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My Assistant is CEO!

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Emma Williams was a competent marketing manager at the technology company Parker Technology, until the day she was unjustly fired by her boss. Furious, she vented to a stranger in the elevator, questioning whether the company's CEO, Robert Parker, had any understanding of the company's actual operation. What Emma didn't know was that the mysterious man was none other than Robert Parker himself, who implicitly accepted the challenge she had thrown down. Determined to prove his CEO capabilities to Emma, Robert ordered her to be reinstated to her position. However, his plans went awry when Emma declined the offer. She had made the decision to start her own consulting firm, and with great success, she decided it was time to hire an assistant. When Robert saw the job posting, he saw an opportunity to undermine Emma's company and bring her back. As Emma taught "Bobby, the assistant," the ins and outs of her work and revealed her exceptional talent, an unexpected attraction began to blossom between them. But was it a good idea to mix business with pleasure? And when Emma found out who he really was, would she be able to forgive him? Emma and Robert will have to decide if they can overcome the barriers that separate love and business.

Chapter 1

EMMA'S POVI was in my office, in the heart of Silicon Valley, immersed in my work as a marketing manager at Parker Technology. The day was sunny outside, but my focus was on finalizing the last details for the launch of the new tablet. It was a project I had carefully planned and executed, and expectations were high.I was snapped out of my thoughts when my phone rang. It was a message from Benjamin Cook, my boss. He asked me to come to his office immediately. I sighed and closed my laptop before getting up and making the short journey to his office. Upon entering, I noticed he was sitting behind his desk with a serious expression on his face.“Emma, please have a seat,” he said, pointing to the chair in front of his desk. I complied, and my heart started to beat faster. “I have some bad news, Emma.”I looked at him, confused. “Bad news? What's going on, Benjamin?”He sighed before continuing. “Emma, we've decided to terminate your contract. You're being fired.”I was shocked. My eyes widened as I processed his words. “What? Why? This must be a mistake, right?”Benjamin looked at me with a cold expression. “No, it's not a mistake. You're being fired because of the presentation for the new tablet.”It was unbelievable. “But the presentation was perfect! I reviewed it, and I can assure you that everything was working.”Benjamin shrugged. “It might be, but I couldn't open the presentation. You know, I only know how to use PowerPoint, and this presentation was in some strange program called 'Prize.'”I was flabbergasted. The reason for my dismissal was that my boss couldn't figure out how to use the software I had used for the presentation. It was absurd.“Benjamin, this is ridiculous! 'Prize' is a standard platform for presentations here in the company. Everyone uses it. I can show you how to open the presentation in two minutes; it's very simple.”He shook his head. “No, Emma, the decision is final. I was embarrassed during the presentation because of you. You're fired. Pack your things and leave the building immediately.”My anger began to boil inside me. I couldn't believe I was being fired because of his incompetence in using basic software. I stood up abruptly, my chair scraping the floor.“This is a terrible mistake, Benjamin. You will regret this. This company is losing one of the best marketing managers it's ever had.”He didn't respond; he just looked at me with indifference. I knew it wouldn't help to argue further with him. I left his office with heavy steps, my heart filled with bitterness.As I packed my belongings, I couldn't help but feel betrayed and furious. Everything I had built in the company seemed to have been thrown away for such a trivial reason. I knew I would have to move on and find a new path, but the sense of injustice consumed me.As I walked out of the department with a box of belongings in my hands, I promised myself that I would find a way to prove Benjamin Cook wrong and that I was indeed the best at what I did. Even if it meant starting from scratch and showing the world that Emma Williams wouldn't be easily defeated.***With my box of belongings in one hand and anger throbbing in my chest, I stood in the hallway, waiting for the d*mn elevator. It was as if the building itself was mocking me, prolonging the moment when I would have to face the reality of my unjust dismissal from Parker Technology. I glanced at my box, which contained years of hard work and dedication. Now, it all seemed pointless.Finally, the elevator announced its arrival with an annoying chime. The doors opened, revealing a handsome man dressed in a stylish suit. I had no patience to be polite, so I entered the elevator without even looking at him.“Good morning,” he said with a friendly smile.I rolled my eyes and responded with a bitter tone, “Is it, though?”The man seemed surprised by my abrupt reply but persisted. “Are you here for an interview?”I furrowed my brow. “Interview? No, I'm leaving this place. And frankly, if you're here for that, I recommend not applying to this company.”He raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued. “Why do you say that?”I let out a heavy sigh and, on impulse, began to unload my pent-up frustration. “Because this company is a mess. They fired me because my boss, Benjamin Cook, couldn't open the presentation I made because it was in a different format than PowerPoint. I worked tirelessly to ensure the presentation was perfect, but my work was in vain. And you know what? They always overloaded me with tasks that weren't even in my job description. I was exhausted, and all of this just to be unjustly fired.”The man listened attentively without interrupting. It was strange to vent to a stranger, but anger and frustration had reached their peak.“Furthermore,” I continued, “I doubt the CEO of the company, Robert Parker, even knows the company's address. They shield him like he's some untouchable god. But the reality is that he has no idea what goes on at the lower levels of the company.”The man looked intrigued, and his eyes sparkled with curiosity. “Robert Parker, the CEO? Is he that disconnected from the company?”I nodded angrily. “You have no idea. They pamper him as if he were some kind of untouchable deity. But the truth is, he has no clue about what is happening at the ground level of the company.”The man tilted his head, seeming intrigued. “Do you doubt that he knows the company's address?”“Exactly,” I confirmed, my voice growing increasingly bitter. “I bet he's probably on a yacht right now on some Paradise Island, surrounded by women, without even suspecting that today was the presentation meeting for the new tablet. After all, he inherited the company, so he just goes around making decisions that affect our lives without even understanding how the business works.”The man let out a low sigh, as if processing the information I had unloaded on him. “Well, that's certainly an interesting perspective. Do you think Robert Parker should be more involved in what happens in the company?”I nodded firmly. “Absolutely. If he were more present and really knew what was going on, maybe things would be different. Possibly, I would still have my job. But what can you expect from someone who has everything handed to him, right? I bet he only thinks about his pocket.”The elevator stopped at an intermediate floor, and a company employee entered, interrupting our conversation. He cast a curious glance at us, but didn't say anything. I continued to look at the stranger, hoping he understood my anger and indignation.“I appreciate your honesty, Miss…” he asked, seemingly expecting me to introduce myself.“Emma Williams,” I replied, feeling slightly calmer now that I had vented.He extended his hand toward me. “I'm Bobby.”The elevator reached the first floor, and the doors opened. I gave the man one last disapproving look before leaving, taking my box of belongings with me. “Think twice before applying to this company. You'd be better off finding a place where your work is truly valued.”I walked away with my box of belongings, leaving the man behind. I didn't know who he was or what he was doing there, but at that moment, I didn't care. Furthermore, I just needed to vent, and that brief conversation gave me some small relief amid all the emotions I was feeling.As I distanced myself from the elevator, I knew my journey was just beginning. I had lost my job, but my determination to prove my worth had only grown stronger.

Chapter 2


The morning started early for me, as usual. I, Robert Parker, the CEO of Parker Technology, was gearing up for a crucial presentation meeting for our new tablet. Expectations were high, and I wanted to ensure that everything went off perfectly. I rose before dawn, went through my exercise routine, and had my espresso to be sharp for what lay ahead.

At exactly 8 a.m., I entered the meeting room, where my top executives were already present. Benjamin Cook, our Chief Marketing Officer, was at the front of the room, wearing a nervous expression that didn't go unnoticed. Timothy Parker, my brother and the Chief Operating Officer of the company, sat beside Benjamin. The tension in the air was palpable.

James Donahoe, our Chief Financial Officer, was poring over a stack of financial documents. He was the most reserved and serious among us, always focused on numbers and results. Nathaniel


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