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Lusting After Mr. Knight

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The original that hit the world running and had over 50 thousand views in less than a week, Lusting After Mr. Knight is a best-selling novel about a girl who is forced to grow up and put her big girl panties on while Lusting over the most incredibly hot man in the world. Dani as her family calls her lovingly, has always been the quiet mousy type. She lives her life through books, while everyone else lives their lives to the fullest. Always watching the world surrounding her, she never quite is able to command the attention of anyone except for her friends and family. When she finds out that she has to get a job to survive, she goes to the city and ends up working under Mr. knight. Getting more than she bargains for, in the end is she naughty or nice? Don't forget to check out my others on here. My newest on this platform is Steamy Shower Tales a collection of short sizzling tales. Also pass on the word.

Chapter 1: Dani

“Dani. Can you please come here for a second?” My mom says with a worried tone to her voice from the next room, as I wash the mud out of my plaid mini skirt.

Today, I had gone on my first date with Kelley, and it ended horribly. We were riding along the path, when suddenly the horse reared up violently and I fell off. I looked like I had never ridden before. "That’s what I get for trying to ride on her sideways." I murmur under my breath while walking out the door.

If I had gone with my instincts and straddled Jane like I usually did, I would have been just fine. Of course, it all ended with me on my *ss in the mud and feeling embarrassed about it. Of course, it had to happen on my 20th birthday.

Remembering the hungry way Kelley looked at me, I find myself shaking my head in disbelief. I just can't believe that he helped me up afterwards and then leaned forward to kiss me hard on the lips. When he did, he grabbed my breasts and then said in a husky voice, “Dani, I want you.” The moment those words registered in my brain, I backed away and ran off.

By the time I walked home, my mother was sitting on the porch staring at me in judgement. Clearly, she thought that I had f*ck*d him. But what she didn’t realize, is the fact that I’m still a virgin.

“Yeah, ma. What is it?” I ask her while thinking about taking a shower to wash off the memory of his hands touching my body.

She stares at me and doesn’t say anything at first, just stands there. My mother had always tried to make me a better person. That way I would end up with more than she did.

When I was younger, she paid for a tutor in German and other languages. I guess she figured that if I was multilingual, I could get any job I wanted to. Or live anywhere my heart desires.

What she doesn’t seem to understand though, is the fact that I don’t want to live anywhere else. This is where I grew up and where my heart wants to be, for at least the time being. Now, perhaps there will come a time when I want to move on, but till then I am happy here.

When I was younger, I always had my nose stuck in a book, and because of it I was not popular. But one day, when a new girl came into town, I finally found a friend. Since then, we have been best friends through thick and thin. Even after she found out that she was pregnant with Billy Jones’s baby.

As soon as she found out, the news spread like wildfire throughout the whole town. When her parent’s heard about it from the minister first, they sent her out of town to have the baby. Stating, “You aren’t married, and we know d*mn well that you won’t be when this child is born. So, we are doing what is best for you. After the child is born, it will be put up for adoption.”

Realizing that my mom is talking to me, I focus on her and finally hear the words coming from her mouth, “Baby, did you use protection tonight?” She whispers right next to my ear, as she leans so close that I can feel her breath on my skin.

Shocked by what she had just asked, I frown and then say while floundering for words, “Mom, no. I mean we didn’t do anything.”

Hurt by her insinuation, I should have known this was coming by the way she looked at me when I walked up the driveway. Even though she said nothing immediately afterwards, I saw the disappointment in her eyes when she saw me. It took me so long to get home, because I was caked in mud and had to walk.

Shaking my head, I close my eyes and stand there silently, because the tears pour out that have been threatening too all along. Feeling them cascade down my cheeks, I let it all out and softly sob. “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I just figured.” Her voice trails off as she takes me in her arms.

After what seems like forever, I stop crying and enjoy the feel of my face against my mother’s soft sweater. In a way I feel bad because it is the one truly nice thing she owns. It’s a chenille, baby blue sweater that her sister had given her when she married a rich man.

Eventually, I straighten up and stand tall before saying to her softly, “Ma, I need to go rinse the skirt out before the mud sets. I think I have washed it all out, but I want to make sure.”

She nods while forcing a smile and then I watch as she turns and sits back down on the porch swing. It is 9 p.m. now and I am ready to end this horrible day. So, as soon as I get this rinsed out, I head to bed because I must get up in the morning.

Once I am done scrubbing and rinsing the skirt, I clean my silk blouse as best as I can and then run them out to the clothesline. When I walk outside, I feel the coolness of the night on my hands as the blisters still burn from scrubbing so much. So much so, that when I hang up my clothes on the line, I rub them together to warm them.

When I get back in the house, I hear ma out front on the porch yelling, “Help.” Just barely in a strained voice.

Rushing to get to her, I open the front door and find her on the porch, lying with her back on the wood floor. Her face is as white as can be and she is gasping for air. She looks at me with a scared look in her eyes and then she passes out before I can do anything.

Scared beyond belief, I fall to my knees and check to make sure she is still breathing. Once I am sure that she is still alive, I stand up before running back inside quickly and grabbing my phone. After calling 911, I sit with her head in my lap and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Chapter 2: Decisions

After a long night in the hospital waiting room and several cups of coffee later, a doctor in his fifties with silver hair and glasses, finally walks out and tells me what is happening. “Are you Dani Robinson?” He asks in a very flat tone, while he checks his watch for the time.

I raise my head and glance at him over the magazine to say, “Yes. Why?” In an apprehensive voice.

“Your mother has had a heart attack and will need to stay in the hospital for several weeks if not longer. We had to open her chest and there is always the risk of reoccurring heart attack, stroke, or infection. The question is who will be paying for this? Our insurance department has informed us that she does not have any.”

My heart sinks when I hear the news because there is no way I can come up with thousands of dollars. The only money I have is from my part-time job at the creamery down the street from here. If they made me a manager, maybe I could swing it, but otherwise not in a million y


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