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Love for ex-wife

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Ex-husband and wife reunite after a painful divorce that left them forever scarred... Can a warm love melt an icy heart? If there's one mistake Emily regrets in her life, it's falling in love with her ex-husband, Darius. In her youth, she gave him sincere love, but he took advantage of her and hurt her. So she promised herself that she would never see him again. She kept her distance, withdrew, and became timid. She makes sure her world is completely separate from his. Until the company she was working for had a crisis and was sold to the largest real estate company in City X. That was Darius' company. As if that wasn't enough of a threat to her peace, CEO Darius even decided to prioritize the project Emily's team was working on. That means they will have to meet regularly. It all started five years ago. In Darius's mind, there is only one thing... revenge. He will reclaim everything his father lost five years ago. He finds every way to achieve his goal even while using his childhood friend as a pawn. He did it without hesitation. Emily may be a necessary sacrifice in the process. But does he regret it?

Chapter 1 Plan

Darius tapped his fingers on the wooden table. His patience is running out. Everything he worked so hard for over the past four years is slowly unfolding before his eyes. After all those years of planning, finally, everything is ready. The cherished plan will now be implemented. Finally, after years of only talking and working from the background, he was now able to go to the front and fight. But the battle will not be direct. He will slowly get what belongs to him. One by one, he will reclaim it all.

Sitting opposite Darius is Uncle Patrick. He is 50 years old but from the outside, he still looks healthy, looks like he is about 40 years old. Nolan, Darius' closest cousin, stood by the window looking out. Aylmer, Nolan's younger brother, stood with his back against the door.

"The time has finally come," Aylmer said holding the yellow invitation card. "I never thought they would invite us."

"We never revealed any suspicions from four years ago. They don't know that we blame them for everything that happened." Nolan added.

Four years ago, that was the year that Darius' father passed away. He committed suicide because the company went bankrupt. He lost everything, his stocks, his money, and his reputation. It was a difficult time in Darius' life. A lot of bad things happened one after another. It was Uncle Patrick who pulled him up. It was difficult to face tomorrow while he endured this pain in his heart. He also wanted to end his life. But he can't. He must reclaim everything his father lost. That is the only justice.

At his father's funeral, Darius wanted to kill everyone who dared to visit. People were involved in the conspiracy that led to the collapse of his father's company. They cried and mourned for his late father as if they had done nothing wrong. But Darius knew who they were and what they had done.

"You can't show them, Darius. You can't show them how angry you are. You can't give them something they can use against you. How do you get justice for your father if you show them you are their enemy? You have no status and connections. You will fail. We need time. And we need them to think that you are not a threat Threatening. That way, they won't be on guard until we're ready to fight."

Those words from Uncle Patrick made Darius act as if he knew nothing, like he was a child who had just lost his father, harmless and a little pitiful. But inside him, a fire of anger was boiling, just waiting for the right moment to burn everything down.

"With this invitation, Darius, you know what you have to do, right?" Uncle Patrick said.

Darius nodded. What needs to happen, he will make it happen. He has a goal and his eyes are always fixed on it.

"I'll be at that party. I'll be sure to talk to Emily." Darius spoke firmly. "I'll make sure she enjoys our conversation. Before that night is over, I'll have another plan with her. She won't be able to go anywhere."

Uncle Patrick nodded. "That's good. Very good. Just focus on the goal, Darius. Don't let anything distract you. From now on, our plan will be given the green light. Don't look back." can only move forward."

Aylmer walked towards the table and placed the invitation on the table. Uncle Patrick stood up. "I have to go. If you have anything, please call me."

Uncle Patrick left the room. Aylmer sat down where his father had just left. Nolan sat next to Aylmer.

"What now?" Aylmer asked. "Are you going to do that? Are you going to marry her?"

Darius is currently the CEO of Polaris Corporation. His eyes narrowed, questioningly. "You doubt my loyalty to our plan?"

"No. Not your loyalty." Aylmer waved his hand. "But Emily, she's your childhood friend, right?"

"That's right," Nolan replied instead. "But what does that mean?"

Darius leaned forward. "Isn't that an advantage? She knows I'm a good boy from childhood. A friend occasionally helps her with her studies. I think all that will help me trap her in marriage."

Nolan kept looking at him without being convinced.

"What's going on with you two?" Darius nodded. "We've been planning this for a long time. I won't destroy the plan, don't worry."

"You and Emily are very close. She always followed you around when you were both kids." Nolan is skeptical. "What if she loves you?"

Darius closed his eyes for a second and sighed. "Everything back then is gone now. You know that well. When I transferred schools, Emily and I lost touch. We hadn't talked since middle school, since we were 15 years old. The next time I saw her was when she and her father came to visit my father. You probably know what happened after that."

That day, he couldn't look Emily and her father in the eye. How could he? That man - Emily's father was the mastermind behind his father's death. He cannot look at them nor express his anger and hatred. So he did the safest thing and stared at his father's photo, completely ignoring them.

"I don't think we're friends anymore. Emily and I, we're like strangers." Darius said.

"So you say you don't care if she loves you or not?" Aylmer asked. "Because that's part of the plan. To gain her trust, you need to make her love you."

"I don't think it matters. You know me. I can make any girl fall for me."

Nolan grimaced. "She will be hurt once you take everything away from her father. The last thing you get is a divorce from her. Is that what you want?"

Darius sighed. That is inevitable. Even if Emily gets hurt in this plan, Darius still has to do it. She will move on after the divorce. She may never forgive him but she will live like he has lived these past four years. Emily is a necessary sacrifice if he wants his plan to succeed.

"Does not matter," Darius said, as if it were obvious.

"Really?" Nolan asked.

Chapter 2 Party 1

"Real," Darius replied. "Why don't you two focus on what needs to be done, while I take advantage of Emily? Stop doubting me."

Nolan bit his lip. "So what if you love her?"

Darius' eyes widened and then he smiled. "Are you crazy? That won't happen. She's not my type. I don't choose the sweet type, remember my standards? My woman must be sexy and hot. Sweet Emily likes candy. This is not appropriate."

Over the years, Darius has had many women around him. He has never had a girlfriend. No, it should be said that he won't have a girlfriend. But his bed is never empty whenever he needs company or even when he doesn't want it.

And really, each of those women are hot and sexy type. Most of them are older than him. They are women who know what they want, sexy, seductive, and experienced. They came to him like fireflies to a lamp.

“Is that the real reason?” Aylmer asked again. "The


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