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Married To A Sex Demon

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"Please don't do this to me your highness, I am married with two kids please" a young maid pleaded with Kayden but he was not willing to listen as he looked deep into her eyes and soon she fell into his arms. "Yes…f*ck uhhh…more...yes…yes..I want you deep inside me…I am a wh*re please take me" the maid found herself pleading as he was mercilessly pounding into her p*ssy with his erection. She shut her eyes tightly, unable to take the pleasure and pain at the same time but he wasn't done with her yet. "You will moan some more now!" Kayden ordered as he smacked her behind causing more hot liquid to flow from her tight cumb and making her bite her lower lip.

Chapter 1 : Prey to the Demon

"Now go on your knees!!" Kayden ordered the busty maid as he shut the door behind him so his prey would have no way out of the room.

"Please your highness…please I am married with two kids'' she knelt down and pleaded with him with her palms together.

"Did I ask you if you were married..Shut up now!" he pressed her cheek as he made her look up to him still in her kneeling position.

"Now s*ck me!" Kayden ordered her again and in no time she was struggling with his belt.

Taking off his trousers she shoved his 10 inches rod in her mouth.

Kayden's manhood enjoyed the warmth as he threw his head backwards and let out a groan.

"Uhh…now that's a good girl" he bit his lower lip as he forced his manhood down her throat making her gag.

The maid vomited his rod at once only for her to notice how it had mysteriously grown two inches longer.

Kayden looked at her with his red eyes and arched his eyebrows as he grabbed the back of her head forcing his manhood down her throat once again, only this time he didn't give her a chance to release herself as he kept on forcing his manhood down her throat.

Only sounds of her gobbling up his hot meat could be heard in the room and his small groans that were making the maid wet.

"That's enough…now I want to taste that honey comb" he ordered again and she took off her clothes completely.

Exposing her soft b**bs which were so big…Kayden thought they were attractive but now they are out of her clothes he wasn't sure of how long he could hold himself back.

He tossed her on the bed and jumped on her, biting and nibbling on her n*ppl*s.

The maid began to twist her body like an earthworm that had just been poured salt as she used her hand to support his head.

"Ohhh…your…high…" she tried to moan but he put two of his fingers in her mouth.

He took his other hand and shoved three of his fingers in her honey comb while he continued his assault on the twins on her chest alternating between them.

"Hmmn…uhmm" she struggled to say as he kept using the two fingers to f*ck her mouth.

Now she's wet enough for him to devour her. She laid flat on the bed and watched as hot liquid flowed in between her legs.

He took the shirt he was putting on and forced his way into her honeypot.

"Oh!!" She moaned aloud with her eyes widened as if she had just seen a monster. It wasn't her first time but yet it was so painful to have him that deep inside her.

She wasn't sure how long she was going to last with a meat that huge

"Ohh…yes…yes..f*ck me I'm your sl*t" she cried as she wrapped her legs around him as Kayden continued to thrust in and out of her.

He honey comb was throbbing and s*x could be perceived from miles away.

She had never been so wet in her entire life as he continued to pound her.

"Uhh…I…I'm close" she cried out after 15 minutes of Kayden's thrusts but he wasn't going to listen to anything she said as he continued to slide in and out of her.

She was close and he wasn't going to pull out anytime soon as she squirted all over his meat that was still going in and out of her.

Kayden wasn't stopping as he continued his assault and her honey comb was already getting sore. He had made her c*m 4 times already and he hadn't even c*m once.

He changed the position and was hitting her from behind while he massaged the twins on her chest.

"Ohh gosh…I can't take it anymore.." the maid cried out as she felt her legs shivering and her b*bs had already started to hurt but Kayden kept on thrusting in and out of her.

He knew he was close as he went even faster and harder and soon his lust was quenched. He removed his manhood from her on time and poured his load on her *ss.

The maid laid flat and looked at him one last time before she passed out with her naked body laying on the bed.

Kayden went into the shower and took his bath…not caring if she was alright, he wore his clothes and left her laying there.

Yes that is Kayden for you, he is every woman's dream but yet everybody's nightmare.

Every girl wished they were his but once they heard his story they tried their best to avoid him but it was of no use to him.

If he sees you and he likes you then surely you must become his whether you like it or not. And eventually you will succumb to his demands and beg him for more.

Whether married or not, young or old, he wants you, you must want him back.

Kayden didn't care about what his status was and how his lust affected his reputation, he only cared about one thing and that was his satisfaction.

He is a crowned prince who can never become King until he gets married but he didn't care after all he was just 20 years old and still young.

His parents die at a young age out of mysterious causes and his father's younger brother, Alex took over as king but the throne would be handed back to Kayden only when he finally gets married.

But who would dare to marry a monster, a person rumored to be a demon in human form?

People even said he was the one that killed his parents with his powers.

He was always required to have evil powers as some married men will even hand their wives over to him willingly without having bad feelings, that is if Kayden wanted their wife.

Chapter 2 : Naughty secretary

"Is that our boss?" A new ebony employee asked her white friend who stood beside her in the hallway .The ebony girl couldn't take her eyes off him.

"Yes and don't stare at him like that, you wouldn't want him to be attracted to you," the white lady warned her friend.

"I'm sure I would, I mean look at his figure…I am sure he has six biscuits underneath that suit…just look at the way he exposed his chest…he is damn hot" the ebony girl kept on praising Kayden who was hearing everything despite being so far from where both ladies were standing.

"Six biscuits?" The white lady shook her head in confusion.

"I mean six packs" the ebony girl licked her lips as she threw glances at him.

Kayden pretended not to notice the way she was trying her best to flirt with him.

"Look, I am his secretary and just like you..I had been lusting over him but now I regret ever doing it. That guy is a


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