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Ayam princess

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  • 7.1
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Married To A Sex Demon
  • 👁 11.8K
  • 6.8

"Please don't do this to me your highness, I am married with two kids please" a young maid pleaded with Kayden but he was not willing to listen as he looked deep into her eyes and soon she fell into his arms. "Yes…f*ck uhhh…more...yes…yes..I want you deep inside me…I am a wh*re please take me" the maid found herself pleading as he was mercilessly pounding into her p*ssy with his erection. She shut her eyes tightly, unable to take the pleasure and pain at the same time but he wasn't done with her yet. "You will moan some more now!" Kayden ordered as he smacked her behind causing more hot liquid to flow from her tight cumb and making her bite her lower lip.

In Love With The Demon President
  • 👁 319
  • 7.5

"Don't try to fight it. I have not started yet, but you will surely feel it when I do" he whispered, brushing some strands of my hair to the back of my ear. He brought his lips closer to my face, brushed them against my lips, and slammed his fist on the door . "SAY YOU WANT IT!" He ordered and I shook in fear almost immediately. I stood there speechless, blinking my eyes slowly, as my brain tried its best to process the information. R*ped and abused by the president elect. Havana finds herself between a rock and a hard place, when she is offered four hundred million dollars to marry the president and keep her mouth shut. She is forced to do it, so as to save her friend's life. But, things soon take a drastic turn for her, as her marriage becomes her captivity.


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