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One More Try

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S*xy. Funny. Rich. 
 The only man who has ever captured my heart.
He’s back in town and sees me with a baby. 
I tell him that I’m taken. 
I tell him that it’s too late. 
But actions speak louder than words as he asks me to give him one more try.
 I know he'll feel different about us if he learned the secret that I've been keeping for too long. I sighed, tucking back a lock of hair that blew into my face. It was the weekend, but the park had quite a few people around. Every time she passed by someone, they smiled at her and wanted to stop and coo at the stroller I was pushing.
“We’re only here to have a nice, relaxing walk, isn’t that right?”
My six month old baby, just stared up at me. He was lying back, swaddled in warm, soft blankets, covered up to his chest. He was sucking on one closed fist, and he wiggled the other at me on hearing my voice. I smiled at him and removed one hand from the stroller handle to reach a finger out and poke his cheek.


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