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It ends with you

It ends with you

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David Davenport a poor farmer lost his land and his money loving wife to his greatest enemy Eugene Sanders. He plans his revenge 23 years later, letting his son fool around with his enemy's daughter and bringing them to ruins. Little did he know that the mushroom his son ler to escape would come again for revenge. David Davenport a poor farmer lost his land and his money loving wife to his greatest enemy Eugene Sanders. He plans his revenge 23 years later, letting his son fool around with his enemy's daughter and bringing them to ruins. Little did he know that the mushroom his son ler to escape would come again for revenge.

Chapter 1


I had always been a sucker for men with accents and blue eyes. Still, I didn't expect to fall for someone with the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen and the sexiest Russian accent. While my hands were petite and soft, his were large and rough.

I wished for a prince charming who would sweep me off my feet, but I got one who pressed a barrel on my head at first sight.

Renzo was ruthless, calculating, and vile. He was mine!

Chapter one

Sunshine POV

"I am beautiful," I tell myself, sounding less confident than I need to be. It was the stress getting to me.

My boyfriend, soon-to-be fiancé, is going to propose to me anytime that night. I can feel it. I have seen all the signs. It is happening—everything I ever wanted. In the most perfect month, July

I love this month. My mother married my father this month. And I am going to be a fiancé this month. I am going to get married next year this month. It will be grand and luxurious. I have already been searching for wedding dresses, and I found the perfect one. It fits me in all the right places, showing off my curves.

My mom said I looked like Cinderella in that dress. I feel like her too. She married the best and most handsome man in the world at the age of nineteen and so will I. I am blessed. Spencer is nice; he loves and respects me, my family, and the line of work I am in.

Taking out my Kindle, I look at my last read,' The NoteBook' by Nicholas Sparks. This version has the previous cover of the book(the one with the staircase and front yard). It is the first romance I ever read and my favorite.

Taking a deep breath, I dab my royal blue off-shoulder dress. Stylishly shredded at the hems, with teardrop diamonds scattered around.

Through the mirror, I glance over my bold red lipstick, my lovely make-up, and my mother's diamond drop earrings. She wore the night Dad proposed. I feel my legs shaking on my four-inch heel. I would wear six inches, but Spencer has some insecurities about being five feet seven, while I am five feet six.


This is what it's called.

"Will you take the whole day in the Princessa?" Annie, one of the patients at my old age home, calls from outside the bathroom. She was the first person to tell me the news of the proposal, and then yesterday Spencer texted me to meet him at his restaurant some miles away.

Also, we share a Facebook account, and I noticed he was liking photos of wedding rings and dresses.

"One moment, please, Nana." I plead with her as I reapply my red lipstick. It is something I do when I am nervous. Once again, I flip my dark blonde hair, which is waterfall-style braided with flowers.

Opening the door, I spin around, letting the onlookers be in awe of my beautiful dress. " Ta-da!"

Walking forward in slow steps, Annie is the first to praise me. "Mona Lisa doesn't hold a candle to you, precious."

"Thank you, Nonna. You are my favorite!" I tease the rest, pulling Annie for a hug.

The five other elderly women protested at once, hurt by my favoritism. "Hey!"

I giggle, smiling widely. "Just kidding."

In an instant, I let go of Annie and hugged the other women so tightly that I feared my happiness could kill them. They have been my world these past few months in California. I don't have anyone in this city and only moved to Killian.

I feel someone tug at me lightly. Then a sharp voice scolded, "Don't you dare cry!"

"Am I crying?" I laugh, wiping the tears brimming in my eyes before they could stream down my face.


I arrived at the restaurant thirty minutes earlier. The outside is glittering with decorations and beautiful lights. Blinking, I force my happy tears into my eyes.

This is it.

My HappY Ever After.'

"Thank you, Annie." I thank the old lady in her early eighties for choosing to drive me here rather than taking a nap in her room. She is the grandmother I never had. I love her. Without realizing it, I blurted out, "I love you."

I watch her face contort, in fake disgust, rolling her green eyes. "You make me sick, girl. Go get him, tigress!"

"I will! " I cackled loudly, smiling sweetly at the woman. Picking up my blue designer purse, I hop out of Annie's gray G-wagon.

Humming the song 'Happy' by Will Ferrell I make my way to the revolving doors of the place.

Before I could step in, a man stopped me. He is dressed in the attire of the guard. "Ma'am, you can't go in."

Exhaling a laugh, I look at him, my lips curling into a smile and my hands on my hips. "Why?"

He said it plainly, hands crossed behind his back. "Because the owner closed it down tonight. To have a private dinner with his girlfriend."

"Dude, I am his girlfriend," I laugh out, placing a hand on his shoulder. Realizing myself, I gained a straight posture, adding " Spencer is my boyfriend and he asked me to come."

A wave of confusion flashes in his eyes; his brows shoot up before falling slowly. As if inspecting my features, he denies, "No. He is not."

"I am." I can't help but raise my voice. This is supposed to be the third-best night of my life. (Second: my wedding to Killian; First: the birth of our triplets.) Inhaling, I try to smile. "I am Spencer Smith's girlfriend, Sunshine Rose Jules."

I hear the sound of flats slapping the gray marble floor. I turn my head to find a waitress carrying a bucket of ice and champagne. Seeing me, she asked, "What is happening here?"

She is Mila. The waitress who served me the last time I was here took long strides to meet her. "Hi Mila, it's me. I was invited by Spencer."

"Why will he invite you too?" I hear her mumble under her breath. Her brown eyes meet mine, and I see pity in them. She practically jogs to the man I saw earlier. They exchange words and throw glances at me.

I look at them suspiciously and ask, "What is happening?"

"Nothing." She pressed her lips together, avoiding eye contact. It means she is lying. Sharing a glance with the guard, they both say it as if rehearsed. "Boss Spencer Isn't here tonight. He already left."

Scowling, I protest "He said Spencer booked the entire... is he cheating on me? Is there another woman in there?" I ask sternly, my sixth sense kicking in. This is not possible. Tonight is supposed to be perfect.

"No. " They lie in unison, swallowing hard. I notice the waitress's hands trembling.

Walking to them, I begin to barrage them with questions like, "Where is he? Who is she? Is she someone I know?"

"Ma'am, he isn't here." The brunette insists in a more firm voice than before. I toss a glare at both of them through the tears forming in my eyes. It is probably a misunderstanding. Spencer loves me too much to cheat. Never!

Wiping the tears rolling down my cheeks, I commenced down the hall. Reminiscing about our time together. I left everything for him—New York, my parents, friends, and my work as an assistant to a famous designer.

Two freaking years. It is not much, but he has been the only one. I love him so much.

The sound of heels of the two people behind me is buried under my memories with Spencer. Please, God, this should be a prank. Like that proposal video I watched last week.


Oh my gosh. My lips part at the nauseating scene in sight.

Spencer and Blondie are kissing intimately in the center of the room. He is wearing a purple tuxedo, and his hair is tied in a low ponytail. While his date is wearing a matching body-hugging dress, They are kissing more intimately, with his hands running up her back.

The seats were vacated, leaving a huge space with a candlelight dinner in the center. Beautiful red petals lead up in a red carpet trail to the seat.

At a corner stood a violin artist playing a lovely tune. The atmosphere is so romantic and smells good because of the scented candles.

It makes me remember.



Three weeks ago

I sat on the hood of his red Lamborghini, licking my favorite ice cream. Spencer's light blue eyes met mine, and we froze. It was our thing, acting like star-crossed lovers. Spencer is averagely handsome, with a beard and a man bun.

His finger brushed my lower lip wet with ice cream. He glanced up at me, love filling his eyes. "What do you think the best proposal is?"

Hearing this made my heartbeat rise. I exhaled, trying to look calm. "Anything extraordinary. Something with effort, if a man books an entire hotel for me in a sweet candlelight dinner with petals of red roses on the floor and a violin artist at the corner. I will say yes to him every time."

"Even if the hotel's service is bad?" He joked, taking my hands in his. I like our touch; his hands are a little bigger than men and soft. Perhaps even softer than mine.

I laugh hard, rocking my head back. Pressing our heads together, I whispered, ''Yeah, even if the service is bad. As long as our love exists. Nothing else matters."

Our eyes crashed again, and his lips pulled into a wide smile. "Nothing." Yanking me for a hug,he added ''I love you, Sun."

"Lots of love, Spencer!" I replied softly with a smile.


Fiercely wiping my tears, I yell, striding to separate the two lovers, ''Spencer!".

Chapter 2

* Chapter 2 * : It ends with you

I sneak through the kitchen then to the parking lot where I enter his car.

" What took you so long?" Nickolas asked as he sees the worry expression on my face.

" Let's leave already " I responded sinking within.

It might not be the first time we have done this but it's scares me all the time. What if my father finds our,that his picture perfect daughter has been sleeping with a guy for six months now.

Someone who has never openly said he loved her but only accepted he enjoys her company.

" Come on smile Precious. It was boring in there " he raised a brow then smiles revealing his dimples. He looks extremely good looking at the moment,I can not help but fall in love over gain.

" Can we leave?" I say plastering a fake smile.So fake , I know he will notice.

Shockingly,he leans and places a sweet kiss on my lips then pulls on my lips before letting go.


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