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Married To Her Sister's Grumpy Fiancé

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After Charlotte was thrown out by her father along with her mother from the Enfield family, Charlotte struggles to take care of her sick mother's medical On the day her mother collapses in the hospital, she is threatened by her father with her mother's life to replace and marry her step-sister's fiancé who turns out to be the scarred and crippled son of the Moore family so that they could get money to finance their family's business. In exchange, her mother's bills will be paid. Charlotte married him and decided to make their marriage work and stay away from her family, but her stepmother and step-sister would not leave her alone. This time around, she is ready to fight them with her new identify as Mrs. Moore.

Breaking news

"Breaking news, the only son of the Moore family, Dalton Moore, was involved in a ghastly motor accident last night. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, but his condition remains unknown. Nobody knows if he is dead or alive” "You see that, Charlotte? I told you that you should not worry. I would be fine, some other people are lying on the hospital bed and no one knows whether they are going to survive or not” Emily reached out to pat her daughter on the hand. Charlotte really wanted to mention to her mother that this incident happened five months ago and that Dalton did not die. He was alive until today though no one knows of his condition. Many people said that he was now scared, and his face was hideous, some said that he was now crippled and some said he was disabled. Many rumors were flying up and down but no one from the Moore family never stepped out to clear these rumors Since the Moore family controls the economy in their country and was the wealthiest and powerful family, no one dared to question them about their son. They could only spread rumors, though discreetly Before the accident, Dalton Moore was said to be the most eligible bachelor in the country. Everyone wanted their daughter to get married to him, but he never showed any interest whatsoever. He rarely came out to attend public events, he was a very private person, but the people who have caught a glimpse of him from the little events he has attended said he was a very handsome and charismatic man Charlotte knew that her mother was just trying to ask her to stop thinking too much, but she could not help but worry, her mother was the only person she had left in this whole world but now her mother was sick and needed money for surgery, but her family refused to help. She even went as far as to kneeling in front of her family's house when her mother collapsed one day, but they left her there kneeling under the rain until she fainted and went down with a high fever Charlotte shook her head to clear her thoughts, she did not want to think of her family. She has no one now after she and her mother were thrown out by her father. She needed to work hard and take care of her mother. She also needed to work hard to pay back her boss who borrowed her money when her father turned his back on her. "I know that you are better than those people but still, I have to look for money for your surgery” Charlotte smiled thinly at her mother who lay on the hospital bed with a pale face and with a drip connected to her hand "Why don't you just ask your father for help? If you tell him how critical my condition is, maybe he will help us, huh?" Emily tried to smile at her daughter and cover up the sadness on her face as she remembered her ex-husband Charlotte shook her head, she did not tell her mother what exactly happened that day she knelt outside her father's house, but she did tell her mother that her father refused to help, even if her mother kept on insisting that it was because her father did not know how critical her condition was. She knew that her mother was still so much in love with her father. After all, her mother and father were betrothed to each other from the age of five and her mother was trained to love and always support her father. She really wanted to shake her mother and tell her to stop having hope about her father and her family as they wanted nothing to do with them The Enfield family started hating on her mother right after her wedding to her father Emily was from a wealthy family and this was the reason the Enfield family entered an agreement with the Emily's family to get their children married in the future The Enfield family had always respected and treated Emily well and carried her like a princess, but all this ended when after the wedding the Emily's family offended the Moore family and the Moore's family in turn made them go bankrupt The Enfield family immediately abandoned their in-laws to save their neck from the wrath of the Moore family Even if the Enfield family started treating Emily badly, they still loved and pampered their only grandchild Charlotte, but that was until eight years ago, when Amarie suddenly showed up Amarie was a woman who was popularly known in the entertainment industry, everyone knew her to be meek and gentle, but how come she was the mistress of Hughes, Charlotte's father? She didn't even come alone, she came with a child. A child who looked so much like Charlotte and was just a year younger than she was. Her father has been cheating on her mother just a year after their marriage. The Enfield family, who like keeping a good and spotless reputation, did not want the whole world to know, so they accepted both Amarie and her daughter. That was when things changed, Amarie was quick to curry favor from everyone and turn them against Emily, who they already did not like They also began to hate Charlotte and instead preferred her younger sister, who was also as scheming as her mother. When Charlotte was eighteen, her father handed a divorce paper to her mother. And immediately she and her mother were thrown out of the Enfields family house without a penny but with just the clothes on their body. "Mom I have already told you to stop having hope, the Enfield's family has already abandoned us and the last time I went looking for my father to ask for help, he threw me out. Mom it's time you know that we only have each other, so hurry and get well” Emily relaxed back on the hospital bed, she wanted to cry, but she forced the tears back. She did not want her daughter to worry about her as her daughter already had her plate full. "I need to use the bathroom” Emily told her daughter after some minutes of silence "Alright wait, let me help you get up” Charlotte quickly stood up to help her mother from the bed After some time, she helped her mother to the bathroom and stood at the door to wait as her mother went in to relieve herself After ten minutes, her mother was still inside, Charlotte put her ear on the bathroom door and when she did not hear any noise she called out "Mom, are you done?” She knocked on the bathroom door. When she received no answer she became anxious and knocked again and called out louder this time, “Mom” When she got no reply again, she immediately pushed the door open and screamed in shock when she saw her mother lying on the bathroom floor, her face white like a sheet of paper

Enfield's family

Enfield's family mansion While Charlotte was in the hospital with her mother, the Enfield family was in disarray. They were in panic mode as the second young Miss of the house locked herself inside her room, refusing to come out on her wedding day. Bethany has been screaming six months ago about how colorful her wedding will be. In fact, everyone in the upper-class society knew that she was getting married to the only son and the heir of the Dalton's family Many women were jealous of her as she was ever always ready to brag about his name, but after Dalton's had an accident just a month later, Bethany was turned into a laughingstock as different rumors began to circulate round in the public As Dalton's fiancé, she has only seen him once and then through the pictures her father gave to her The first time she saw him, she fell in love with him. She was the one who begged her fathe

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