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Master's beloved wife. Baby come home with me

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Her happiness, to her family, is it worthless? What era are we in now that they still force her to marry a matchmaking guy she's known for less than three months? In pursuit of her own happiness, Abigail decides to run away from home. A rainy day marks the beginning of an emotional encounter. This is a story interwoven with love and adventure, filled with both humor and touching moments.

Chapter 1

On a rainy night at the end of August, Abigail huddled miserably under a bus stop sign, her whole body already soaked wet. She held her small luggage bag tightly, burying her head in her arms, so that no one could see her face. The raindrops splashed on the road, and the passing cars whistled by. The streetlights cast a bleak and cold glow in the rain.

Abigail felt cold and helpless. She didn't want to know what time it was, and she ignored the taxis that repeatedly stopped in front of her. She just wanted to stay there quietly in the rain.

Most of the drivers who passed by guessed that she might be a young girl who had just gone through a breakup. Some kind drivers stopped to ask if she needed a ride, but all they got was her cold indifference. She didn't even raise her head, just stayed there silently, as if she hadn't heard them, maintaining that lonely and forlorn posture. The drivers shook their heads in helplessness and sighed, then drove away.

Only Abigail knew that she wasn't like that because of a breakup. Her situation was even worse than that!

These past two days, her beloved family had actually forced her to marry a man she had only known for three months!

She was only twenty-three years old! This was the prime time for work and fun! Marriage?! Come on! This wasn't ancient times where adults had to get married after reaching a certain age. It wasn't even an era where marriages were arranged by parents. But her parents insisted that she marry that man! The worst part was that the man had no objections to this at all. It seemed like he listened to his parents about everything, and he might not even know if he loved her or not. He had so carelessly decided his own lifelong happiness! Was he even a man?

Men were all unreliable! Since then, Abigail had come to this conclusion.

What disappointed her most about her family was their reason for wanting her to get married - it was for her younger brother! When they were persuading her to get married, her mother had talked to her patiently for a long time, using both soft and hard tactics, coaxing and scolding her alternately. Even her father was on her mother's side. She knew they were both people who cared about face. When they learned that the man's appearance and education were both better than hers, they felt that her marriage to such a man would bring honor to the family and make them look good in front of relatives and outsiders. But they had never considered her feelings. Her mother even said that she could arrange her younger brother's wedding right after she got married!

So, all of this was for her younger brother!

What about her own happiness? Was she supposed to get married to a man she didn't even know very well like this? The man hadn't even proposed to her! How could they turn around and urge her to marry him? Was she really that bad? Her dreams of love had been torn apart by them! Was she really their biological daughter?

So, Abigail angrily packed her luggage when her family was not around and decided to leave and start living outside, far away from this home that made her feel so uncomfortable!

But when she arrived at the bus station, she didn't know what to do. She didn't have any friends she could turn to because her friends all lived with their families. Her workplace didn't provide accommodation either. If she wanted to rent a place, she would need to find a place near her company, but she didn't have much savings!

She had been too impulsive!

Abigail sat on the bus, lost in thought, and in the end, she didn't come up with any solutions. She occasionally hit her head and cursed herself for being stupid. As a result, she followed the bus and ended up at the terminal, confused and bewildered.

It was already dark when she stood aimlessly under the bus stop sign. At that moment, her phone rang. She looked at it and saw it was her mother calling. She didn't answer, just stiffly pressed the power button to turn it off.

Cold water droplets fell on her face, and Abigail looked up curiously at the sky. Instantly, the heavy rain came pouring down on her.

So, Abigail stood under the sign to shelter from the rain, until the deep silence of the night surrounded her.

She felt like a clown, living a humble life in this world, with even her parents ignoring her feelings and happiness. She had thought that with such a family and such parents, she would be the happiest person in the world. But when the truth presented itself to her in its brutal and relentless form, she realized how foolish she had been!

She still clearly remembered her mother's expression of disgust for her innocence and ignorance when convincing her, as well as her father's angry face. They had already chosen that man, so did they no longer value her as their daughter?

Fine, then let her just disappear as if she had never existed.


Abigail huddled under the bus stop sign, gradually losing feeling in the coldness that enveloped her. She was lost in her own world, where her entire world seemed black, with heavy clouds hanging low, weighing down on her and making it difficult to breathe. She felt as if she was about to suffocate!

"Hey! Are you lost? Where are you going? I can take you!" A pleasant voice pierced through Abigail's dark world like a beam of sunlight, breaking through the clouds and shining directly on her hiding in the corner.

Abigail looked up in surprise.

In the rain, illuminated by the streetlight, a helpless and terrified little face emerged, with eyes full of tears. It was like an irresistible force crashing into Michael Johnson's unguarded heart.

He hesitated for a moment before snapping back to reality. He furrowed his brow, cleared his throat, and asked loudly, "Where are you going? I can take you."

Abigail was also taken aback. She looked at him, then at his red sports car, and then lowered her head without saying anything, ignoring him.

Possibly not expecting this girl to be so standoffish, Michael Johnson felt as if he had just pressed his warm face against a cold buttock, which was irritating. He had been feeling generous and couldn't help but glance at this pitiful girl as he passed by. She looked as if she was going to stay there until the end of time.

He couldn't bear to see her stay like that any longer. Even beggars or scammers wouldn't joke about their own lives, would they? After seeing her face, he was even more sure that this girl was not a beggar or a scammer.

Three seconds later, Michael Johnson was surprised by his own actions. He had suddenly stood in front of the girl and couldn't help but ask himself, what was he doing?

Suddenly, Abigail felt an obstacle in front of her. She curiously raised her head and was surprised to see this tall and handsome guy standing in front of her. He was really tall, probably over 1.8 meters, at least a head taller than the other man.

Abigail furrowed her brow and looked at him puzzledly, asking, "Is there something wrong?"

Michael Johnson stood in front of her with an umbrella, also puzzled by her question.

He cleared his throat to cover up his own embarrassment, then looked down angrily at the girl who was still crouching on the ground. He said sternly, "I don't care why you're not going home so late, but if you want to die, please find a place where no one is! Don't ruin the cityscape here!"

Abigail felt like a thunderclap had exploded in her head. The ray of sunshine that had appeared in her world disappeared suddenly, replaced by even worse thunder and lightning.

Men were really nothing good!

Abigail slowly stood up and realized with depression that she could only see his shoulders. She raised her head to meet his gaze.

Michael Johnson looked back at her seriously. Abigail found his gaze sharp and intimidating. She had never seen such a gaze before, as if he could see through everything about her. She didn't dare to look again and turned her head away in confusion. She felt that it was really strange to be so serious with a stranger like this, so she didn't say anything and turned to leave silently.

Just like he said, if she really wanted to die, she shouldn't have chosen such a conspicuous place to do it. She should find a place where no one was.

Michael Johnson watched silently as the girl turned away in silence, suddenly feeling a sense of helplessness that he couldn't grasp.

He called out angrily, "Hey! You..."

But before he could finish, the girl in front of him collapsed slowly like in a slow-motion movie, her body falling limply onto the rainy ground...

Chapter 2

The warm sunlight spilled over the pristine white bed.

Abigail woke up slowly from her sleep, and the gorgeous ceiling above her immediately made her fully awake. She sat up abruptly, looking around uneasily.

What is this place? Everything around her was s gorgeous and unfamiliar! It seemed like she had come to a very wealthy household.

A wealthy... household!

Abigail immediately remembered what happened last night. Could it be that... she had been sold!

Upon thinking of this, Abigail unconsciously looked down at herself and was shocked to see that her clothes had been changed. She was even wearing a nightgown! She really had been sold!

Abigail rolled off the bed in panic, not even bothering to put on her shoes. She quickly opened the door, but the next second she was startled by the sight before her. Everything she saw was resplendent and magnificent! She stood there stunned for three seconds before starting to run around frantically again.


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