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Vega Romeo is the live life, screw the rest type of girl. she is pretty content to just go with the flow until she is dared by her best friend to join in on a bet to make Zach Dante hers. Vega sees Zach Dante as a playboy with no feelings and so she agrees to play him. Vega would do anything to win, even if it meant hurting the one she's come to love. Competing against the other girls is not a walk in the park but Vega had already invested a lot to stop. Except lying came with consequences. And those consequences are more than she expected. But what happens in the past stays in the past right? That might be what Vega thinks, but it is not the same for Zach who bore most of the burn of the scandal. With bitterness In his heart, Zach bids his time in plotting his revenge and after five years, he's back. He's back and he wants nothing more than to destroy the woman who shattered his heart.

Chapter 1

*** Standing in front of the most popular boy in school was more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be, the butterfly fluttering through my tummy was almost unbearable, but being the brave girl I was, there was no stopping my love confession. The love letter clutched tightly felt wet as I thrust it toward him, a smile on my face.

"Ryan, I love..." My voice faded as he started laughing, his shoulders shaking really hard as if I was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. His friends joining in the laughter added more salt to my already bleeding heart.

Ryan stepped close to me, his face becoming monster-like. "I won't ever date someone as hideous as you and please try to brush your teeth, your breath f*ck*ng stinks," he said and the roar of laughter that followed floated right for me like darts of an arrow.


I jerked awake and cursed as my alarm shrilled through the room. "F*ck!" That was the most horrible moment of my life and why my subconscious choose to torture me with it so early in the morning was beyond me. Like I didn't cringe and shudder enough whenever I thought about it, I had to dream about it too. And Ryan was a jerk. My breath was fine and I looked nothing hideous, or maybe I did, but...

"I will survive, I will survive..." Um, what was the next part in that song? I looked up at the ceiling just waiting for inspiration to hit me and make me remember, but I was such a freaking wuss. I couldn't remember the next part even if I went on and had brain surgery. Wait, was that self-shaming?... f*ck if I knew.

I turned around on my bed and tripped as my leg caught on the blanket wrapped around my ankles. I went down with an ump. My face smacked against the ground and I winced In pain. Great, just what I needed to make me feel alive.

"ugh. Can I just start one day like a normal person" I got out, trying to untangle myself?

My hair was like a volcano on my head, it was sticking up whichever way, all struggling to make a debut. I normally cut It short, but I've just let it be, so it's been growing out these few weeks.

I stared at the mess my room was, shuddering at the heap of clothes lying around sporadically over the room. I'll clean it tomorrow. Mind you, I've been saying that for a month now. I know, I know, I'm a chronic procrastinator, but come on, cleaning is so hard. You had to pick up the dirt, wash all the piles of clothes, and dust everywhere, who had the strength to do all that when you can just watch TV, listen to music, do assignments, and catch some fun.

I trudged to the bathroom, rubbing at my shin as I took up my toothpaste. I fumbled for the toothbrush, then proceeded to scope it on, but nothing came out of it. I peered at the sachet that looked like it had been mauled by a wild bear. Just kidding. It was freaking empty. I looked around the tiny space I stood in, taking more notice of my stuff on the vanity. Everything was finished, even my soap. What in the f*ck*ng world happened overnight.

"How can this even be real. I used them just yesterday right" I paused as I thought about the day before. "Or didn't I?". ugh, frustrating day ever. I turned on the faucet, but nothing came out. I made more animalistic noises in my throat, pressing harder on the offending object.

"Is this thing clogged again? life is so unfair. Now I have to use the bathroom downstairs." I whined. I quickly combed my hair, which still refused to be straightened despite all my love and attention. well, I'm just going to have to deal with it. B*tch hair. I rushed out of the bathroom, yanking the door open. My Mom_Jessica_ bless her soul, was standing right there, waiting as if on cue.

"It's about that time of the year," she got out like she didn't know what to do with all my problems. I don't know what to do with them either, so don't ask me. She shook her head, with an amused look on her face.

"It's an emergency this time. I promise, I'll pay back". I made prayer hands to sell the act, batting my lashes

She nodded at me like I was a lost cause. I think I might have an idea of what's going through her head, 'what did I do to deserve this. I feel the same way, mom.

She sighed, batting my hands down. "You don't have to pay me back. I am your mother baby. I've got you".

Oh my gosh, she's just the best. "I love you mom," I said hugging her fiercely, trying hard to bring out ugly tears. I don't succeed, but I think I got an A for the effort. She smiled before pulling me off.

"Here," she said stretching a shopping bag to me. I grabbed at it quickly, before she could decide to change her mind. She just rolled her eyes at my antics, not letting go of the bag either. "I got you creams, perfume, soap, lotion, everything you need. Make sure they last this time" She warned slash advice, and I smiled cheekily, collecting the bag from her with a hard yank.

I grinned up at her. "Thanks, mom."

"I'll call the repairman to unclog your faucet, so you can use mine in the meantime."

Is that angel's halo around her head, I literally saw it shining just now. "Oh mom, what will I do without you," I sobbed going in for another hug.

"Absolutely nothing!" she answered pushing me back.

Halo f*ck*ng disappeared. "Aww, come on, don't be so mean. But you're right. I'm going to do better I promise" I crossed my fingers.

"You can't go back on your word ok." She huffed, her gaze slipping to the mess of hair on my head. She grimaced. "What happened to your hair?"

"You gave me this hair. You think I'm not asking myself that same question" I grumbled and she smacked my head."ouch"

"It's your papa's fault, not mine."

I rubbed at the spot she'd swatted. "Ok... you didn't have to hit it through my skull". I swiveled back to take in the mess in my room before turning back to face her with my mopping face on. "Mom, can you help me clean my room. My clothes are a mess," I got out in my not to be refused pleading voice, twiddling my thumbs, and slumping one of my shoulders.

I heard her suffering intake of breath.

"What do you ever do in this house. You don't even do the normal house chores, yet you can't take care of your room. Just look at it".

"I am looking at it. It's a pile" I would have added f*ck*ng, but I don't think mom will be too pleased with me cussing within her vicinity.

"You made that pile. Goodness Vega. Grow up!".

"Ok, mom. Jeez. I'll go shower now" I murmured, hurrying past her down the stair, knowing at the back of my head that she was going to take care of my room.

"What will I do with that girl of mine. Just what?" I heard her murmur.

Well, I didn't know what I'll do with myself too, so I guess we're in the same boat.

I am Vega Romeo, brilliant, pretty, friendly, the list was freaking endless. Welcome to my very peculiar story. I mean I am just that average girl, with a lot to give, that is if I was given the chance. I just needed to get through college first, without any hitch, and with no heartbreak. Yay! or not. I hope I survive. Fingers crossed.

Chapter 2

A Lamborghini Aventador spider was what I rolled with. Yeah, I rolled with it, cause its not mine duh. Because in what language could I even afford a scooter, talk more of a Lamborghini.

It was my friend's car. Andrianna always changed cars like she altered her clothes. Her parent was in the oil business; well that's what she told me, and I believed her fifty percent. I've never met them so I was not sure if it was true or not, not that she had any reason to lie to me. Yup!. She had this expensive condo that made me drool, every time I went over to her place. She lived like a rich mafia princess, just waiting for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet.

We were like two different people, yet we clicked on the very first day we met. The circumstances were favorable for me but It was a disaster for her. She was in her white Balenciaga when the red dragon decided to make an appearance; period people, menstruation. The red dragon. I came to the rescue wi


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