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Mr. Grey my billionaire

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As Allison Clark tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she never expects to encounter a force like Oliver Grey. From the moment they meet, he exudes a magnetic charisma that is hard to resist. With his seductive charm and overwhelming self-confidence, Oliver is a hurricane that sweeps Allison off her feet. However, beneath Oliver's suave demeanor lies a possessive and jealous billionaire who believes he can control everything with his vast fortune. As he tries to solve Allison's problems with his wealth, she finds herself torn between the excitement and challenges he presents. Together, Allison and Oliver embark on a rollercoaster relationship that will make readers laugh, get excited, and fall in love with their journey. Every chapter of this beautiful love story is filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. As Allison navigates the complexities of her new romance, she must also confront the pain and disappointment from her past. Through unexpected encounters and heartwarming moments, she gradually discovers her strength and learns to trust again. In this captivating tale, Allison and Oliver's love story unfolds against the backdrop of their struggles and conflicting personalities. With their passionate connection and undeniable chemistry, they will captivate readers and leave them eager for more. Prepare to be swept away by this enchanting novel filled with love, laughter, and surprises. Allison and Oliver's journey will not only touch your heart but also remind you of the power of resilience and the beauty of second chances.

1. Prologue

- Allison's POV

I watch the TV and see two hot, hunky guys caressing and kissing the woman, who seems to be enjoying it. The two handsome guys, one brunette and the other blonde, are naked and beautiful.

They both have huge limbs and all I can do is drool over them and imagine myself being the woman. Yes, I wanted to be the lucky one standing between them, about to be f*ck*d like there was no tomorrow.

I wanted to rub myself all over those guys and feel wanted, I wanted to feel those big hands on my body squeezing me, I wanted to feel all that masculinity and all that horniness, if I doubted it, I even wanted to be spanked on the *ss, but all I do is stare at the screen and watch the naughty p*rn.

I'm staring intently at the TV when the phone rings and I'm startled. Afraid of being caught watching a dirty movie, I quickly change the channel and get up in a hurry to answer the phone.

"F*CK!" I shout nervously, still lying on the floor.

The phone rings again and I slowly get up, feeling my knees ache.

"Hello!" I shout without realizing it.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Clark, but there's a lady down here who wants to come up..." The man can't finish his sentence as he is interrupted.

"I told you, she's my daughter and I don't need to be announced or anything! I carried that girl for nine months in my belly, wiped her *ss, and breastfed her for two years! I swear, if that security guard asks me to calm down again, I'll take off my shoe and sit on his face!" I hear my mother speak nervously.

"Calm down, ma'am, I have to see if Mrs. Clark will let you in..." The boy on the phone argues.

"Look here, young man, I'm a mother, and I don't have to get permission for anything! Is Allison on the line?" I hear my mother ask and I think the boy nods because the next second I hear my mother shouting.


"Ma'am, your mother's on her way up..." I hear the man say, and I can tell by his voice that he's scared, while I don't even have time to say anything as the call is disconnected.

I put the phone down and looked around. Furthermore, I see clothes, shoes, packets of snacks, and cans of beer and soft drinks scattered around the place.

I hastily pick up my clothes without even checking to see if they're dirty and throw everything into my suitcase in the corner of the room, then I start picking up the cans and packages that are on the floor, the d*mn garbage can in the room is so small that it doesn't even fit everything. 

I'm standing there desperately trying to sort things out when my mother starts knocking on the door.

"Coming," I say, trying to hide the traces of four days of neglect on my part.


"I'm coming!" I say, looking around.

"ONE!" Mom shouts.

I look into the bedroom and the bed is a mess, there are still clothes and packages on the floor and I look at my dirty pajamas, I'm certainly a mess.

"TWO! I'M TAKING MY SHOES OFF, ALLISON!" My mother shouts and I know she's not joking. Seeing that I have no way out, I go to the door and turn the key to open it.

"Hi, Mom," I say, looking at my mother.

Her flowery, eye-catching dress is the first thing that catches my eye, then I look at her shoes, which she loves so much, and I look up at her face. I see a strong, beautiful woman with black hair, big eyebrows, and striking red lipstick, yes, this is Mrs. Sarah, my mother, who at 52 is still radiant and emanating energy, she's the strong woman I've always wanted to be, but I've never come close to being unhappy.

"Allison, what's happened to you?" she asks worriedly and before I can say anything else, she hugs me and continues. "Talk to your mother, tell her what's going on! We're all worried and Stephan is inconsolable." When she mentions the unfortunate man's name, I get out of her embrace and she closes the door.

"Mom, I'm fine, nothing's going on and I just need a few days, I told you I'm going back to work on Monday and I'm going to file for divorce." I shrug.

"Well? Have you looked in the mirror? Look at this room! Have you been drinking? My God, Allison!" My mother says, stretching out her arm and picking up an empty bottle of whiskey from the sideboard by the door.

"Mom, I..." I try to say something, but she won't let me.

"Stephan is desperate and your father is furious, let's get your things and go to your house, I'm sure that if we talk everything will settle down, a silly little quarrel is not a reason for divorce, daughter, Stephan has explained everything, he said that he is willing to no longer be on your back controlling your diet and that he will also no longer want you to go to the gym with him every day, he is a good man and he loves you, daughter..." When I hear what she's saying, I close my eyes and take a deep breath without believing what my mother is saying.

"Mom, I've already told you that love is over and I don't like him anymore, you can tell everyone that there's no going back, I'm getting divorced and that's that, nothing and no one in this world is going to change my mind," I say resolutely, not even if that son of a b*tch was the last man in the world would I stay with him if humanity depended on the two of us to continue, we'd be an extinct race.

"I don't understand! I just don't get it! A few days ago, you were great and you were happy and totally in love with him, then you went on that trip and when you came back you got stuck in this hotel room and the love just ended, it doesn't make sense, what happened on that trip, Allison? Did you meet another man? Did you cheat on Stephan?" 

Did I cheat on the b*st*rd? No. On the contrary, he cheated on me, but not in a conventional way.

"No, I'm not a cheater, Mom, and it hurts me that you think that of me," I say, annoyed that she would even consider it.

"Something happened Allison and I know you don't want to talk, I'm not stupid, and looking at you, I know you're not well. And I'm the one who's hurt because I know you don't trust me to tell the truth, Stephan is an angel daughter, he did something to you, didn't he?" 

Angel? Even the devil was once an angel.

Chapter 2

- Allison's POV

"No Mom, I told you, love is over and that's that." I lie, looking into my mother's eyes.

The truth is that I want to shout that I've been betrayed, but the shame and humiliation I feel is so great that I simply prefer to keep all the pain to myself.

My mother crosses her arms and moves her head sideways, squinting her eyes; she's no fool, but she's not going to get anything out of me.

"All right, Allison! All right! If that's what you want I can't do anything about it, but you should know that your father and I are disappointed in you, in our family no one has ever split up and it hurts my heart to see you leaving behind Stephan who I consider a son, your father is sad and hurt, you know how fond we are of Stephan, you know that his parents are in shock and that your uncles, cousins and even your sister think you've gone mad, but if that's the way you want it at least have coura


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