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I eloped with the CEO

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Nobody knew that the aloof and god-like Lu Chengjin had fallen in love at first sight with Sheng Lingxi, harboring a secret admiration for her for a long time. When Sheng Lingxi was found by her biological parents and returned from the countryside to the capital, she was met not with maternal love and paternal affection, but with indifference and disdain. "You are worthless, how can you compare with your sister!" "The gap between you two is like heaven and earth!" Feeling cold-hearted, Sheng Lingxi left the Sheng family and promptly married the CEO of the top conglomerate in the capital, Lu Chengjin. After marriage, Lu, the big boss, transformed into a doting husband like a tyrant, and everyone couldn't bear to watch anymore. Who did this countryside bumpkin think she was? It wasn't until Sheng Lingxi's identity was exposed that everyone realized they had been wrong all along!

Chapter 1

"Huo's family is influential, marrying into the Huo family is your blessing, don't be ungrateful!"

Sheng Lingxi's icy gaze swept over the family of three in front of her, sneering.

"If it's such a blessing, then let Sheng Xingyao marry into the Huo family."

Sheng Wanlin's face turned ashen. "Are you speaking like a human being? Xingyao is only nineteen, how can she get married?"

"I'm just one year older than her, what's the big difference?"

"The difference is huge, how can you compare with Xingyao! Sheng Lingxi, I'm not discussing with you, stop talking nonsense. You only have two choices now, either marry into the Huo family obediently or get out of the Sheng family and go back to the countryside. You won't get a penny of my fortune if you choose the latter!"

Upon hearing this, Sheng Lingxi's beautiful eyes became even colder. She had been abducted to the countryside at the age of five and only returned to the capital six months ago. Instead of a warm welcome from her biological parents, she was met with indifference and disdain.

For the past six months, she had been living in an apartment outside, ignored and neglected. Now, she was suddenly asked to return to the Sheng family, only for business reasons, to marry a notorious playboy.

Threatening her with leaving the Sheng family and her inheritance, little did Sheng Wanlin know that she no longer cared about the Sheng family, and she had never cared about their money.

Sheng Xingyao stood by, enjoying the spectacle. Compared to marrying into the Huo family, she would rather see Sheng Lingxi leave the Sheng family and never return.

"Father, don't be angry, take care of your health. If sister really doesn't want to, then let me marry into the Huo family. I'm willing to do anything to help father through this difficult time," Sheng Xingyao said with a selfless and obedient look.

Looking at his sensible daughter, Sheng Wanlin softened. "Nonsense, how can you, who are so outstanding, marry that scoundrel with the surname Huo?"

Sheng Xingyao smiled inwardly. She knew her father would say that and said, "But I want to help father, I don't mind."

In contrast, Sheng Wanlin was even more disgusted with the disobedient Sheng Lingxi.

"Look at how sensible your sister is, and then look at you! I'll give you three days to consider. Either marry into the Huo family obediently or leave the Sheng family. It's your choice!"

"I don't need three days." Sheng Lingxi said coldly. "I'm leaving the Sheng family, and from now on, I have no relationship with you or the Sheng family."

Upon hearing this, Sheng Wanlin was somewhat surprised. He did not expect Sheng Lingxi to prefer cutting ties with him rather than obeying him.

"Very well, you're stubborn." Sheng Wanlin sneered. "Don't come back begging me when the time comes!"

"You can rest assured, that day will never come."

"Hmph!" Sheng Wanlin turned and walked away in anger.

Lin Yurong had remained silent all this while. Although Sheng Lingxi was her own daughter, her identity...

Apart from her identity, she couldn't accept the daughter who had been brought back from the countryside.

Lin Yurong cared deeply about her reputation. During the past six months when Sheng Lingxi returned, she never took her to any banquets, let alone introduce her to the high society. She didn't want the ladies in the circle to laugh at her.

Every time there was a banquet, she only took her carefully cultivated Sheng Xingyao, and she didn't even mention Sheng Lingxi.

Lin Yurong glanced coldly at Sheng Lingxi. "Since you don't want to listen to our arrangements, we can't control you. You're on your own now."

With that, she turned and went upstairs.

Watching their indifferent backs, Sheng Lingxi sneered.

The only family, the affection, it's ridiculous!

Sheng Xingyao was extremely pleased, curling her lips. "Look at you, driving Dad and Mom away. You should have some backbone and never come back begging them, it would be too shameful."

Sheng Lingxi glanced at her coldly and walked away.

One month later.

First Medical College of the Capital.

Sheng Lingxi walked out of the top-secret laboratory.

After chatting with Dean Gu for a few moments, she went into the locker room to change clothes.

At night, Moonlight Bar.

Under the twinkling lights, Sheng Lingxi leaned lazily in the booth in casual black attire, completely out of place in this environment, yet still dazzling and irresistible.

Even though he saw her often, Gu Jingyu was still overwhelmed by her beauty.

She had only been sitting for less than half an hour, and already countless men had come up to talk to her, only to be chased away by Gu Jingyu.

"Lingxi, when will you take a break? Let me take you out for a few days." Gu Jingyu knew that Sheng Lingxi hadn't been in a good mood lately and always wanted to take her out to relax.

Sheng Lingxi took a sip of her drink and lazily replied, "It should be soon."

"How soon is soon?"

Before Sheng Lingxi could speak, a familiar figure suddenly caught her eye, making her smile somewhat awkwardly.

The man had a tall and graceful figure, a handsome face, and a noble and aloof temperament, exuding the aura of a king, making people both admire and fear him.

The women around couldn't help but stare.

"L-Land... Mr. Land! Is that Mr. Land! Why is he here at the bar?"

"Oh my god! So handsome!"

"What kind of immortal beauty is this! Help!"

"Why did Mr. Land come here? Will he come here in the future?"

Luchengjin, the president of Lushi Group, the sole heir of the Huo family, the top figure in the capital's financial circle, stood there like a king.

Sheng Lingxi took a glance and then looked away, picking up the ice wine on the table and taking a big sip, her mind involuntarily recalling the absurd and embarrassing night.

She had drunk due to a bad mood, and when she returned to the hotel, she unexpectedly tangled with Lu Chengjin all night.

She thought that with Lu Chengjin's status, he would give her a check afterwards, but she didn't expect that after waking up, Lu Chengjin would say he wanted to take responsibility for her.

Although she had no intention of letting him take responsibility, she still asked, "How do you take responsibility?"

The charming and seductive face looked at her, his voice magnetic and tempting, he said, "Marry me, and we'll get married."

At that time, they were still huddled under the sheets.

Sheng Lingxi had already forgotten her reaction at that time, and out of some psychological impulse, she just agreed.

The next day, they got their marriage certificate.

On the stairs, Lu Chengjin suddenly stopped and turned to look in Sheng Lingxi's direction.

Seeing him stop suddenly, the man beside him asked, "What's wrong? What are you looking at?"

Lu Chengjin's lips curled up slightly, his eyes full of indulgence. "A beautiful sight."

The man followed his gaze and understood.

No wonder Mr. Land had to come to this bar today. It seemed that his intentions were not in the alcohol.

The man raised his eyebrows. "Do you want to go over and find the beauty, or should I go up first?"

Lu Chengjin retracted his gaze. "You go up first."

The two went upstairs to the private room.

Gu Jingyu's phone suddenly rang, and he glanced at the screen, then stood up. "Lingxi, you sit for a while, I'll take a call. It's too noisy here."

"Okay." Sheng Lingxi nodded, then picked up the wine on the table.

In another booth, Sheng Xingyao sat with several women.

One of them said, "I heard a rumor recently that Mr. Lu got married in secret, but no one knows who his new wife is. It seems quite mysterious."

Another woman looked surprised. "Mr. Lu got married in secret! Is it true?"

"It's just a rumor, so whether it's true or not, no one knows."

"What a lucky woman!"

Chapter 2

Sheng Xingyao held the wine glass, saying, "Anyone associated with the Lu family is a world-renowned figure. With the global influence of the Lu Group, it's only natural for Mr. Lu's wife to be a woman at the pinnacle of the world."

The women nodded in agreement, their eyes full of envy. Although they all came from different prestigious families, there were still hierarchies among the elite, and the Lu family was an existence beyond their reach.

"Hey! Xingyao, isn't that your country bumpkin sister over there?" Song Sisi said, looking in Sheng Lingxi's direction.

Sheng Xingyao glanced at Sheng Lingxi; she had already seen her but chose to ignore her.

"She's not my sister. My dad has already kicked her out of the Sheng family, and she'll probably go back to the countryside soon," Sheng Xingyao replied dismissively.

"Back to the countryside!" Song Sisi scoffed. "I bet she's re


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