One night stand

One night stand

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Iamella
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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I'm pregnant for you You better be joking cos I'm not Ready to be a father. I'm serious I missed my period last month, and you better know what to do about that, cos if you don't act fast I would let everyone know about it. Meet Raymond James,a young successful CEO of Raymond James investment company, one of the top companies in America. Also meet Elsa jeanz a pornstar who is the most sexy and beautiful stage dancer, pornstar and every man want to have her one there bed no matter the cost. How did this to different people meet, let's find out in this beautiful love story

Chapter 1: one night stand

The heavy lined curtains left an opening from which the morning light stone in, Elsa jeanz opened her eyes slightly and could feel throbbing pain her head. her body was achy and sore, like every muscle in her body had been over worked or pulled.

The first thing she saw was the luxury carpet from the morning light and the yellow-gold walls.

Where was she? Is she dreaming? While rubbing her head, she tried to sit up but felt an arm clasping her waist. She was shocked to feel a worm body pressing tightly against her.

The memory of last night came flooding back. She vividly remember that the people where dressed in fancy clothes, and everyone was toasting. She could remember the sound of champagne being poured and clinking of the glasses.

She drank too much, she remembers someone telling her to go lay down and rest. She tried to refuse, but he was too strong, and she was unable to stop him. The man put her in a hotel room, and then he made an excuse and left.

She grabbed for the bed sheets in the darkness, and to her greatest surprise, there was someone in it! A pair of hot hands wrapped around her waist. she could feel her body being pressed under a man's body. It made her dizzy.

She was hot and sweaty as his body rested against hers. His face was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her face. It seems as through she was being watched. She could see a dark shadow lurking from the window; then, she heard a low magnetic voice saying "do what you were paid to do?".

His kisses was warming and wet and he caressed her lips with his. His big hands ripped off her skirt impatiently as she struggles to get the word "no" out of her mouth. She was incoherent, she groaned unconsciously. He entered her slowly and she said,"it hurts".

The man stopped suddenly and said, "are you a virgin?" She was speechless from the pain. Stretched out his hands and balance himself in between her legs, gentle moved her hair from her face and he whispered to her, " you sweet little thing, how have you pleased me."

He instantly moves fast and hard. it's rough, it's urgent, it happens. She feels a Burst of warm Rush through her body and All her muscle stighten, she blushed as the blood came rushing to her face.

She turned her head carefully and saw the side of a perfect face, with dark features, thick eyelashes, and jet-black eyes. Her thoughts suddenly froze "I have no idea who this man is. How could I have sex with this handsome man.

Her face was pale. She felt as though she was going to pass out. She must leave before he wakes up Elsa had no time to think. She removed the man's arm from her waist gentle and got out from the bed gentle and carefully to avoid waking the man.

The pain in her thighs made her legs feel weak. She latched on to the edge of the bed, and she got up and got herself dressed in last night sexy dress. Tided up her black casually and looked back at the handsome man in the bed with a confused look. Who is this man? She asked herself. She headed for the door as quickly and quietly as she could. She looked back at the man on the bed one more time, and left.

Chapter 2: young master

The door of the presidential suite was left open, a small head peeked in an looked around to make sure there was no one else inside the room, and a petite figure roaming up and down the corridor of the hotel.

Just as Elsa left the room, the man in the bed opened his eyes, his eyes were so Sharp like a hawk.

The hidden bodyguard looked at him wondering whether he should go after her or not as he cast his eyes on the older man.

The old man thought for a moment and went forward and knocked on the opening door of the presidential suite. "Come in," the man said. His voice was cold as ice. The old man walked into the room and saluted respectfully "young master,"

The man opened his deep, dark and sexy eyes, ignored him, and lazily picked up his clothes and began to put them on. Fortunately, the old man had been with him for more than twenty years, so he knows his young master's character very well. The old man asked, " do you want me


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