I don't have the head to that

Leila: keep it up if you want cobwebs to fill over there (laughs)

Me (laughs): I have never seen anyone with this problem before.

Leila: lol stay over there

Ok, have your meal, we're leaving, the driver called, he'll pick us up in 1 hour, I'm going upstairs to get ready


I go up to get ready and I go down to join Faith and go find our top model for the fitting in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, humm people live well deh, we go up to the top floor and we enter a large apartment with private elevator, we installs


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