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  • Author: Fairylove
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“W-what…what are you saying, Caesar,” Grace was in disbelief as tears lingered in her eyes. “Let's divorce Grace, she's back?” Caesar muttered coldly, shattering Grace's heart. Her grip on the envelope containing the divorce papers tightened. “This can't be… I'm your wife, and I'm…” she attempted to tell him the good news of her pregnancy. “The love of my life is back…you were just a substitute,” his words echoed in Grace's ears. She was simply a substitute and nothing else. Five years later, Grace made an entrance in Caesar's life. “You can't run away from me… I know you still love me…” “I don't love you anymore, Caesar, now let go!” Grace tried to flee Caesar's stronghold, but unfortunately, he shoved her against the wall gently. “Let me go…you're hurting…” “What are you doing to my mommy,” a small melodious voice of a little girl got Caesar's attention, he turned around only to find a little girl standing behind him with a stern expression. “Mommy?” Why was the little girl referring to Grace as mom? ~~~~ Grace always thought she had a perfect husband and happy marriage until her world shattered when Caesar's past walked through the door, disrupting their seemingly perfect marriage. A girlfriend, the love of his life, appeared out of nowhere, demanding her place in Caesar's heart. Instantly, their once-unbreakable bond crumbled, leaving Grace utterly devastated. Confusion and heartache enveloped her as Caesar made the painful request for a divorce, even when she was expecting his child. Five years later, Grace was back to where it all started. This time with a solid heart and a goal to protect her daughter.


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