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About me

I am a wordsmith of the supernatural, an architect of fantastical realms where the ordinary mingles with the extraordinary. With a quill as my wand and the keyboard as my spellbook, I conjure tales that dance on the delicate veil between reality and enchantment. My journey as a supernatural novelist is a symphony of mystique and imagination. From the whispers of ancient prophecies to the echoes of ethereal realms, I navigate the realms of magic, weaving narratives that transport readers into realms where anything is possible. In my enchanted arsenal, I wield plots that twist like labyrinthine spells and characters that breathe life into the fantastical landscapes I create. Each word is a brushstroke, painting vivid scenes of otherworldly beauty and perilous adventures.


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In a desolate world, she exists nameless and genderless, stripped of hair and eyebrows, bearing only a designated number. For a decade, she has lived a life devoid of agency, trapped in a cycle of killing and being killed, day in and day out. She is an apostle of the divine, sustained by the ability to take lives in exchange for abundant food, secure shelter, and decent clothing. Her victims? Mostly ordinary individuals—poor, lonely, filthy, cruel, and short-lived. It's the brutal reality of the food chain, stark and rational.  On the isolated Western Isle, plagued by natural disasters, severe cold, and epidemic for over two decades, people are born into starkly different circumstances. That is, until a vessel from the east breaks through the impassable waters and descends like a god on the eastern coastline.  Deciding to spare lives, she lets her hair grow, renouncing her role as an executioner. Yet, beneath the perpetual light of the polar day, horrors more grotesque and absurd than wanton slaughter emerge. Life, inherently bound to death, compels her and others to rebel against an unbearable fate.  This novel delves into themes of identity, morality, and survival against an unforgiving backdrop. As she navigates a world that challenges her every notion of purpose and existence, she must confront the specter of violence and the darkness within herself. Can she break free from her past and forge a new path, or is the cycle of bloodshed destined to continue?


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