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Lustful Delicacies

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[Erotic compilation of short stories] "Come sit on my lap and we will talk about the first thing that pops up!" He tapped over his thigh while grinning, she could clearly see the bulge in his pants. "Oh? And what is that?" She playfully walked over him and stood there, lifted his face from chin as she licked her lips. "Come sit down, and you will get the point." He winked and pulled her closer from waist as the woman landed over his lap and something hard touched her thighs. •••• - Compilation of s*x stories. Each chapter is a separate story.

Bar seductress

[Female lead name: Marcella]

[Male lead name: Anthony]


The deafening pop music echoed in the hall which was lit with purplish pink lights. The gasps and moans were frequently resonating among the customers. The 'desire' bar was occupied with plenty of perverts and people with uncontrollable sexual urges. Since it was a special weekend session held every Saturday, a man was out there on the loose waiting for a particular dancer. Anthony sat there at the end of the hall, where a few men had their dicks hanging out of their jeans and the rest were sitting completely naked; Anthony was the only man who confidently sat there fully clothed.

The bar provided the special yet lenient perks to their customers, hence it was not an odd thing for the naked men of all ages to sit there with the blatantly lustrous gazes. However none of them was allowed to touch any dancer, it was the only condition which came with the permit to the bar. The loud music which was equally beating as of their hearts and throbbing cocks, did not make Anthony divert his attention from the particular woman.

A gorgeous woman who was no less beautiful and tempting than a succubus herself, was dancing on the floor with her eyes frequently glancing in Anthony's direction. Marcella had been seeing him since he had arrived, the man never booked any other day when she was not on the shift. The pattern of Anthony's arrival was obvious that he used to visit only for Marcella, however what irked her deeply was his behaviour and intent stare.

'What does he even want from me? He never plays with himself or even ejaculates, yet visits every week.'

She glided around the long thin pole by wrapping one leg around it, as the woman leaned in with her naked upper body. Marcella was one of the best dancers who was naturally blessed with an hourglass figure, which was the major reason why she was placed on the front to satiate men's hunger. She took a turn as her naked mounds jiggled, her confused stare travelled back towards Anthony, who was still staring at her without blinking. The man did not fail to make her awkward yet wet, Marcella could potentially feel her lower inner muscles clenching. However it was a sneaky play from the authorities of the bar, who prevented the dancers from going stark naked. The girls were allowed to remove upper body clothing if they wanted to earn more money.

'Just look at him, huh. He seems unmoved by this whole dance and the atmosphere. Then why does he even bother to come here? Don't tell me he is impotent.'

She assumed all the possible conclusions while swaying over the floor, Marcella became curious why did Anthony bother to come when he could not even get hot. Hence she decided to tease him so his money would not go waste, however deep down it just put her into triumph that perhaps she was unable to excite him. Marcella took it as an insult and was bothered by it, thus deciding to incite Anthony to fulfil the non existent challenge. Marcella stood on front of the pole and leaned against it as she put her head back a little.

The woman slowly trailed her hands on her waist and travelled them upwards towards her breasts. Marcella squeezed them a bit and took her n*ppl*s in between two fingers to pinch them, she moaned and seductively licked her lower lip while looking at Anthony. The man was taken aback by her advancement and the sudden focus on him, he had been trying hard to get her attention. Growls and whistles resonated in the hall as the men began to stroke their dicks vigorously. Marcella was well aware of her popularity and it really amused her that men drooled over her body and loved her ginger wig with dark makeup. The woman squeezed her left breast a bit more and lifted it so her mouth could reach it, she flicked her tongue over the nipple and then rolled it around to make it wet. Anthony on the other hand experienced a hardness in his jeans, although it stunned him that she finally noticed his presence and was perhaps giving him a special treatment or was it all in his head?

Marcella hopped off the dance floor and walked towards him with a teasing expression. Whereas every other man present in the hall wanted to touch her but refrained from breaking the rules to avoid getting kicked out and banned. But the envious gazes were evident and the heated stares were darted towards Anthony who did not move an inch. Marcella' ginger hair fell onto his shoulder as she sat into Anthony's lap, she wrapped her arms around his sturdy shoulders. The woman's thin black lacy underwear rubbed against his throbbing jeans, Marcella moved over his lap gently sliding her p*ssy over his c*ck. Anthony could not hold himself back and threw his hands at the back of his head to avoid breaking the rules of the bar. However the seductive woman was not willing to leave him alone since Marcella had always been curious why the man kept his d*ck inside his jeans, and how was it even possible for a man to keep calm knowing that he had never ejaculated even upon seeing half naked women.

"Are you liking it, mister?"

She whispered to Anthony as Marcella leaned in and gently rubbed her fingers at the back of his head, no wonder she knew how to excite him without doing excessive stuff. The man smirked and nodded as he let his body loosen so she could play as she had wanted. Marcella giggled and moved over him with her black stockings disclosing her gorgeous skin. The woman felt his jeans getting wet and stood up rom his lap, Marcella moved at the back of the chair and seductively slipped her hands on his tummy from behind, she trailed upwards towards his torso while attempting to unbutton his shirt. The very same gesture made all the other customers groan and sigh in sadness because the bar preferred to give all the authority to chose the nature of the services to the workers. After she was done unbuttoning the woman danced towards the front and knelt in his legs, she slid down his pants as Marcella looked up at him with dreamy eyes and settled to pull his brief a bit down as he lifted his *ss up.

Anthony waited for her to touch his shaft and as soon as the woman took the tip into her mouth, he experienced a gush of emotions and heat in his body. The soothing sensation clouded his mind that the man did not want her to stop sucking his hardened glory. The noise of her warm mouth and his dripping c*ck colliding together resonated in the room. Marcella took out his c*ck from her mouth and a trail of her saliva and his releases joined her mouth and his tip.

"Do you like it, Anthony?"

It came off as surprise to him that she was aware of his name and had actually put effort into finding his name. Nonetheless he nodded and wanted to grab her hair while Marcella opened her mouth with tongue sticking out.

"Give me, please."

As much as he was surprised upon seeing that it wasn't his dream, the new situation made him realize that the feelings to have each other's body was mutual. He shoved his throbbing crotch into her mouth without wasting any minute.

Marcella excitedly positioned herself before taking his d*ck inside her salivary mouth. Her muscles tightened to squeeze out his love juices, his loud growl resonated and it pricked Marcella's attention who was busy into giving him a blowjob.

The seductress had kept him terribly busy and occupied with her tricks. Anthony pulled out his c*ck after emptying into her mouth, Marcella glanced towards the his panting gaze and stuck her tongue out. The man arched his back and stroked his d*ck harder to c*m all over her naked breasts and face, Marcella leaned in and took a bit of his release into her mouth. She licked her lips and put her own finger into her mouth while swallowing his release, which made Anthony become hard once more. Marcella chuckled and gestured the bar manager who meaningfully nodded, Anthony was confused about the whole thing but her later words excited him even more.

"Do you want to touch me, mister?"

She pulled him by collars and signaled Anthony to lay down on the floor, whereas the rest of the men present in the hall wailed like abandoned puppy. Anthony's dream was finally becoming true now that he did not wait any moment further to touch the woman of his dreams. Marcella held his face in both hands and thrust her lips onto his, and bit his lower lip to force her tongue inside.

Anthony pushed her down on the floor by applying pressure on the shoulders, as he grabbed her breast and squeezed then while flicking his tongue over her n*ppl*s, Marcella could not help but arch her back with the strange touch of that man which made her dizzy and wet in between her shivering thighs. Anthony showed his expertise and made sure her every single cell would feel his tongue and lovely touch. She didn't want to admit that his touch was not disgusting and lustrous instead the man was literally worshipping her. He slowly kissed and ran his hands down the insides of her thighs, slowly letting her legs slide over his shoulders.

When his mouth reached Marcella's vertical wet lips, he ran his tongue in-between them as Anthony's naughty hands ran over the sides of her slim waist, up to grab and fondle her breasts. Anthony slowly lick around her labia and moved to focus over her cl*t, making Marcella's toes curl at the burst of pleasure from the direct attention. He squeezed her breast and pinched the n*ppl*s as he used his tongue to like all of her dripping p*ssy, making her back start to arch more as she leaked a bit in excitement. He groped her breasts harder and then increased the speed as Anthony licked around her cl*t, but occasionally pushed his tongue inside her p*ssy. The bursts of pleasure caused her to squirt in his face, and that drove him crazy, making Anthony put his entire mouth over her p*ssy as he s*ck*d and licked her hot juice.


Marcella shouted in pleasure and panted heavily upon the intense orgasm which brought her to the edge of bursting. After they both were done the other men ejaculated in the air, painting the whole room in white c*m. The bar manager and the rest of the workers were elated with the results which indicated more money. However Anthony got up from the floor and flung his arm out to support Marcella whose legs were terribly shivering. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled Marcella only to whisper something in her ear which made her blush.

Fox cosplay

[Male lead name: Daniel]

[Female lead name: Kayla]


Outside the decent apartment in the basement, the chilling snowflakes were falling like any other usual day. The whole road was covered with white snow till six inches, which could freeze anything except the emotions of a couple madly in love. Daniel was playing team fight tactics with his friends online, his cursing was heard all the way around the apartment because the duo stayed all alone in their love nest.

The man was heavily inspired by animes and mangas, which justified his attire having nezuku chan on his pyjamas and some hentai on his grey shirt. Now you will ask me here, what did even Kayla like about him? The answer is Daniel's expertise in where to use the words, the man was good at choosing it but never abused his skills which made her swoon over him like crazy.

"Fuck! No, no you can't defeat me like this."

Daniel's cussing resonated in the room whic


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