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My Love For You

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"What is the use of living when you don't remember me." Emily said in a trembling voice standing on the roof top ready to jump down. "Don't be stupid and come down at once don't force me to punish you on my wedding day Emily" Abhay said in a dominanting voice. It's a story of a sweet girl Emily Roy who was in love with with Abhay Mehra. They were in love but Abhay lost his memory and started loving Emily's half sister Mia Roy. Emily was going to take her life as she was going to lose Abhay from her life. Will Abhay remember Emily and their love or will he let her die? Will he save her or.....?

Chapter 1 You don't deserve my love

“What is the use of living when you don’t remember me.”, Emily said in a trembling voice while standing on the roof top to jump down. “Don’t be stupid and come down at once don’t force me to punish you on my special day Emily”, said in an angry and dominating male voice.The angry and dominating voice was of Abhay Mehra who was going to get married today.“Please come down sister, I’m begging you don’t spoil my special day.” said Mia in a low and trembling voice which was full with worry and sadness in it.“I’m not your sister Mia, sisters do not take their sister’s boyfriend, sister don’t plot tricks behind each other.”, shouted Emily at Mia.“I hate you Emily. I hate you with my everything. You told lies to me, you tried to trick me. You did everything to make me yours but at what cost, can’t you see you are losing everything.”, said Abhay in a low yet filled with angry.“Come down Emily I might forgive you for the b*llsh*t you are pulling, but remember I will never love you, I will never love a girl like you who do plotting behind others girls. You tried to take my life, my love, my everything while forcing Mia to breakup with me.”, Abhay shouted while pointing his finger at Emily.“Why, why can’t you remember me Abhay, I was the one whom you loved, you promised me that you will never leave me and now you even don’t remember me Abhay. Tell me what should I do?”, Emily said while crying.“Emily I wish I could give Abhay to you but I really love him and he loves me too, I’m sorry but I can’t. I wish I could Emily.”, said Mia in a sad voice showing sadness. Then she saw Emily and gave her a victory smile mocking her ‘see no matter what he loves me, he is mine Emily MINE’Emily saw her mocking smile she felt as if a knife has just passed from her heart. She was feeling bad. Emily always saw Mia as her older sister no matter what tricks she played to make her life miserable, to humiliate her in front of everyone and yet she loved her older sister.“Don’t play your dirty games with me right now Mia, I got to know the real you”, Emily shouted in angry.“I always loved you Mia, I thought you as my older sister but you stabbed my back. You took my everything from me”, said Emily in low voice.“Emily I’m your sister please come down, we will talk about this after all we are family. We will make things clear, come down sister.”, Mia said in a trembling voice.“No, you aren’t my sister, you are not my family. My mother never gave birth to anyone else expect me.”, shouted Emily filled with rage. Abhay eyes became to get colder as he listened to Emily voice.Emily again shouted “Years ago your mother destroyed my mother’s life, she destroyed my family and now you are trying to destroy mine.”She hated Mia for taking away her everything, her life, her love, her Abhay. Suddenly Abhay and Mia heard Emily voice “I hate you Mia”“Don’t say AHHHHH……” Mia shouted and fell down and wrapped her arms around her stomach and started rolling on the floor due to pain. Abhay saw this scene and rushed to her side and grabbed her, pulling her head on his strong chest.Abhay asked in a worried voice “Are you fine, what’s wrong Mia.” “Ahh.. it hurts Abhay, my stomach is paining Abhay.”, Mia said in a trembling voice.Emily stood in her place and saw those scene with tears on her beautiful eyes.Emily heard Abhay shouting “It’s all because of you, because of you she shouted and now she is suffering from so much. I hate you Emily I hate you remember that”“You can see her pain, you can see her suffering than why can’t you see my pain Abhay why can’t you see how much am I suffering”, Emily said in a raised voice.“Shut up Emily just shut up, I will kill you with my bare hands if anything happens to Mia.” he again shouted at Emily.Emily started laughing at her fate, at last she lost everything her life, her love, her Abhay. She still remember those words of Abhay those promises of him.She saw her love of life, that man holding someone else in his arms and the care, love gentleness in his eyes which was filled for Mia which were hers few months back. She felt as if someone has stabbed a knife in her heart.“You don’t deserve my love Abhay Mehra.” She said with a sad smile on her face. After listening those words he looked up at Emily, before he could reply her or shout at her he saw that she took few steps back and fell down from the roof top.Emily vision was blur, she closed her beautiful eyes. Suddenly she felt that someone has caught her. She felt a pairs of warm yet strong arms was holding her. She smelled a familiar scent and then she passed out.

Simran Chaudhary.

Chapter 2 Emily with knife

Emily woke up after a long sleep. Her body was too weak she couldn’t speak a word. She felt that someone has putted tons of weight on her body. She is too weak to move her body.

She didn’t remember anything at first then things started to flash on her mind. She remembered that she fell down from the building then how is she laying on the bed. She noticed her surrounding, she saw white walls near her, saw a small window where birds were sitting and chatting to each other.

She suddenly heard a sound “Beep, Beep, Beep”, she turned and saw the machine near the then she realized that she is laying on a hospital’s bed. Door of the ward opened and a nurse came and asked her in polite voice “How are you, do you need anything then please press that button.”, she turned and saw a small red button on her left side.

Emily said in a low voice “I’m fine, thank you for asking. May I know how I came here?” the nurse replied “A man came with you. You were in his arms. He asked to a


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