It ends with you

It ends with you

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Rophine writes
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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David Davenport a poor farmer lost his land and his money loving wife to his greatest enemy Eugene Sanders. He plans his revenge 23 years later, letting his son fool around with his enemy's daughter and bringing them to ruins. Little did he know that the mushroom his son ler to escape would come again for revenge. David Davenport a poor farmer lost his land and his money loving wife to his greatest enemy Eugene Sanders. He plans his revenge 23 years later, letting his son fool around with his enemy's daughter and bringing them to ruins. Little did he know that the mushroom his son ler to escape would come again for revenge.

Chapter 1

* Chapter one *

" So how long do you plan to stay in Veni?" I use my fingers to caress the lips of my glass and then lick my lips flirtatiously.

The Minister's wedding anniversary may be occupied with over a thousand influential people excluding staff yet I can feel the weight of his burning gaze. Never mind, I place my hand on my occupant's shoulder as I pester Zayn. He does not seem to mind or perhaps he is clueless that I am just using him. Though I feel bad I need to make Nicholas jealous, it is high time. He can not be the only one allowed to flirt with other girls.

His blue eyes look down at me and his hand subconsciously pushes his logs behind. " I think permanently. That is if I take over the family business "

Despite not getting the words leaving his mouth I still humph thoughtfully.

" What about you?" Zayn asked politely.

My eyes deem at his words. Then I bob slowly checking If Nickolas is still staring from the corner of my eyes and I can not find him so I bite my lips.

" Nothing for sure. Depends on the Senator. I may or may not continue to further my studies abroad " I say bringing out my phone.

I know is rude as I am talking to Zayn but I can not help it. I need to locate Nickolas before he does something stupid.

" See you later," I say effortlessly.

And without waiting for Zayn's response.

[ Where are you?] I don't even have to wait for his reply because he replied.

[ Now you care? Were you not flirting with Mr. Nice.]

I smile licking my lower lip

[ Are you jealous?]

[ Why would I be? You are mine not his. ]

[ Hmm]

[ We should leave]

[ Not yet. The Senator has not given his speech ]I reply with a frown. Then keep my phone as a way to greet the guest, as the brush passes me.

[ Who knows when your father will finish his dumb speech! I am leaving, meet me if you want to]

As always he does this. He knows if he leaves I will not stay.

[ Wait for me. Where are you?]

[ On the terrace with the jacuzzi]

I blink repeatedly. This will not end well.

[ Humph :)]

Soon after associated with and made my presence known to every guest. I head to the terrace using the elevator when I heard.

" Precious! Where are you heading to?"

It was my mother, also known as the Senator's wife. I turn slowly smiling lightly. " Fresh air mom"

She looks at me scrutinizingly. Then her gaze settles on my handless red sexy mini dress with the jacket tied on my waist.

" Did Susan dress you like this?" I can hear the disappointment in her tone.

I nod pressing my thighs together.

" Tell her not to. I am not raising a slut. Our family has a name to keep and as our daughter, it is your sole responsibility"

A weird smile spread on my red-painted lips. " Sure mom. I am sorry"

" Fine " She heads to leave but halts in her steps. Then my mother turns with a deadly glare.

" Keep away from the alcohol" she warns pointing her index finger at me.

She knows me too well. However, I will have to ignore her this time. I need alcohol because I know I am going to sin and I need an excuse.

Instantly, I rush to a corner. A waiter walks back and I gulp three shots.

Now I am ready, I enter the elevator and pray no one sees me. If anyone sees me then it would be scandalous. The media would kill for such gossip.

The elevator stops at the last floor terrace. I am welcome by the wind as it pushes all the pins of my hair and I begin to pin the strands behind my ears slowly while my eyes scan the room.

" Nickolas... Nickolas"

He pulls me into his chest from nowhere. It is as solid as I remember from our first time. His green eyes pin me beneath him as he looks down at me.

" Took you long enough," he said in a throaty laugh.

" I-i" My words are swallowed by the look he gives me. I don't like it, it makes me wet and I feel dirty.

" Don't even think about it?" I warn him sternly walking away to the railings.

I hear him laugh comically, " Ohh. Why are you here then? Rather you could be occupying that ..."

" Zayn?" I chuckle facing him. " Zayn is a nice guy. Did I mention his family is coming to see mine next week__ "

Nickolas smiled faintly then takes steps forward crossing his hands behind his back as if restraining himself. " So?"

I swallow my words and move away from him. Just to be safe lol.

Not in this building; we will be caught for sure. He would not understand this, so I better leave.

On my way out, he blocks my path and raises my chin with two fingers.

I get lost in his green eyes, my heart races and my mouth salivates at his lips. He enjoys this so much that he waves his tongue on his lips to tease me. After he inquires " Why in a haste?"

My eyes inadvertently look away, " I need dad is. " I just can't find the right lies. So I press my lips together awkwardly.

I see him run a hand through his wavy auburn red hair " Dad? Weird!!. I thought he was only the Senator to you. "

To this, I roll my eyes to the left.

He then asks " Your dad is not going to satisfy you, is he? No one can!"

What is the nerve on this guy? I turned away beyond upset.

Unfortunately, he grabs my hand and pins me to the wall. Seeing the tempted expression on my face, a mug smile spread on his lips. His face neared mine and enlarged in my vision. I could feel his minty breath waft over my face. His gaze fall on my lips and I subconsciously bit them. From the reflection of his eyes, I can tell he is as turned on as I am. He leans closer so much so that I could feel his big brother hardened. My insides get hot and I feel like the walls are closing in. He takes over my lower lip, licks, and pulls earning a long moan. In less than seconds, he had his tongue in every spot in my mouth while his hand go to restricted areas of my body.

Gosh! I can't resist him when he does this. I begin to reply to his kiss. I kiss him deeper, wrapping my arms around his neck. Aiming for all of him. I need it!! He carried me on his waist pinning me harder on the wall. My back curls at his gesture and I let out a long moan as I feel his hand roam from the hem of my dress to my thigh, where my needy clit lies.

Then I hear my dress zipper.

I pulled away with difficulty, as I wish it have him in me ASAP " N-nt here. We might g-get caught"

He does not stop. But continues to move his lips on my neck.

" N-Nickolas"

It seems the weary in my voice got to him. He stops instantly and stared at me intently

" Then at my place!"

I hesitate for a while sure. " Go start the car. I will be there in fifteen"

After another round of spicy kisses, he leaves. I breathe in and out, then pull up my panties then pull down my gown.

How can I get out of this? My knees are weak already.

The phone in my bag begins to ring. I take it out and walk to the railings.

"Malti!" I say breathlessly

She is my best friend slash roommate." Hi! How is the party? Nickolas told me you will be staying at his place tonight."

Subconsciously, I press my thighs together as I feel my cheeks flush.

" Hmm," my voice is barely audible.

" Good night then. Have fun and please be able the walk this time"

Hearing this, I bite my lips mortified. Did she just say that?

" What rubbish Malti? Your mind is corrupt" I pretend to be mad while hating myself in my head.

" Corrupt or not. You will not return from his place in one piece. We both know that" she says then ends the call it's a loud giggle.

Chapter 2

* Chapter 2 * : It ends with you

I sneak through the kitchen then to the parking lot where I enter his car.

" What took you so long?" Nickolas asked as he sees the worry expression on my face.

" Let's leave already " I responded sinking within.

It might not be the first time we have done this but it's scares me all the time. What if my father finds our,that his picture perfect daughter has been sleeping with a guy for six months now.

Someone who has never openly said he loved her but only accepted he enjoys her company.

" Come on smile Precious. It was boring in there " he raised a brow then smiles revealing his dimples. He looks extremely good looking at the moment,I can not help but fall in love over gain.

" Can we leave?" I say plastering a fake smile.So fake , I know he will notice.

Shockingly,he leans and places a sweet kiss on my lips then pulls on my lips before letting go.


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