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My Boss, Spoil Me

My Boss, Spoil Me

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In the first year of their marriage, her husband showed up with her best friend in his arms and aborted her baby.When she woke up from her nightmare, a god-like man held a check and said that he wanted to buy her. On the day of the divorce, he directly married her.From then on, she became Mrs. Lu, who was admired by everyone in Shen City. He doted on her and spoiled her, but she didn't know that this was just the beginning of her disaster...

Chapter 1 When Have I Ever Touched You, Bria Ferguson

"Okay, you can get down now. Congratulations, you're pregnant, just four weeks over."

Bria Ferguson took the ultrasound report handed to her by the nurse, thinking that this rounded-face nurse was as sweet as an angel when she smiled.

She had been married to Charlie Adams for a year, and her biggest wish was to have a child with him.

Charlie was a busy man and wasn't around most of the time. There's a saying about couples getting bored after seven years of marriage, but she already felt them growing apart just after one year. Now, with this child, their relationship would become stable.

Bria happily put away the report and left the ultrasound room, her heart filled with gratitude.

There were many people at the hospital entrance. She was looking down at the report, still ecstatic with joy. When she was about to go down the stairs, a soft voice suddenly caught her attention.

"Charlie, the baby moved again. You can feel him kicking me."

Bria raised her head and stared blankly at the person in front of her. She couldn't understand why Elin Gomez was holding her husband's arm so tightly, as if she was stuck to him.

One was her beloved husband, and the other was her best friend. The both of them together was so painful to look at.

When Charlie saw the person on the stairs, he was momentarily stunned, feeling uneasy.

"Bria, listen, I-"

Elin gasped in surprise. She had one hand on her stomach, while the other was still tightly wrapped around Charlie's arm.

"Bria, I didn't mean to do this to you. I'll be leaving now."

Elin turned around to leave, but before she could take a single step, Charlie ran forward and pulled her into his arms. He said, "Forget it, Elin, just tell her."

Charlie held Elin tightly as he met Bria's eyes that were filled with hurt and despair. He said,

"Bria, it's not Elin's fault. She's too perfect that I just couldn't hold myself back. At this point, let's get a divorce."

The word 'divorce' echoed in Bria's head, and her mind instantly went blank with shock.

Just only yesterday, Elin laughingly pestered her to be her child's godmother. It was only after that she found out the child was her husband's. She was boiling with rage. A few seconds later, she raised her hand and slapped Elin.

"Bria, let's not have any hard feelings. Don't make things difficult for Elin."

Charlie stopped Bria's hand, his eyes blazing.

Bria couldn't help but cry, with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Charlie, we loved each other since we were in college, and we both worked hard to make money and get married after graduating. Now, it's only been one year into our marriage, and you're telling me you want a divorce? Today isn't April Fool's Day. Please don't joke with me, okay?"

She struggled to free her hand from his grip, then grabbed Charlie's arm tightly.

Bria couldn't believe what was happening. She was a very conservative woman. Before marriage, she would be devoted to her boyfriend, and her husband became her topmost priority after marriage. From the day she got married, she was prepared to spend the rest of her life with him.

But now it had been only a year. A year!

"Charlie, say something."

She looked at him earnestly, but Charlie's detached attitude chilled Bria to the core, sending a shiver down her spine. When she was on the verge of giving up, she suddenly remembered the report in her hand.

"Charlie, you can abandon me, but how can you abandon your child? Your mother kept urging us to have a child, didn't she? I'm four weeks pregnant. Look."

She put all her hopes on the ultrasound report, and was even about to forgive Charlie.

As long as he didn't ask for a divorce, she could pretend as if nothing had happened between him and Elin.

Bria looked at him expectantly, but instead, Charlie widened his eyes as he shouted, "What? You're four weeks pregnant?"

At first, Bria thought he was excited, and her tension relaxed slightly. She hurriedly nodded. "Yes, I just found out about it. Charlie-" But, she cried out in pain.

Her words were cut off by an oncoming slap. Charlie glared at her with bloodshot eyes, his gaze murderous.

"Bria Ferguson, you b*tch, you actually cheated on me. Over the past month, no, for the past three to four months, when have I ever touched you?"

Chapter 2 It's Best to Get Rid of a B*stard Child

Charlie's yelling caught the attention of many passersby. They stared at Bria with their icy gazes.

"Charlie, what do you mean?"

She covered her cheek, looking at Charlie in confusion and sadness.

"On your birthday, I booked a room at Malachite Hotel, and we stayed there after your birthday celebration. Don't you remember?"

"What do you mean, I stayed there with you? Bria, don't f*cking plant this b*stard child on me. That day, Elin said she had a stomachache, so I left after that. I saw you were asleep, so I didn't wake you. Tell me, which man did you sleep with that night?"

Charlie's bellow stunned Bria. The ultrasound report in her hand also fell to the ground. She couldn't help but rest her hand on her lower abdomen, staring blankly at Charlie.

Elin spoke in a mocking voice. "There are quite many gigolos in this hotel. Which one did you get? At least you have to find out who the child belongs to."

"I didn't get one."

Bria let out a


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