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My Pregnant Ex-wife Returns

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“W-what…what are you saying, Caesar,” Grace was in disbelief as tears lingered in her eyes. “Let's divorce Grace, she's back?” Caesar muttered coldly, shattering Grace's heart. Her grip on the envelope containing the divorce papers tightened. “This can't be… I'm your wife, and I'm…” she attempted to tell him the good news of her pregnancy. “The love of my life is back…you were just a substitute,” his words echoed in Grace's ears. She was simply a substitute and nothing else. Five years later, Grace made an entrance in Caesar's life. “You can't run away from me… I know you still love me…” “I don't love you anymore, Caesar, now let go!” Grace tried to flee Caesar's stronghold, but unfortunately, he shoved her against the wall gently. “Let me go…you're hurting…” “What are you doing to my mommy,” a small melodious voice of a little girl got Caesar's attention, he turned around only to find a little girl standing behind him with a stern expression. “Mommy?” Why was the little girl referring to Grace as mom? ~~~~ Grace always thought she had a perfect husband and happy marriage until her world shattered when Caesar's past walked through the door, disrupting their seemingly perfect marriage. A girlfriend, the love of his life, appeared out of nowhere, demanding her place in Caesar's heart. Instantly, their once-unbreakable bond crumbled, leaving Grace utterly devastated. Confusion and heartache enveloped her as Caesar made the painful request for a divorce, even when she was expecting his child. Five years later, Grace was back to where it all started. This time with a solid heart and a goal to protect her daughter.

Chapter 1 His betrayal

Grace anxiously waited in the doctor's office on her birthday, her mind racing with anticipation. She had decided to run some pregnancy tests, hoping for the best but trying not to get her hopes up too high. The thought of becoming a mother both excited and scared her.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Grace's trusted friend and gynecologist, Ava, walked in with a beaming smile. Ava was aware of Grace's struggles to conceive and had been supporting her throughout the process. Grace's heart pounded as she looked at Ava.

“So, how is it?” Grace asked desperately as she rose from the seat. Ava cautioned her to calm herself.

“Grace, I have some incredible news for you,” Ava said, her voice filled with happiness and excitement. “You're pregnant!”

Grace's eyes widened, and she felt her breath catch in her chest. A mix of emotions swept over her – joy, relief, disbelief. She couldn't believe that after months of trying, she had finally conceived. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that her dream of becoming a mother was coming true.

“Oh my God, Ava! Are you serious? I'm pregnant?” Grace exclaimed, tears streaming down her face. She felt a wave of gratitude wash over her. There was only one man she thought of 'Caesar'

Ava nodded, her own eyes glistening with tears of happiness.

“Yes, Grace, you're pregnant. Happy birthday! This is truly a special day for you. Congratulations, my dear.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, Grace leapt from the examination table and threw her arms around Ava, holding her tightly. They laughed and cried together, sharing in the joy of this precious moment. After all the disappointment and heartache, this pregnancy was a beacon of hope, a symbol of new beginnings.

“Now hurry and call Caesar… I wonder why he didn't accompany you,” Ava said in between chuckles. “Is he overworking again? He should know when to rest and pay attention to you,” She added, frowning at Grace, but she only smiled faintly, knowing what was happening in her marriage.

“It's not like that…he has a company to run… I'll give him a call,” she said defensively and took out her phone. Although she was hesitant to do it. Would Caesar want that? Just as she was about to call her husband.  She received an unknown message. 'Leave Caesar's life and take 20 million as compensation

“This…” Grace couldn't believe what she had just read on her phone. The mixture of excitement over her pregnancy and the shock of the message had left her feeling overwhelmed but soon faded.

Ava sensed Grace's distress and gently squeezed her hand for support.

“Grace, what's going on? You look like you've seen a ghost,” Ava said, concern etched on her face. She tried to peek and see what was on the phone. But Grace quickly hid her phone.

She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. Maybe this was a mistake. She wasn't going to jump to conclusions, despite the anguish feeling in her heart.

“A-ava, I'm fine…just feeling tired” She smiled and slowly moved away from Ava's desk.

“I'm not just your doctor…but your friend…”

“Well, I'm happy…this is the best gift…my husband will be thrilled,” she said with a smile and picked up her purse. Ava couldn't help but stare at Grace for a while, then smiled.

“Call me if you need anything…”

“Thank you, Ava. Thank you for being by my side, for believing in me, and for helping me make this miracle happen,” Grace said, her voice filled with gratitude above all fear. “I can't believe I'm going to be a mother. It's the greatest gift I could ever ask for.” She wiped her tears and Ava smiled warmly at Grace, her eyes shining with pride.

“You deserve this, Grace. You'll be an incredible mother.”

“I'll take my leave now…” Grace said as she said goodbye to Ava. But why was she nervous? She didn't know what she was feeling as she hurried away. Caesar was not at his office.  She knew that.

As she walked out of the office building and into the bustling city streets, Grace couldn't help but feel a knot forming in her stomach. Who would send such a message? And why now? The timing couldn't have been worse. She had just found out the news that she and Caesar were going to start a family together, and now this bombshell had been dropped on her.


After returning to the Anderson residence, Grace was filled with excitement. As she parked her car in the driveway, Grace noticed Caesar's sleek black car parked in its usual spot. This surprised her as Caesar was supposed to be away.

“Welcome madam,” one of the guards greeted her as she made her way to the entrance.

Eagerly, Grace rushed inside, her heart pounding with anticipation. This was her opportunity to tell Caesar the good news. However, her enthusiasm was quickly shattered as she approached her bedroom and heard funny noises.

"Ah. Baby…more…" she heard the voice of a woman moaning. Sounds of a woman being pleased. Grace's legs weakened with each step she took. Convincing herself that it was the television.

"That's it…take me all in baby," this time she heard Caesar's spams groans followed by more vulgar words of two people making love. Grace halted, her feet rooted in place. Her eyes blurred with tears. She looked up, the door was slightly open and she could see two naked bodies having s*x

"I love you how you make me feel…f**k Caesar…make me yours," There, lying on their marital bed, were Caesar and a mysterious woman, both naked and tangled in each other's arms. A surge of anger washed over Grace, mixing with the shock. Above all betrayal. She felt her world crumbling down. The sight of her husband pleasuring another woman in their bed.

“Caesar!” she yelled, pushing the door wide open. Her voice was low and anger-filled. Tears welled up in her eyes, her knees weakened as she took a step forward. Both were startled. The woman was on top of Caesar.

“What's going on here…keep it down,” The unfamiliar woman spat out, as she climbed off Caesar. Grace ignored her and shifted her gaze toward Caesar.

“What are you doing in our bed, Caesar!” Grace's voice echoed throughout the room as she hurried to the bed, but the woman raised her hand for Grace to stop.

“I'm Sophia… Caesar's first love and soon-to-be wife,” the woman wasted no time in introducing herself.  And that Grace was merely a substitute in their relationship.

“T-this can't be…” Grace's heart sank, feeling like she had been living a lie all this time. She couldn't comprehend how Caesar could do this to her and with such callousness. Feeling a mix of anger and hurt. He didn't even dare look at her. Nor was he remorseful.

“Why are you here?” Caesar asked her coldly Grace stood there, a whirlwind of emotions raging within her. She had built her life around her relationship with Caesar, believing in their love and commitment to one another. Now, everything had crumbled before her eyes, and Grace was left questioning her worth and place in Caesar's life.

As Caesar questioned her presence in his bedroom. Feeling a mix of anger, hurt, and confusion, Grace responded defiantly, her voice trembling with a hint of sadness.

“I came here to tell you something important, Caesar,” she said, her tone firm but laced with vulnerability. “But clearly, I stumbled upon something even more important: the truth of our relationship…having s*x in our bed!” she couldn't bear it…the knot in her chest tightened even more.

Caesar scoffed and rolled his eyes dismissively. The woman in his arms was playing with his hair and kissing him on the chest.

“Oh, spare me the theatrics, Grace. You're always so dramatic,” he retorted, his voice dripping with condescension. Grace's anger flared. It was bad enough that Caesar had cheated on her, but now he was belittling her emotions.

“You've betrayed me, Caesar,” Grace said, her voice quivering with a mix of anger and hurt. “I gave you my heart, my trust, and my love, only to find you with another woman in our bed. And now you dare to belittle and disregard my feelings? I deserve better than this, Caesar. We both know it.”

Caesar's demeanor shifted slightly, his smugness replaced with a flash of guilt. But soon his expression darkened as he pulled Sophia in his arms.

“You don't understand, this isn't betrayal…the divorce papers are ready…sign them and leave our lives,” he said, his voice softer now, yet no remorse in his eyes. "She has always been my love and my future…but don't worry, we'll visit my parents as a couple…but remember…she's back…you can't stay." His words pierced through her heart causing her vision to blurry.

Grace's purse slipped from her hand along with the envelope containing her pregnancy results and fell to the floor. Tears streamed down her face as the world around her began spinning. This was his gift on her birthday?

Chapter 2 Pregnant for him

Caesar Anderson was a man of undeniable charm and magnetism. With his striking looks, sharp intellect, and successful management of the family business as CEO, he seemed to have it all. Grace was convinced that marrying such a man was a stroke of luck. Despite the lack of love in their marriage, she held onto the hope that one day she would be cherished by Caesar just as she had cherished him.

“My son…you've become thinner than the last time,” Caesar's mother said cunningly and made him sit down. Meredith was known for her possessiveness over her son. Mainly because Caesar was her only son and heir to everything.

“Mom, what do you expect huh… our brother isn't happy,” This time it was his little sister who spoke, casting Grace's unpleasant glance. All hopes were soon reduced to ashes. As they gathered around the dinner table, Caesar's family, with their sharp tongues and cunning ways, made their presence felt. From his manipulative mother to his two conniving sisters, ea


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