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If I Leave Tonight

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December has lived her life like a villainess and regrets it until she is given a chance to relive her life and fix her mistakes. When she travels back in time she wants to fix her mistakes and let go of the person she once loved. But when she meets him again all the past emotions she had for him, come back and her heart races just like to do the first time she saw him. She tries to slowly fix her mistakes and avoid August but in one way or another, she gets entangled with him. Will December be able to let go of the man she loved, will she be able to choose differently this time?

Chapter 1

'Long ago, in a land far, far away, lived a girl named Ember.

She was a bright child with the smile of an angel and the face of a fairy.

Being the only daughter, her parents loved her dearly, even though they were not wealthy, they treated Ember no less than a princess.

Every day they would go to the city to work and return after the sun had set.

The cheerful child would stand by the doorway and wait for her parents with twinkling eyes, but it seemed like fate didn’t like her bright and lively eyes. As if it had a special hate for her sparkly smile so it decided to take them away from her.

So one day fate played a game with her, the day the spring of her life ended and the winter took over her fragile heart.

The sun had set long ago, due to the heavy rain everything was drenched. Ember was scared as she stood by the doorway staring at the open gate hoping her parents would return soon, the innocent heart wished to see them so her heart would be at peace. But nothing except for the loud greeted her ears. Ember’s frightened heart leaped out of her chest when one of the thunderbolts struck the trees of the forest, and with a blink of an eye, a fire started.

The yellow flames reflected in her eyes like a monster, because the forest fire was spreading quickly, it had already taken over some of the cottages that were close to the forest, and within no time the fire had taken over half the village. Ember stood motionlessly on the spot holding onto her favourite bunny. Her eyes were trembling with fright.

At that moment the only wish her tiny heart had was to get a glimpse of her parents entering the gates. The villagers were out on the muddy streets, some were running, while the others were in a state of shock.

“Come home, please!!” Ember mumbled in a crying voice as she looked at the burning gate of her house. They didn’t return.

“Child gets away from there, run!”

The village blacksmith, who had caught a glimpse of the child standing in the doorway like a statue.

But Ember didn’t budge,

He jumped into the fire and picked her up, he took her away from the burning house.

“No, put me back!!put me back!!”

Ember protested and wanted to grab onto the fading image of her house with her tiny hands but it was in vain. She cried as she saw her home fading away from her vision, the village was burning even with rain falling.

Such cries and misery were witnessed by Ember at such a young age, the night was the most horrible night of her life, or that was what she thought.

The next day when the day broke, the sky was still grey and the air had a disgusting smell,

The villagers got back to the village, The girl too ran back to her home, which was just a pile of dark matter, the doorway she stood in was half broken and half-burned, she walked close to it and noticed a human-like figure laying, it was her mother.

The burned body emitted a foul smell, the flesh had burned down and there was blood,

Ember’s heart was torn into shreds and a tear rolled into her eyes, she stood like a statue staring at her mother’s ring that was the only thing that had not lost its shape, the blacksmith from before found her father body in another corner of the house,

The pain was so much for a child that she didn’t know how to react to it for a while, the blacksmith picked her up and took her away from the scene.

Ember didn't protest this time as she was in a state of shock. She had seen the burnt bodies of her parents and with that, all the happiness of her life too was burnt to ashes.’

“Her heart died that day, and what was left was a beating rock,”

December stopped her story after she had said those words and looked at Nala who had tearful eyes.

"What happened after that?" Nala spoke with a crying tone.

"You wanna know?" December had stopped because she thought Nala would be tired but she seemed to be quite into the story.

Nala's unspoken agreement spoke volumes as her head bobbed with enthusiasm. Her curiosity was insatiable, and her deep connection to the story had her hanging on to every word that December shared. The emotions woven into the tale, a symphony of heartache and hope, seemed to swirl around them, bridging the gap between the storyteller's voice and the listener's soul.

Nala finally found her voice, a whisper amidst the echoes of Ember's journey. "How can you write such a story with so many emotions in it? You should publish it."

December's sigh carried a mixture of contemplation and a hint of doubt. "Sigh! Yes, I will think about it."

With a shared understanding of the story's depth, December continued to weave the narrative like an artist brushing vibrant strokes upon a canvas.

"Ember was whisked away to a quaint town, accompanied by the villagers who had also lost their homes. In this unfamiliar place, Ember found herself utterly alone, with no familiar faces to offer solace. She wandered the unfamiliar streets like a stray, seeking refuge where she could, often bedding down on the cold, unyielding pavement during the chill of the night. In mere days, life's tapestry had woven tragedy upon tragedy, casting shadows over her tender existence."

Life's harsh currents pulled Ember into an orphanage—a haven of sorts, though not a haven of dreams. While far from ideal, it provided a roof over her head, sparing her from the harshness of the streets. As the years wove on, Ember's heart carried the weight of her solitude. The once-bright flicker of hope dwindled as days turned into months, and months into years. Each sunset that melted into dawn etched the scars of neglect and unmet dreams deeper into her soul.

Adoption found favor with others, while Ember remained unnoticed. The glimmers of happiness that other children embraced only deepened her envy. Yet within the muted hues of her existence, a ray of light shone through. A kindred spirit named Aura, whose heart radiated like a beacon of kindness, brought forth the gift of companionship. Together, they danced amidst the shadows, weaving moments of fleeting joy within the fabric of their shared world.

One day, as Ember's tears painted the corners of her world, her heart bore the weight of a sorrowful anniversary – her birthday. A day that once overflowed with laughter and love had now become a solemn reminder of her loss. Aura, attuned to Ember's feelings, discovered the truth and embarked on a mission of her own. With a sweet bun in one hand and a gift wrapped in shimmering paper in the other, she approached Ember. The gift held more than its physical presence – it carried a promise of connection, a gesture of love amidst the bleakness.

As the paper surrendered its hold, a bracelet nestled within its confines sparkled like a fragment of the night sky. The bracelet, cherished by Aura, was now a beacon of warmth for Ember. The exchange was simple yet profound, a testament to the strength of friendship amidst the harshest of circumstances. Ember's heart found a place for this newfound treasure, unaware of the depths of its significance or the secrets it held.

December's presence shifted on the bed, her gaze trailing back to Nala, whose unwavering attention mirrored the story's intensity. A deep breath seemed to brace her as she continued to paint Ember's life in words.

"Ember grew older, her heart tethered to the dream that someday, as time marked its passage, her happiness would find her. But as the years unfurled, the landscape of her existence remained largely unchanged."

Chapter 2

Until one sunny day when the flowers were blooming and the air was fresh. A beautiful lady hugged her all of a sudden calling her; Her lost daughter. She took Ember away with her. She was happy at first when she thought that she was finally getting adopted but a few days later she found out that it was all a mistake. The beautiful lady who was also the Duke's wife had mistaken her for Aura. Because of the bracelet.

Ember felt bad for Aura at first but slowly she got used to the love and attention she received from the family and forgot all about Aura, the real daughter of the duke.

Ember lived like a princess and then the most beautiful day of her life came when she turned of age and was getting introduced officially in the social gathering.

Many influential families had attended the party, The first prince of the state Prince Augustine too had attended the ball,

When Ember met the prince she fell in love with him instantly, she knew it because after so


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